The Nurse Keith Show
The Nurse Keith Show
Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC
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Amazing Podcast!
Nurse Keith asks articulate, intelligent questions so his guest can shine. His curation of content is varied and compelling. I highly recommend his show to anyone looking for career guidance and personal wellness.
New Mexico Justice
Great podcast for Nurses!
Thank you Keith! There are so many Nursing jobs and roles we never learn about in school and you do an amazing job of interviewing nurses, making us aware of so many opportunities.
Sad case
This bozo is a first A1 class loser snowflake. Sick of it!!! Grow a pair!!!!!
Thank you, love it!
Just listened for the first time and loved it!! Nurse Keith is so well spoken and asks such thoughtful questions! Also very relaxing tone to his voice and style of conversation that is so calming to listen to! I’m not usually a podcast person but I will probably start listening! I’m a child life specialist at a children’s hospital and this is a great podcast that helps to practice self care, professional development, and reflecting on the work week on a Saturday morning. Thank you!
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Love hearing from nurses!!
I love that you’re giving a voice to nurses and giving value in this space! So needed! Thank you! Angie Tonini-Rogers
The wise mentor all nurses need
I discovered Nurse Keith just a few weeks ago and immediately I wondered “where have you been all of my career?!” Every episode I’ve listened to has been relevant and validating, and has energized my passion for my career and profession. Keith is great, and his network of speakers is deep and wide and authentic. Such a fan!!
SQ in LA
Long time listening.
I’m not even a nurse yet but your podcast helps me map out my exit plan. Side note: Your voice is so soothing.
Resolute Spirit
You are my inspiration!
Aloha Keith, I’m a RN in both Hawai’i and Japan. I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year. I also dreamed about to be a podcast host one day, and it came true! I’m interviewing Japanese nurses who work in global settings. A Journey of being a host has been amazing! You are my inspiration. Thank you for doing anything you do. Mahalo from Hawai’i.
A Nurse Treasure
I have been listening to The Nurse Keith show for years. He is genuinely interested in each guest that he interviews and he showcases the MANY ways nurses are practicing. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith in person at a National Nurses In Business conference and he was just as kind and welcoming in person as he is on air.
The Nature Nurse™
Excellence is this podcasts’s norm
Great for nurses, nurse wannabes and nurse appreciators like me!
Nursing Information Not to Be Missed!
Nurse Keith shares relevant news and advice that benefits all nurses - no matter what your nursing specialty. I look forward to every episode. Marian Reid RN
Marian RN
I Love the Nurse Keith Podcast
I love, Love, LOVE the Nurse Keith Podcast. It is packed with such great information. I have gain insights that have propelled my mindset and helped me to grow professional. Cynthia Fountain, MSN, RN, CLNC
Just found your podcast with emphasis on social media use by us timid and uninspired nurses. Would love very much to apply your wisdom to my career and re-kickstart it. Your podcast has been added to my must listen to daily podcast list and I’ve restarted a couple social sites I’ve neglected with hopes of being more productive with their use. Been nursing for 25 plus years, not quitting anytime soon, but need to rejuvenate my career and improve myself and my presentation to others. Thanks. Good luck to both of us!
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Meester Nurse
Wonderful Message
Keith, I am a new listener to your podcast — and I’m hooked. You deliver a wonderful message each show, and you have great guest — who are knowledgeable and informative. Keep up the great work! John S.
Wise, creative, and pertinent to millennial nurses!
Nurse Keith shares his experience and wisdom for nursing in a creative and understandable way. Hearing his calming voice on The Nurse Keith show immediately puts me at ease about my nursing career. I enjoy all of the topics he covers because I trust that he has done the research, has a credible nursing background, and interviews successful nurse thought-leaders. Whenever I am in a "nursing career rut or feeling stuck" I know that an episode of The Nurse Keith Show will raise my spirits and inspire me to take massive action. I highly recommend this podcast to any nurse out there who is looking for empowering perspectives on the profession!
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A show worth listening to for all nurses
The Nurse Keith Show touches on many subjects that I wasn’t aware were even out there ! Keith recognizes and gives support to those of us who haven’t experienced much of that over the years , as well as introducing amazing professionals in the nursing fields , including advanced practice nurses and experts in related healthcare fields. This is a show worth listening to for all of us in the health professions. CThomas , CFNP.
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Thank you!
Thank you very much for producing this podcast. The content is interesting and is delivered well by your warm convincing voice. It’s a relaxing listening to it.
Honest, Informative, caring
Thank you for your investment into nurses and the nursing profession. I agree we need to promote safety and health for our nation. I support gun ownership, but I believe we should do something like create an equivalency of a “Driver’s License” for assault rifles. Thank you for your podcast on Sunday.
Excellent podcast
Very well produced podcast with great content. Love the recent episode with Dr. O’Connell.
Great podcast
Keith delivers some great content and obviously has a true desire to help nurses achieve more in their careers and their lives. Loved his recent interview with Renee Thompson on nurse-bullying for example, what a great topic that we need to be talking more about. Thank you for what you are doing Keith, it is a real help!
