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The day’s news made fast, fair and fun – in 10 minutes. Erica Mandy is like a trusted friend who always ‘gets’ both sides. She’s a veteran journalist who was tired of talking heads, alarmist headlines and monotone voices, so she created something different. The NewsWorthy is packed with politics, tech, business and entertainment from a variety of sources -- brought together in one, convenient place (and with a fun twist). Join the thousands of people already listening each weekday!
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Perfect summary
Every morning I listen to The Newsworthy before I start my day and I love the quick delivery of the most important news! Thank you!
I was hoping this would be another news source to add to my arsenal. But, sadly, in 10 minutes over half of the featured stories were pushing a very clear agenda. Putting this in my propaganda category. I hope someday journalists will stop pandering to the mainstream narratives. People deserve true & honest reporting.
I’ve found a different daily news podcast, so today’s my last day with this one. She has repeatedly failed to be honest in what must be an attempt to please everyone, and it has gotten old. Don’t use the word “news” in your title if you can’t tell it like it is, especially now.
Stay informed but not overwhelmed!
My favorite new find! Love that this podcast allows me to stay informed but not overwhelmed! Thank you, Erica!
The Intertwined Life Podcast
Quick, captivating, unbiased
My favorite, quick news source. I LOVE how she just reports the facts. I have no idea what her political leanings are, and I like that from my news source. I also like her theme music. It’s catchy. I appreciate the fast pace, which means she’s can get more reporting done in a short amount of time.
Love this fast, nonpartisan news source!
I look forward to this every morning! Quick 10 minutes and I feel informed. Love the music somehow energizes me! Just an all-around awesome pod and I can’t recommend it enough! Definitely worth 10 minutes of your time in the morning!
Ohio Betsy
Well done. Well done
I rarely review podcasts, however, this one is worth the extra effort to review! I look forward to my 10-12 min update each morning. I don’t seek out news ordinarily, but I do like to be informed. Without my daily commute, I was rarely aware of the top issues of the day. All fixed with this podcast during the pandemic!
Gator Gal 98
Great start to my day
I always look forward to listening every morning!
Short and sweet.
I love this fast way to hear about the news.
Perfect length. Perfect mix of news. Perfect touch. Straight news with no attitude or opinion.
Very biased
politically biased. Why can’t anyone just report the news without injecting opinions!
Perfect synopsis
Look forward to it daily!
All the news?
Did I miss an episode? The attacks on RNC attendees, including Senator Rand Paul was appalling and should have been covered. A truly unbiased news show would have included it.
A concise news update
A high energy presentation of the headlines if the day. A great way to keep abreast of notable events.
Fact based news
I have been saying for years that all the news I get now is opinions sprinkled facts. My dream was to find a news source that gives me the facts and let’s me form my own opinion. This podcast nails that. No fluff, just facts. THANK YOU!
i Mych
Obviously biased but still decent
Solid podcast to catch the major headlines of the day before but the tone is obviously slanted towards one end of the political spectrum (guess which one)
best 10 minutes of my morning routine
I listened to The Newsworthy every morning before I get out of bed and am more informed each day because is it. The journalism is truly “fast, fair, fun AND on the go” I tell friends all the times about Erica Mandy and the show - highly recommend adding this to your morning routine.
Quick, unbiased news
I really enjoy getting my news from this podcast without having to deal with the way the TV media portrays news. It is fact based without spin and often shares what both sides say in regards to the matter. My only reason for holding back 1 star is that they always report on space news. There is mention of space at a minimum of once per week and when there is only 10 minutes to share the news, outer space is definitely not on my list of things to be concerned with.
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All you need to know!
Best news podcast!! Love to listen every morning! Covers all topics too. Thank you!
Best Daily News Podcast
Definitely informative very unbiased.
Great daily news show
I look forward to this podcast every morning! The host tells you the straight up facts on a wide variety of contemporary news without adding in her personal opinions which is sooo refreshing.
Wait a minute!
Fair? Erica, please go back and listen to the way you report on the President. You are beginning to sound like all of the liberal journalists, making every faux pas of the President’s “national news.” It’s not! This is a good podcast. Rise above the rest and be the fair voice you want to be!
Best Way to Start Your Day
This is a fantastic news podcast that is 100% unbiased. Just the facts! Erica Mandy covers the top headlines in an upbeat refreshing way first thing in the morning. Perfect to listen to when rushing to get ready for your day or relaxing with your first cup of coffee.
mike in Cburg
Best quick and fair daily news recap ever!
Erica Mandy does an amazing job. I try to never miss an episode. 10 minute time investment and I have an unbiased view of the world’s top stories. I highly recommend!
Great! In My Daily Schedule Now.
A fun, upbeat way of getting news highlights, which is very much needed in my life. In the Information Age, we are bombarded with news outlets all imploring their clarity in judgement. It doesn’t take long to see that this isn’t the case for large media conglomerates. The Newsworthy just gives the highlights of the day within 10 minutes or so. If you want to get the highlights, and then choose what to explore on your own terms, I recommend The Newsworthy with five stars.
