The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
The ONE Thing with Geoff Woods
Discover the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. Learn how the most successful people in the world approach productivity, time management, business, health and habits with The ONE Thing. A ProduKtive® Podcast.
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Caught up
I always said I would subscribe, rate, and leave a review once I got current. I started at episode 0 over a year ago and have gone through all of them. A lot of the information isn’t relevant to my work situation, but it is very relevant to my personal life. If I weren’t so poor and introverted I would give the community they have created. Thanks for all of the life lessons.
Here is a podcast that consistently shows simple steps to take to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted from your life, your marriage, your relationships, your spiritual life, and your business.
Mark Donohue
Awesome Podcast to Subscribe to!
Kudos! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Drown out the noise by listening to the ONE Thing!
Do you feel overwhelmed by choice and wondering what the “right way” is to do anything. Start listening to Geoff now! He will inspire you to rebuild your relationship with your inner voice and to explore what your ONE thing is! Subscribe now!
Inspiring content on how to improve yourself daily
The ONE Thing podcast is a must listen for anyone interested in understanding the power of habits over time! Lively, thoughtful interviews from Geoff Woods.
Love the Insights!
Everything about the ONE Thing is truly amazing. Their advice about how to increase productivity has really inspired me to prioritize my life as far as organizing my time, mind, workspace, and projects. It all makes sense. I struggle wih organization, sleep, all of the above. I guess I just want to say that I am so gratfeul for the 411 plan I'm about to organize my life with this 411 plan and I am excited! I can't wait to put these tips and tools into action! Blessings, Karina
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Always great and thanks
I’ve been following and listening to every podcast since they began. Thanks for the impact you have in so many lives especially in these perilous times. Dave Johnson WASILLA ALASKA 907-863-7289
Daves Alaska Homes
Today’s One Thing podcast was terrific
I guess you could say I have been fortunate. I am still going to work every day (in my office across from the hospital for which I work). I had been seriously interviewing to move onto what hopefully be my last job prior to retirement in 7-10 years. Now that’s been turned upside down. I think this 66 day challenge will help me to find that next chapter.
Stick with it, it’s worth the wait!
After being part of the 1Thing community for over a year I have come to realize that it takes time to wrap your head around the 1Thing. Success is sequential not simultaneous. I am hearing many of the same things I heard 12+ months ago and yet they now really resonate with me. Before it was “ yep, sounds good” but in reality I did not “get it”. Stay the course, listen to each episode (twice is even better) and over time it will change your life.
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Changed My Life
I’ve listened to 122 episodes so far. This podcast has literally changed my life. I share it often with coworkers, family, and friends. Give it a listen!
Organized in Indy
Perfection Stalls Dreams
I admit it, I’m a suffering and practicing (but not for long, thanks to this podcast and it’s great tools) perfectionist. I have been able to hide behind my work over the years, because my career in some ways rewards those who get the details covered. That’s me. But in my Real Estate sales career, which is a parallel career, doesn’t exactly reward that. This podcast has helped me to get on the road to daily lead generation that is flawed and full of holes. Why? Because without starting I will never fix the flaws. So here I go failing forward to success, I WILL win! I choose to embrace my imperfections and DO, what I have been afraid to fail at. Thank you Geoff so much for your humility and grace with which you deliver these truth bombs. My life will never be the same after meeting you at the Time Blocking breakout session at Dallas! No more fear, I have faith in the process. One broken, yet moving forward day at a time!!
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A must if you want to be purposeful
Do you want to be the best you can be? Wanna achieve great things in life? But you also feel stuck and in need of new tools? Search no more and subscribe to this amazing podcast and also join the community at
Always get value.
Geoff is masterful with his questions, insights, and summarizing of key points. His delivery is succinct and insightful. Love this podcast. Plus his voice is great. Very soothing.
Incredibly helpful
Most self development podcasts are aimed at maximizing value but these make the listener really feel that. It always sounds like they deeply desire the listener to take action. Super useful
A bunch of white men
I was really excited about the one thing at first, and I think it has made a difference in my life, but then I realized that’s it’s all just a bunch of white guys talking about how successful they are. There are never any POC on this show, and no other URMs either. Granted,I haven’t listened to every single episode yet, but I’ve listened to quite a few, I’ve been on the website, and my friend leant me her book, so I think I have a pretty good feel for it all. The one thing is geared toward white people—especially white men—who are straight, Christian, have kids, and are out to make lots of money. If you don’t fit that profile maybe it’s not for you.
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LIfe changing!
I am working on my first 66 day challenge, and I am loving it. I listen to the podcast at the gym in the morning and leave energized every time.