So helpful! Nurses, tune in!
I’m not sure when I connected with Nurse Keith, media platforms, but I have found helpful nuggets of wisdom in every podcast/blogs for years! I was finally going back to complete a BSN that I had started 18 years before and I had also begun my own nurse coaching journey during that time, becoming certified & graduating within a month. I was unsure if I wanted to start my own business or just utilize my skills to achieve more within my organization. Listening to the questions Nurse Keith would pose and reflecting on how I wanted to direct my passions were so helpful. I especially tuned into the “what lights you up” or “gets you excited” type questions. Coaching and 1:1 interactions with employees were those answers. I found myself even doing volunteer pro bono coaching with the vulnerable population in my hometown and am so excited to do so! I am fortunate to have loved all the areas of nursing I have done, but really needed to hone in on what was my next step to be more intentional. I joked with my young adult kids that Mom needed to decide what she wants to do now that’s she’s grown up! Even though I treasured so much about my job, I gained confidence to “go for it” and have now stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to start in a new role soon! I had found I wanted to continue in a preventative corporate wellness setting and even quoted you, Keith, on my final job interview! I literally had just listened to your podcast in my drive in (referring to podcast/blog “Attention & Intention= Forward Movement”) so I couldn’t help but share it in how I would work with their 1500 employees! I tell many to listen to these podcasts, even if not contemplating a change as it helps solidify ones personal nursing philosophy and think about what do we really want. I’ll see you around social media and hope to meet you at a conference in the near future! I also listen to many of the suggested nurse entrepreneurs hi have recommended. In gratitude, Nurse Coach Deb
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This podcast is so inspiring and encouraging! Nurse Keith pushes you to pursue your best nursing career. I love this podcast!
Very relevant!
Nurse Keith keeps up with issues that nurses face at many stages in their nursing careers! I enjoy his take on these issues and his ability to relay solutions on how to tackle them with a calm and wonderful energy. Not only does he focus on career but how to maintain the career while keeping a positive, great attitude. I highly recommend this podcast for my fellow nurses!
River forever
My wife (nurse) is enjoying this podcast!
It has been a pleasant surprise to have come across this podcast. Nurse Keith is truly an expert and helps other nurses with inspiration and motivation. My wife is a nurse and I have been listening with her. Thumbs up!
Perfect podcast for all nurses and their profession
I love this podcast! Very helpful information and Keith is such a delight to listen to. This podcast discusses the career side of the nursing profession. All about success for new nurses, nursing students, nurses achieving higher degrees, preventing burnout, job interviews, how to achieve our overall goals throughout our nursing careers, etc. Lots of great and relevant content that keeps me listening. Thank you for this podcast!
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As a first semester nursing student, and a male, it is refreshing for me to be able to listen to a well established nurse explain what I can expect, and how to stave off things that can happen in my future. Every podcast I listen to is always informative, and I will continue to listen as long as Keith chooses to broadcast. Thank you so much for your perspective.
Thank you Nurse Keith!
Hi Nurse Keith! I am a nursing student who is graduating this year, and found myself needing a way to continue some learning, and think about nursing beyond textbooks while on my winter break and I found it in your show! Listening to your show feels like I am sitting in a quiet coffee shop talking about these topics with you one on one. I also appreciate that the length is half an hour, because I have found other podcasts that are either too short or too long and I find this length long and enegaging enough without losing my attention or running out of time to listen. To anyone deciciding whether or not to listen, DO IT! You won't regret it :)
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Soon To be Nurse Bri
Best show for nursing career advice!
This show has transformed the way I see my nursing career! He is such a good coach and offers great advice about how to succeed and enjoy your life as a nurse. I enjoy listening to this podcast because of its highly inspirational content and messages. Mostly, Nurse Keith helps me feel like I’m not alone when he talks about not only the good side of nursing but also the bad and the ugly sides of nursing and the healthcare industry, too. Thanks Nurse Keith for all you do for the nursing community!!!
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Keith has a genuine gift and I’m so glad he is sharing it with Nurse colleagues. Every episode I learn new things.
So grateful for this podcast it's always so I formative and always positive and features the most interesting people ,it's always good to hear what THe HulaHoop Girl is up to as a fellow hooper and Nurse myself keep up the good work we are listening katana229 aka Yvonne
Nurse Keith is AWESOME!!!!
I stumbled on the Nurse Keith Show in November 2016 when I was experiencing a tough time at work. I listened to many of his past episodes too in a short period of time, and have been a reqular listener ever since. I sincerely appreciate and enjoy listening to Nurse Keith- he has sincere compassion, caring, and concern for the professional, especially nurses. While his show applies to ANY discipline, it focuses more at the nurse level. I am an advanced practice nurse, and while some issues do not apply to my role as much, overall Keith's advice/thoughts/recommendations translate to any role/position/level. I had emailed him a question regarding social media. He did such a nice job of carefully examing the issue,including "referencing" some papers, etc. And he took it a step further by discussing the manager/boss/colleague contact/friend thing, which I had not even considered. So IMPRESSED- this turned out to be so much more than even I had anticipated, and so relevant to today. Thanks Nurse Keith!
