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The Nick DiPaolo Show
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ANTIFA, BLM the True Domestic Terrorists | Nick Di Paolo Show #477
Leftist violence erupts in Portland. Biden's first speech is rife with hypocrisy. Bernie's winter wear goes viral.
Jan 21
53 min
Biden: Beginning of the End | Nick Di Paolo Show #476
Trump gives his final remarks. Biden begins dismantling the Trump era. Snoop praises Trump after presidential pardon.
Jan 20
48 min
Dems Send Message with Military | Nick Di Paolo Show #475
Media talking heads ceaselessly trash Trump supporters. RINOs push back against big tech anti-trust. Skepticism over covid vaccine grows.
Jan 19
54 min
White Rioters Scrutinized | Nick Di Paolo Show #474
More capitol rioters arrested and charged, while officials prepare for inauguration day. Fox News drops in the ratings. Migrant flood heads for America.
Jan 18
1 hr 2 min
Pelosi's Power Play | Nick Di Paolo Show #473
The house impeaches Trump again. Republicans split on POTUS position. AOC calls for more media control.
Jan 14
47 min
Bitch McConnell Steps Up | Nick Di Paolo Show #472
Dems take impeachment to the house. Pence rules out 25th amendment. Crooked Hillary chimes in.
Jan 13
52 min
Big Tech Burns down Free Speech | Nick Di Paolo Show #471
Facebook shuts out conservatives. FBI prepares for inauguration. Schism widens between Nancy and AOC.
Jan 12
48 min
The Crushing of Conservatives | Nick Di Paolo Show #470
Dems plan impeachment while their hypocrisy shines in riot fallout. Meanwhile Big Tech boots Parler, and GoP donors purge Trump supporters.
Jan 11
55 min
Capitol Offense | Nick Di Paolo Show #469
Riots spread to the capitol, end in violence.
Jan 7
1 hr
Counties Still Counting | Nick Di Paolo Show #468
Warnock wins while second race hits a standstill. Malfunctions delay the count in Chatham county. Trump supporters storm D.C.
Jan 6
51 min
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