Get out of your own way
I always learn something new or get inspired when I listen to The One Thing Podcast! The episode with Dave Hollis on his new book, “Get Out of Your Own Way” was just what I needed to realize I am my own worst enemy! Hearing his story reminded me of myself and I am ready to let me ship sail! Can’t wait for the book! Thank you!
Game Changer
I have spent the last 10 years wasting my time trying to multi-task. I was always trying to get more and more done in the day all while having this constant feeling of sliding backwards. This book and podcast have helped me break free of this feeling and I can’t wait to see what goals I accomplish in the next 10 years. Thanks Guys!
Jason Ennis
Breakthroughs found here!
There are so many many hours of material for all who are trying to improve themselves. The One Thing has been the material that has finally broken through the haze of self awareness and self management! Thank you Geoff and MAPS coaching!
Essential to expansion of value of The One Thing
This is an update to my previous review. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be the ability to leave a 6 star rating 👍 I have now listened to the more than 200 episodes already produced and there is always an ah-ha moment. Furthermore, whatever episode I’m listening to seems to have magical relevance to my professional or personal life then and there. I have read The One Thing twice, listened to the book one, purchased about 20 copies for colleagues, stakeholders, family and friends, and now have habit-formed a 5 day a week commitment to listen to the podcast. In 40 episodes there hasn’t been one that did not generate an important revelation. I am starting from the beginning... in more ways than one.
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Bring back Geoff Woods!
I love this podcast, however, now that there is a new host, it’s changed everything about how I feel about it. Geoff really needs to maintain control of the podcast as the host. He brings depth to the podcast in a way the new woman does not. She doesn’t feel authentic to me. It feels like she is spouting out phrases from the book she’s memorized rather than being a real relatable person. I’m sorry for the tough love, but in my opinion she is not the right fit at all.
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Thank you Chris Keller and Geoff Woods!!!
Mindset and Discipline!!!
A new perspective for me and many important relationships
I’ve only listened to the first 2 episodes and I’ve shared with 2 people whose forward motion and well being mean so much to me. I intend to share this with all my loved ones for many reasons including -the achievement of “The One Thing” Being able to reach limitless people and provide insight into those who ....just listen
Andrea Scissorhands
Second chance
This book and podcast changed my life. I feel like i am born again. I had a pleasure to meet Jay in person a few days ago (company conference) I shared with him how They One Thing saved me, my marriage, and strengthen my career. Be able to prioritize the most important thing, lead team by example, accountability, ability to say no, set up appointments to myself, minimize distractions, and take care of myself. I am able to coach team members by helping finding answers to their problems own their own. Thank you Alain
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Productivity and Focus
As I start a new career the book, podcast and planning tools have been amazing. I don’t know what I would be doing without this focus. Highly recommend this podcast and the book.
I think differently
The book has really made me think more about how I spend my time. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t ask myself this question of the one thing I can do. And now the podcast provides even more material through practical scenarios. Thanks for the time you spend putting this together. It makes a difference for me and I often forget to let people know.
THE Best Podcast!
I started going through and listening to all the podcasts after listening to the book TWICE! I successfully completed one 66 day challenge so far and have now started another. Once I first listened to the book, I decided to focus on the One Thing I could do to grow my business and I am ecstatic to announce that I have turned it upside down from 17% enrollment to 83%! It has changed the way I view my business, my family and what I say YES to. I just listened to episode 152 with Don Yaeger and immediately ordered his book “What Makes the Great Ones Great” for my son. Thank you bringing such amazing people into my life through your interviews!
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Happy to know I made someone’s day today
A few days before I stumbled across this podcast AT WORK, I put out to the universe naturally and prayed spiritually for something to renew my drive and passion for all aspects of my it is. I am a strong believer in the laws of attraction. Today is my first day listening and reading the FREE copy of The One Thing. My lunch break has been consumed by it and I’m motivated to get back to work to implement 1 thing. I love how personable and realistic these methods are. I had to leave a review because I know when my vision is brought to fruition I am going to want the same in return. One of Steve Job’s top 10 rules of success are to be a great storyteller because you have to share your journey for the next person and the next.... Thank you for all you do! Nina
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Rose, Nina
The ONE Thing for Managing Grief with Casey Belguard
Casey Belguard - thank you. Thank you for sharing your heartbreak with us and offering hope through the darkest times. Thank you ONE Thing for “going there” and being real to acknowledge that sometimes life shreds us (it can happen to ANY one at any time), and the ONE thing truly becomes to get out of bed... to show up and do ONE thing to knock over the first domino. I have never thought about becoming a “master of grief,” although I’ve certainly had “time on task over time.” What a concept! This podcast will help so many people - and it helped me. It humbled me and refreshed my perspective to begin this day with gratitude and hope. Thank you, Casey and Geoff.