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Gretchen NP
Antartica RN
Hello Keith, I've been listining to your podcast for a while now and I love it. I'm not a RN in Antartica but I did land to Antartica for 3 weeks and was listing to you almost everyday. I went there for vacation and I was the only RN on the boat. Anyways, I'm really inspired and envy in what you do. Thank you so much for your talk show.
Helpful and Uplifting
You will hear a wealth of career and networking advice. As a bonus you also get a spiritual boost.
Refreshing, Relevant, and Inspiring
As nurses, we are trained to strategically assess patients and their health. Keith provides tools to help us assess our own professional health- and provides tools to rejuvenate healthcare careers that may feel melancholy. I enjoy listening to Keith's creative metaphors for common issues in nursing careers and find his information relatable, inspiring, and generally refreshing. Thank you Keith!
Very Helpful and Inspiring Career Advice!
This review is long overdue, but The Nurse Keith Show has been so helpful to me in my nursing career, especially as a new grad nurse. Nurse Keith not only has great advice and tips for putting oneself out there in the job hunt, but also kept me inspired to think outside the box. I continue to listen to his career advice as I grow as a nurse, since nursing is a dynamic, constantly evolving career path.
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Wonderful resource for nurses at any stage of their career
I'm a big fan of Keith's work as a podcaster, writer, and coach. Definitely worth the subscription.
After several weeks listening to Nurse Keith and his soothing tone; I find myself listening not only for the timely advice but also the calming reassuring voice. Amidst all the chaos I can unwind a little knowing that someone out there understands what I'm going through.
Keith is awesome!
I started listening to Keith Carlson on The Nurse Keith Show after I found the RNFM Radio podcast. He is an invaluable resource for nurses looking to break out of the traditional nursing role or just wanting to reach new levels in their current roles. His tips on the utilization of LinkedIn have been very useful. The show may not always give you the answer to the questions he poses, but he can’t answer those things for us. He does a great job of making me sit back and evaluate where I am and where I want to be. The podcast has done wonders for my confidence in breaking into the entrepreneurial world as well as speaking to my passions in nursing with potential employers or network contacts. Absolutely recommend this podcast to other nurses!
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Nurse Keith Rocks!
I had the pleasure of meeting Keith via Skype. If you need advice, coaching or any of kind please do yourself a favor and check out Keith. Thanks again 😀 Michael Srock "The TechieRN"
Future RN
I got to meet Nurse Keith at the Nurse Mentoring Institute Conference in New Jersey in October of 2015. I got blessed to be there, and get to know him! He is full of energy and great ideas! As a busy senior nursing student, I did not have a chance to listen to his podcasts and radio until my winter break. I absolutely love it now! I am going to listen to it everywhere: in the car, at the gym, and even on the beach! I can grow so much as an individual and professional by listening to his podcasts! I would advise every nursing student, an experienced nurse, and a nurse educator to enrich their podcast collection with his work! Keep up the great work, Keith!
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Elvira Sayfutdinova
There is SO much value in this podcast! The time Keith has spent in finding and distilling content for us is very much appreciated! As a busy nurse I could not have gone out and retrieved this level of quantity, quality and such VALUABLE information myself, thank you Keith!
Great resources for new and experienced nurses!
Keith does a great job providing new and experienced nurses with simple strategies to create a fulfilling and successful nursing career. I always appreciate his practice tips (like in episode 13 where he recommends bringing a business card with you to events) and how he inspires nurses to reignite their passion for nursing. Keith’s podcast is a gift to nurses! Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN CEO and President of RTConnections
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Renee Thompson
LinkedIn Podcast VERY helpful
I’ve been using LinkedIn for several years but not as effectively as I will after listening to Keith’s podcast about it. In fact, I’m going to listen to it again. Thanks for your help, Keith.
Beth Boynton, RN, MS
Nursing Careers and Change
I thought Keith’s suggestions were great. It did widen the field of possibilities for growth and change. that we can all consider. I’m looking forward to listening to many more of Keith’s Podcasts.
Nurse Keith will calm your concerns
Nurse Keith is a combination of nurse, therapist, coach, and cheerleader. His voice is soothing, calm and confident, full of practical and intelligent advice. What a wonderful resource.
Doctor Erica
An expert in coaching nurses to live their best life!
Nurse Keith is an expert in coaching nurses to live their best life. And, what a better way to reach the masses than his podcast! If you're looking for an informative, inspiring and motivating take on all things nursing, make sure you take a listen, then subscribe, rate and review it! You'll love it!
Marsha, The Bossy Nurse
Nurse Keith is fabulous!
Nurse Keith's podcasts are the best thing for nurses since support hose. He has a wonderfully calming, reassuring voice, a comfortable, conversational style and, most importantly, he knows what he's talking about. What a tremendous resource for all nurses and nurse-wannabes!
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