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Scott Cadwell
Is part of my daily routine
Best unbiased news in 10 minutes. No nonsense take of the host. It is news just as it is. It’s also part of my teenagers daily routine without having to go to the fake news on social media. Love hearing Erica’s voice every morning and makes me very nostalgic about the 80’s news when I listen to this podcast channel.
B E S T news podcast
Quick, easy, grab your news on the go. Been listening every morning for years and appreciate getting the non biased, top news stories without too much politics. I love the added bites keeping me up to date on hot topics. Highly recommend.
I am so glad I found this podcast. I like to stay informed, but get exhausted trying to keep up with the major news outlets and their biases. This is podcast is a perfect daily dose of the most important issues without the excess baggage.
hungry sleepy soldier
A lovely injection of the news each morning!
Love this podcast! I’ve been enjoying it for about 6 months now. There have been a few that I felt were pretty biased to the left but that’s expected based on where the original news articles come from. Overall, it really is “fast, fair, fun!” Thanks Erica!
Tracy_in Spain
Keeps me in the know!!
Love this podcast! My family now loves this podcast! I am not a TV watcher and this is how I get my daily dose of the news. SO awesome to only hear it once instead of OVER sand OVER again. Erica’s voice is so upbeat and positive. Thanks for choosing such a broad variety of topics. I feel so informed and ready to discuss interesting news topics with others. Starting my day with, “Let’s do this!” Makes me feel ready to start each day informed!
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Self-Help Podcast Junkie
Luv my coffee and Newsworthy podcast everymorning!! My go to. Thank you!!
Leanne C
Best Podcast
I love your podcast. It’s informative, to the point, and educational. Thank you for sharing the news daily. It’s the first thing I listen to every morning. Keep up the amazing work🥰
Trump Mouthpiece
They went from being Trump obsessed to being a Trump mouthpiece. Every single story now includes a Trump quote. This is what happens when unprofessional non-journalists try to report the news.
The Real Zen Boy
1st Podcast of my day.
Thank you for your excellent podcast. I listen to a number of daily podcasts but always start with yours.
Melkor .
Doom and gloom, it is not
With all that is happening in this world, it is nice to listen to news without the dark dramatic musical intro, subjective (and usually negative) commentary and intensely serious delivery. Thank you for delivering news that doesn’t leave me deflated, but informed and energized!
I love it! It's upbeat, positive and informative!
This is perfect!
I love this podcast so much. It’s a “just the facts, Jack” kind of podcast. No B.S., just the important news we need to know delivered in an upbeat manner. Now I only watch the regular news when I want to engage in the mental equivalent of self-flagellation!
Best way to start the day!
I listen to Mandy as I get ready in the morning and I have enough news to keep me informed without the pit in my stomach I get when listening to other news sources.
Love it!
The best way to stay up with the news! Thank you!
Fast fair fun and on the go!
I love this podcast! I’ve been listening daily for over a year now. I used to find reading the news so dry and boring, but Erica Mandy is upbeat, unbiased and to-the-point - I look forward to this podcast every day and it’s helped me to stay so much more informed!!! To Erica and the whole newsworthy team, thanks for doing what you do and keep up the great work!
Part of my daily routine
My friend Lily recommended this podcast last summer, and since then it has become apart of my everyday routine! Erica Mandy delivers the “what you need to know” without bias in about 10 minutes every weekday morning. What more could you ask for in a news podcast?!
Morgan, PA-C
Great way to get the news!
Just found this podcast and I LOVE it! It is quick, so informative and very fair. I have had to stop watching major news channels because I didn’t feel I was getting facts, just political fighting. I look forward to listening to this every morning.
My go to morning news!
Been listening for 2 years! Love this! I listen every morning while making my coffee and eat breakfast. As someone who isn’t into reading articles to stay current, this gives me a great synopsis of what’s going on in the world so I feel informed and up to date with the current events!
Exactly what I wished for!
I’ve never liked the news as it gets me stressed and sad about the world. I felt like ignoring it wasn’t an option either. This is the PERFECT way to consume the news as it’s quick but still informative. Please keep up the amazing work because I will be here to listen!
I’m hooked
I knew this podcast was a keeper the first time I listened! Just the facts...great information...good tips. I’m even excited to look into the products she recommends.
Jen - Astros fan forever
Everything you will need!
In the midst of this pandemic, there is so much negative noise from the media. Erica starts your day in upbeat fashion and delivers the news you need to hear to stay well informed.
In my busy lifestyle I like filtered down news each morning, it helps me center my life each day. I highly recommend this station as Erica has an upbeat mood great for early mornings and breaks down exactly what you need to know.
Best go-to quick news podcast!
Heard a recommendation for this podcast on The Upside... this is now my go-to news podcast! First thing I listen to every day! Love the beat and how you put the news together in a perfect quick rundown. Thank you so much for giving the news in an unbiased quick format! Love it
Best way to stay informed
I start my commute with your podcast and feel informed of current events. I love your clear and concise format and the energy in your voice is uplifting! Great job, Erica!
Potato jim
Girls On The Go Dream
I love that this is short, sweet and gets me informed in 10 minutes! I listen in the morning while getting ready or on my commute and I love it. Thank you!
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