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Where would I be without this?
I started listening to the OneThing Podcast in March of 2019 after just having read it as part of a book club in my KW office. The concept of the book was very enticing, and admittedly I resisted the simplistic nature having prided myself as a workhorse and multi-tasker. In addition to the weekly release, I made it part of my morning routine to get a little bit of a past episode in each day, and as of this writing only have another dozen or so episodes to catch up on and then will have listened to all 200+. From the first podcast, I have identified strongly with Geoff. He is a little more outgoing and bubbly (if that's the right word) than I am, however beyond that I can see similarities the thought process, intense emotional nature, skills and strengths, to a large degree our purpose. Come to find out we even share the same birthday!! He has been my indirect coach as I too go on my journey of mastering great questions and a silent script partner that has helped me tremendously. That being said, it was actually Kaelyn that hit me square between the eyes this morning. Well, technically Gene Rivers teed it up and then she connected perfectly with her swing; This past week going into Mega Camp, I identified that I needed a big change in my life. I needed a reset. I have a lot going on in my personal life (possibly to be shared later) that has challenged me and would under normal circumstances. However, given the new responsibilities of taking over and rebuilding the PC coaching program while also meeting my goals of tripling my business this year has some added difficulty. Without the OneThing, I don't think there'd be a vision at all as I have come to terms with the things I cannot change and the direction I take forward. The vision I had flying to Austin this week couldn't have been better capped off by the latest podcast with Gene Rivers to focus on what I CAN DO. Around minute 25 in episode 202, I'm paraphrasing it though Gene says "Your ship isn't going to come in. Master the job you’re in and that’ll allow you to swim out to your ship." You also said near that statement "My mentor told me to stop knocking my stepping stone". Man, talk about getting hit with a ton of bricks. I know my highest calling and purpose is several steps ahead of where I am, and yet I have not truly given my current step the respect of mastering it. That changes today! This morning, as I'm doing my daily catching up and listen to epsode 157, around the 60 minute mark Kaelyn provided the mortar that's cementing that change. Her words (paraphrasing) "when you look at 80% items individually on a to-do list, they don't seem like a big deal. When every single one is tallied as a distraction against your most important work, the severity sets in". I've heard from Geoff a hundred times "according to Gary Keller, until his One Thing is done everything else is a distraction". It didn't resonate the way her comparison did. I have taken inventory and re-prioritized my 20% work and have a plan in place for everything else when I earn the right. Half the items I had on my list to do from Mega Camp have been accounted for on a "get to it" list that for now is intentionally being ignored and the rest has been removed or leveraged out. I will continue to work on mastering my journey and cannot put into words the appreciation I have for the role this podcast has played in that. I have and will continue to share this life-changing concept!!! Avid Practioner Jordan Soudani
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disatisfied business owner
Extraordinary Results Ahead
If you are seeking to unleash your potential and focus, The ONE Thing is your go to resource. Reading the book will enhance your listening experience but it’s not 100% necessary to start. My use of the 411 has changed my results,focus, clarity and lowered stress a considerable amount. Excellent guests from a variety of fields and the RE flavor is easily adaptable to most businesses.
D Hof rocks
One Thing
This podcast is like getting in education online for free. Listen up you won’t regret it. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones where you realize that it doesn’t matter the background or the career you’re in that focusing on the one thing can change your life if you let it
Great podcast!
The One Thing is my most recommended book to my weight loss clients and I’m so glad to have this podcast as an additional resource. Do yourself a favor and hit SUBSCRIBE and enjoy! My favorite episode is the two part interview with Keith Cunningham 👍👍. As a fellow podcaster I appreciate how much effort goes into this show. -Adam aka The PHD (the previously heavy dude) host of The Million Pound Mission Podcast
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Adam Schaeuble
Every episode a must-listen
What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it you’re making everything else easier or unnecessary? ... if listening to this podcast isn’t at the top of your priorities, it should be! As a real estate lending professional (not affiliated with Keller Williams (KW) for what it’s worth), this isn’t just more KW kool-aid, this is essential information if you want to be the highest and best version of yourself in every meaningful dimension of your life. The sooner you realize success isn’t simultaneous (psst... it’s sequential), the sooner you’ll begin knocking down the dominoes to get you down the path to ultimately achieving and surpassing your vision for your life by establishing those habits necessary to get yourself there. But don’t take my word for it, give any episode a listen and you’ll shortly discover the answer for yourself.
