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Generally good
I'm glad I put this in my regular rotation. It's definitely a "News of the World as experienced by freelance writers in Brooklyn" kind of production, but they're at least interesting and succinct freelance writers in Brooklyn.
A Performative Contradiction
I just listened to two obnoxious hipsters denounce capitalism for half an hour on a website supported by whiskey and car ads. On a show meant to be played on a smartphone designed and built by a multinational corporation. So yeah, that’s about the level of discourse you can expect here.
Childish, Insubstantial, and Mean
If you're looking for intelligent, objective reporting, go elsewhere. I gave this pod a two-episode audition, and it flunked. The first, about NYC taxis, was a weak This American Life knockoff, the dominant notes of which were the hosts' "Look at us!" vibe and the penchant of James T. Green for middle-school diction ("like ... like ... like ... like"). Not a big deal, just not worth listening to. The pod's hatchet job on Jordan Peterson, on the other hand, is a very big deal. The reporter, Paris Martineau, came out of the chute blasting Peterson with sneering sarcasm. There is no doubt that public figures are fair game for opprobrium, but Martineu made no effort to support her case. She simply—and "simply" is the right adjective—categorized Peterson as a man to hate because, we are implicitly expected to understand, she says so. She played just a few seconds of a Peterson talk, and offered absolutely none of the substance of his ideas. She did, however, accuse him of racism and misogyny without offering a shred of evidence for these charges, and linked him to the nebulous "Alt-Right," again with no evidence. And she childishly dimished Dr. Peterson's significant professional credentials. The host, James T. Green, swallowed Ms. Martineau's harsh and conclusory claims whole, not once asking for evidence. The episode contained a long embedded excerpt from another pod on which Martineu disparaged Peterson in a likewise unsubstantiated manner, and host of that program played the fawning sycophant, just like Green. Ms. Martineau's lack of journalistic integrity and fairness of mind is matched by her lack of compassion for persons with depression who, it seems, often tune into Peterson's talks. These are not serious people.
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Keeping It Real NC
The hosts sound like sedated teenagers with a head cold, who don't seem to think any of this is remotely interesting. This podcasts begins to scratch the surface of many topics, but never gets anywhere with any of them, and I don't think the short timeframe is to blame. Teases, but fails to deliver any substance. Unengaging and mediocre.
Thought Policing Far left Ideologues
They take ridiculous stances. I only listen to see how far left they go. Thankfully it’s a short podcast, otherwise I would have stopped listening. Much of their content is not well researched and they take a SJW stance on everything. Virtue signaling central. Not a credible news source, nor an intellectually nuanced opinion publication.
Breath of Fresh Air
Fantastic daily podcast with culturally relevant stories that break away from the deluge of daily news podcasts. Excellent work!
It’s not for everyone. It’s for you.
If the Outline was in audio form, what would it sound like? Look no further. The Outline World Dispatch includes awesome bite-sized reports of the freshest articles. You should be listening.
Below the Radar News & Culture
I love this podcast for its close look at news stories and cultural trends that are happening just below the radar. Their personal and idiosyncratic takes add emotional heft, and I’ve often learned about things before everyone else started talking about them. It’s an invaluable part of my morning routine!
Lovely, off-beat, entertaining
Wonderful podcast with stories I don't usually come across in my daily reading and listening. Great job, guys!
E. B. South
The content of this podcast might be useful. But the two hosts both delivering the most creaky talk is unbearable. Where do people get the idea this is attractive? Cloying is more like it.
Fav thing in the morning
A daily news podcast that doesn’t make me feel sad and terrified. Diverse topics. Smart ppl. Thoughtful audio production.
Good podcast, and I'm a hater (of short podcasts)
Know that it's a daily podcast and those are extremely difficult to produce, but this short length for a thing that's intended to be heard on a person's commute seems at odds with The Outline's vibe/brand?? (A site I love and read often, by the way.) Whose commute is so short that this podcast would get anywhere near filling up their commute time? Would reckon most people's "commute podcasts" are 45 mins to an hour, minimum, with the exception being those who have the $$ to live 10 mins from their work. Anyway, that's a beef with the so-called genre and less about the podcast itself. The podcast is good!! love you adrianne!!!! <3
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Shiva Ayydurai
Amazing show!
I wake up and listen to the "Dispatch" every day... please stop wasting our precious few moments together on, "Arcade Fire".
Daniel Casey Hopkins
Shows a podcast can be focused, entertaining, and creative
15 minutes of excellently produced informative content. Has an identity all its own. Really enjoy seeing it every weekday
Rich in Cleveland
This Podcast Starts My Day
Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe is my advice to you dear reader. This podcast gets my Monday-Thursday going in the most informative way. It's just the right shot of news I need to keep up to date and in the know, and it's done with such a great indie style all its own.
Great daily news
This is a great mix of opinion and world news and culture; things you've heard a little about and things you probably wouldn't find on your own. They check back in on certain topics often. It doesn't get boring or repetitive and is about the right length for my morning. Highly recommended.
Currently, the best source of non-fake news
The outline has created a well thought news format in terms of content choosing, format, frequency and duration.,
Polarized coverage, affirmation reporting
Outline, but outloud
This is a brief, sumptuously produced almost-daily hit of 2-4 topics that has a casual gait through the news, topical and evergreen.
It's like breakfast for your miiiiiind
The World Dispatch is a great way to catch up on stories that you were never going to hear about from other news sources. The show has great production quality and more importantly, really interesting stories. It is the first thing I listen to each morning when I roll out of bed. So many people are doing the same thing with podcasts and I'll give you guys credit for keeping it weird - and waaay more interesting. Keep up the stellar work Outline team- and, by the way Josh, yes, your hair looks good. - Some random dude in Wisconsin. (that Stevens Point story and vid was great!)
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Woke 'nugget-sized' audio
I usually walk away from these dispataches feeling more informed and clever about cultural topics and trends. The content is diverse but quite relevant for all of us as global citizens. Nice job Outline!
Stories or perspectives with a twist
The outline offers a different and fresh approach to news and stories it's what I used to like about magazines and this podcast is like an appetizer of what you can find in their website
Better than NPR
My new morning commute radio show.
Austin Sz
Great way to start the morning. I have enjoyed every episode.
Very Informative
Usually highlights information that was posted on the site he day before.
The Outline is my favorite website, and I used to love The Daily, but it was to much about Trump, I'm glad there is finally a daily news podcast that focuses on news other that politics. 10/10 Highly recommend.
Weird vibe
This thing has just enough strange in it to make me want to keep listening for the weird Easter eggs I expect them to hide in the episodes. This whole mystery cassette vibe has a haunted tangible edge that makes listening a potential act of real world consequence. Seriously!!
Nav-Bot Lover
This is definitely going to become my new favorite podcast. These stories are so interesting and off the beaten path. A cool NPR, at last!
Fun & unique
An entertaining quick listen for the morning commute. And I've even learned something from it already!
Instant favorite.
Clint Westwood Sr.
Fast, punchy, creative
I really enjoyed listening to the first few episodes of Global Dispatch -- it was quick and included interesting stories. Way better than some of the other short, newsy podcasts I've tried. Highly recommend!
Perfect news podcast
The perfect podcast. Bit sized, but non-generic overview of the day's stories from the fantastic editorial team at TheOutline. I've been waiting for a perfect audio version of their content and this is a great start!
Lightgreen 88
Fascinating listen for my morning commute
The first episode was great, three captivating topics. Keep them coming!
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