The North-South Connection
The North-South Connection
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Justin is the best.
Justin is one of the best out there. If he is here, I’m here too.
Steve from Buffalo
Comics and wrestling!
New listener, but already a fan! Great mix of nerdom from wrestlers to comics! HULK OUT has a double meaning here lol
Amazing podcast feed for hardcore wrestling fans!
The north-south connection is an amazing podcast feed! JT, Aaron, Chad and the crew are some of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever find when I comes to Pro wrestling knowledge, history and fun facts! They even got some pop culture shows in the mix discussing sports, books and more Dash can you absolutely cannot go wrong subscribing to the north south connection!
A spin-off of THE PLACE TO BE NATION, Justin, Chad, Aaron and many others give you great old school wrestling talk. The best thing is, these fine men don’t take themselves too serious. They just love wrestling how it used to be.
Great Content
Various eras, various promotions, but always fun and that's what wrestling is supposed to be.
Matt Ferrell
Terrific network of shows from podcast veterans
Love the network that JT and Chad have created with a great variety of shows. You'll like it too because they both have been doing this for a long time and the shows are a great listen whether you are in your car, exercising, or just ignoring members of your family!
Peter from Massachusetts
Exceptional Pod Feed
This is a feed of the highest magnitude. I know the guys that run it and they are knowledgable, funny and insightful. From one podcast feed boss to another, I say keep up the good work guys and everybody subscribe!
Great podcast network
For anyone who is a wrestling fan, has to check this network out. It has everything a fan of any era could love from the Monday night war to current wrestling. The hosts are great and endearing.
Scott Shifflett