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Unhappy user717
All I can say is WOW about this podcast. It’s very eye opening. I’ve been in such a rut and I don’t know if it’s divine intervention but every episode resonates with me. I’m binge listening daily and about to start the 411 and 66 day challenge.
Buffalo cellar
How misss I miss this for so long?
Like finding a road map to success, and getting out of the woods. I didn't know I was lost! I was following the business training I had gone to college for, and had built a couple of businesses and struggled so very hard to make them profitable, scraped some profit and created a nest egg, and really sacrificed my health and family and social life to make things work.... Now in retirement, and living on very little money each month relative to my dreams, I find out I did it the HARD way and there was an EASIER way. And it si right, because I did some of the things I hear here and those things made such a big difference. Had I done MORE of that then less elbow grease would have been needed.Save time and listen to this to learn the short cut!!
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Great Content
Great content with easily implemented ideas...granted in only two episodes in but rarely do I find a podcast instantly addicting! Geoff is a genuine individual with an amazing heart!
Surprisingly simple but effective
Perfect timing for me to get hooked on this podcast. I had my best year ever in 2018, but I hit a ceiling in my business and I was floundering trying to keep up and figure out how to move forward to the next step(s). I need to hear these reminders about getting back to the basics, continuing to think BIG but execute small. Keep it up Geoff.
Love this podcast!
Give this a listen if your interested in achieving your goals! Lays out how to get there!
Golden ☀️
Life Changing!
If your looking for implementation ideas on how to change your life one day @ a time than look no further!
Team Leader NJ
Incredibly valuable helpful podcast to simplify
This is an Incredibly valuable helpful podcast to simplify my life and my business. I've read the One Thing and Geoff Woods is a great teacher. I've seen him speak at multiple Ryan Moran conferences and he always adds so much value. These episodes are packed with actionable info! Must listen!
Episode 164
I do not see the show notes – – can you post them please?
Love The One Thing
Excellent content Geoff. I’ve been with KW since March. Your Podcast has pulled so much together for me. Thank you and keep up the good work! Your new fan, Craig Hudkins, Realtor Spokane WA
Can not say thank you enough.
The last 2 podcasts that I listen to 169 and 168 have been so inspiring and instrumental in my growth as a person/real estate agent/teacher. The wisdom that was shared in 168 about being intentional with time and being clear and focusing on your one thing has changed my life for the better. The idea of blocking time the idea of being clear with clarity, being intentional and focusing on going small to go big is tremendous advice. You have to you, you should listen to this podcast great wealth of wisdom. Merry Christmas and happy holidays
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Peter Mancini
Living it and passing it on
In a recent moment of weakness, I expressed in an outburst my many frustrations with our small business, and the challenges of trying to turn it around. My 12 yr old son, who I often lift up with wisdom from the ONE Thing book & podcast, looked me square in the eye and said, "Dad, maybe you're just succeeding so slowly, that it just FEELS like your failing." It was a great reminder that not only was I living my ONE Thing, but that I was passing it on too. Thanks Geoff, and the ONE Thing team for all your efforts every day -- they make a difference in the lives of everyday people just trying to live out our ONE Thing. --Jeremy // Buda TX
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Quantifiable Results
Great resource for anyone looking to get things done. Regardless of professional or personal goals, “The 1 Thing” will show you the proven process towards success.
Chris Suarez Podcast
I just listened to the Chris Suarez Podcast and loved it!! The one thing I will be doing is sharing this with my mega agent as we work on his GPS and 411, and hone in on his 20% for the business for 2019 and what he can leverage.
This podcast was recommended by my business coach. I reluctantly committed to listen to 1 podcast. I was “too busy” to add anything to my schedule. First episode blew me away. I think it was time blocking life and death. I was in tears. It gave me the motivation to recommit to a purpose driven schedule. I have gotten more useful info from this podcast then any other learning opportunity. I listen to my favorite episodes multiple times.
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A College Parent's Dream
The "one thing" we can do for our kids is set them up for success with the correct tools. As our son started college this fall, "The ONE Thing" book, resources, and podcast was the tool that we shared & are implemented with our son to set him up for success. Thank you for investing in our son's college career!
Time blocking excellence!
I listened to episode 156 - It’s Life or Death Without Time Blocking - twice in the last two days. I was inspired by Steven’s ability to create a successful life with the daily challenges that he has experienced over nearly two decades. Thank you for sharing his story and the ways in which Steven applies The ONE Thing principles to achieve his goals. I met Steven at the Goal Setting Retreat in November 2017 and was impressed then by his determination. After hearing this episode I have even more admiration for how he and his family live their lives!
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