The Ohana Adventure
The Ohana Adventure
Jase and Rachel Bennett
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<3 Mahalo
Thank you for creating content that is fun, exciting, real and WHOLESOME! I happened to stumble onto your videos less than a week ago and I’m hooked. I’ve laughed and cried. Felt acceptance and inspired. Your family is a blessing to watch and an encouragement to my twins. Thank you for staying true to who you are and opening your world up to encourage and bless others.
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Love your channel love Evee
Crystal Lavender Jones-Smith
I love you guys so so much!!!!😘😍
I love your channel on YouTube! Cora, Evee, Klai, Wayatt, Shae, and Raykel!!! I wish I could meet you at CVXlive but my mom and dad won’t let me go sense we live in WA and they don’t are about YouTube. It would be my dream come true if I could meet you! You guys inspire me to try things that I have never done before. (I just climbed to the base camp at Mt. Rainer!)
Anjulia Smith
Big fan
I love The Ohana Adventure and Klailea and RYKEL. My favorite in your family is Klai. I watch your YouTube videos all the time! I’m upsessed with YouTube. I just started watching your podcast today and I already love it! Sadly whenever I try to log in to YouTube to subscribe or like or comment it does not let me. You always cheer me up when I’m mad or sad. I watch your videos all day long. I wish I could meet you some day but I’m the only one in my family who watches YouTube so like if I asked to go to CVX they would just laugh and say “No way”. Anyway I love you guys you always send a great message in all of your videos. Thanks you for reading this. Love you guys❤️❤️❤️
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I love your vids
amber ava
I love your YouTube videos I am your biggest fan Klailea told us on one of her videos to go here
You should definitely listen
First of all I like the Ohana adventure any way but these are so funny!!
Your podcasts are so inspiring I love them so much.$🤩
The best
OMG even though I am a teenager I love this and I love their YouTube channel
Omg I am in love
Even though I am an eleven year old I still listen to this and it is so interesting and amazing pls keep making more podcasts and YouTube vids I really hope you keep making more podcast
Love Everything or Anything this Family Does
Jase acts just like my dad I love all your family I’m your biggest fan I wish I could meet the Ohana Adventure but I live near the border of Ohio U.S. and I live in Hermitage PA U.S.
You guys are AWESOME!
Love the podcast!
Incredible Content
I love seeing behind the curtain for people who’ve done great work and show us candidly the choices they’ve made along the way. Great content🙌🏻
Love you guys!!! - Daniel Cobb
Hey guys, this podcast is amazing!! I have been watching you guys from the very beginning, thank you for everything. this podcast is really cool. love it, keep up the hard work. I’m definitely sharing this podcast aka spamming my friends and family to watch you guys and to listen to your podcast.
My wife is a smart cutie! 😘
I had to leave this here!
Watched All. I learned so much about what you guys do, keep more coming
Super awesome couple!
Super awesome couple. Really great information and entertaining to listen to. Their YouTube is awesome and I’m just excited to get the inside scoop on more of the behind the scenes. Can’t wait to hear more guys!
Emmie Femmie 😉