The New Man
The New Man
Tripp Lanier
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Experience & expertise in helping men
Tripp Lanier is as good or better as anyone in the business of helping men achieve their full potential.
Bro Scientist
Real content for real men
Love it.
authentic beast
Better late than never
I just discovered The New Man a couple months ago and loving it. I wish I was aware of this podcast years ago and the information Tripp offers to go beyond the macho jerk and the new age wimp. The content is amazing and I still have 6 years to catch up on.
Realistic and Succinct
The New Man Podcast touches on the topics that I need help clarifying in my life as a successful businessman. The New Man provides a new perspective and a ton of resources to people who want to grow their business, improve their lifestyle, and change their perspective.
Outstanding Perspective
Both my husband and I enjoy this show! It’s obvious that Tripp puts extraordinary effort into finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world. Really valuable listen!
Arlie K
The real deal
Tripp has an awesome way of providing down to earth insight and perspective. His style contradicts the trend in podcasts to flaunt (or fake) success and pretend to have it all figured out. He’s on a mission to uncover value and fulfillment on a deeper level.
Excellet Podcast - Highly Recommend
Tripp is a great host and I recommend this show to anyone who is looking to better their life!
Trevor Oldham
The Newman
This podcast is amazing. Tripp covers many topics and hits the nail right in the head for me all the time. I’m constantly thinking “that’s why I do that thing”. I had never done any self work before listening to the new man. Now I am on a journey of self improvement that started with Tripp and his amazing podcast. He introduced me to many avenues for all kinds of topics. I hope others can find this as useful as I have. Keep up the good work Tripp!
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To the point wisdom!
Tripp has a way of stripping down the material and just giving you the essence or nuggets of information that you can immediately integrate into your life. Subscribe, sit back, and start listening. You will be glad you did.
Jerry Frawley
Real Raw Relevant
Trip does a great job keeping it real .. raw... and relevant! He gives you exactly enough to question yourself and to take action! Nice Work!
Thax Turner
Old episodes are great
But it’s definitely downtrending, now it’s just him and his wife flirting with each other on the air. Come on guys this was something great
Rich and real content that works. Thank you.
Enthusiastic and hard to stop listening. This stuff is the real deal. Best source of information for creating a new and improved version of yourself. You'll learn ideas and concepts that have taken lifetimes to figure out.
J money 12386578
Fantastic podcast
I’ve been studying behavioral science and helping business leaders for nearly 30 years and I ALWAYS learn something interesting, useful, and entertaining on Tripp’s podcast. This is definitely a must-listen!
Reaching Results
Nourishing, entertaining and thoughtful 🙏
Such an incredible show! Tripp and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling perspectives and theories, spotlighting the best tactics and insights on how to become the very best version of yourself and live a more productive, well-rounded life as the man you aspire to become (and already are!). Thanks Tripp for bringing this show to the world!!
Sword and Scale
Bring back the female narrator. Mike Buddy is the most irritating person to listen to. Not only is his nasal voice hard to Listen to he is an obvious narcissist who loves to hear himself speak. Shut up Mike. Let someone else do the writing and the narration and stay behind the scenes.
Feeling a bit sick.
Outstanding insight
You will want to hire him after listening to the insight he delivers on topics that have stopped you from getting to your next level. The titles are no lie and the next step is truly up to you. He has the questions and answers that help you uncover what your minds quiet voice are looking to hear. He is man who deserves more.
Learning how I can be the most successful me...
The best
I’ve been listening to Tripp for 5 or so years and he is a caring, funny, honest guy and some of the episodes have changed my world much for the better.
kenny easley
Countdown to the next episode!
This podcast has helped me a lot through some decision making about my career now that I'm in my 40s. Focuses on what you want to get out of life. Tripp you've gotten really good over the years, I really appreciate all the great energy and advice! I take what I see more fitting to my current struggles, some stuff may not apply. It's also great to see how Tripp relates to some of his colleagues who are often also his friends. Building camradery is important and difficult at times. Thanks!
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Cuts through the BS
And provides me with actionable steps to make my life more interesting and joyful. Tripp has a gift for compassionately listening and then asking the right questions at the right time. His podcasts cover things I may already know or have heard before but told through his format and with his lens, I learn valuable lessons with each episode.
Another “guy” podcast masquerading as a “man” podcast
Talking to an “expert” who defined “incel” as a “guy” who chooses not to have sex was one thing. Then the lecture about how great it is to be a “guy” because there are so many “empowered women” to hang out with. But I think I gave up on this podcast when the narrator and his guest lamented that though his grandfather had WW2 and his father had Vietnam, men today just don’t have any real tests or challenges. He boasts of coaching Navy SEALs...but didn’t realize that any man over 25 who didn’t go to war during the last 17 years just didn’t want that challenge. Good luck, “guys.”
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New Man
This is a great podcast. I’ve listened to it for years and have found it quite helpful.
Always learning something new!
Definetely one of the most enjoyable podcasts! Can honestly say I learn at least one new thing to apply to my life through every show. Great content overall!
The New Man
Best stuff out there on iTunes for self improvement.
A Must for Men of Any Age
This podcast is a great tool for anyone grappling with unhealthy “Nice Guy” paradigms.
Blow jobs, porn, strip clubs... Can't believe some of the content
Some of the themes and titles of The New Man are crazy! But the content is so solid. Can't live without it. Thanks, Tripp
of the valley 101
The new man
Incredible podcast! I get so much out of theses podcasts it’s like they are made for me. Very informative and interesting. Trip is a professional at interviewing and awesome to listen to. I truly can’t get enough! Thank you!
The New Man is a must listen!
The New Man shares inspiring and actionable lessons on how men can achieve success in life and business (while avoiding the mistakes many have made before). Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach every goal you have set in your life. The New Man is a must-listen!
Hope you receive this warm greetings from Buffalo NY. I just got done listening to your podcast and wanted to encourage you by saying how much I appreciate your effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work happy Podcasting friends 🎙
Like Hack Podcast
Excellent advice and great guests
I have been listening to The New Man now for a few years. Tripp ensures the interviews are to the point and injects enough levity to keep things light and funny, without the message getting lost. Furthermore, Tripp books world class guests on his show all of which offer some excellent advice on various topics from entrepreneurship, to your love life, and just relationships in general. Listen to a few episodes and see for yourself. It's definitely worth it.
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Oprah for men!
The New Man Podcast is my favorite podcast! Tripp and his guests dive into what it means to be a man in today's world and touches on the topics that many times we don't get to talk openly about. The show is entertaining, insightful and fun ... and it's quite literally helped change my life for the better.
Great, Influential Topics
I love this podcast. Ever since my father died, I have not had no one I can reach at anytime to talk about these life, real man topics but my brother. This is awesome, I feel more wise from just a few episodes
Great Podcast for guys
Tripp does a great job discussing men’s issues and has great guest. Every Man should subscribe to the New Man.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Tripp and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that's consistently both educational and actionable -- there's tons of information and tips packed into each episode. Tripp really does a phenomenal job expertly extracting those bits of gold listeners are looking for. I highly recommend listening and subscribing to The New Man if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to level up in all areas of life!
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J. Barshop
Awesome Podcast
Tripp host of The New Man highlights all aspects of self-help in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Growth mindset
The best podcast out there for personal develpoment! I asolutely love this podcast and can't recommend it enough for young men seeking self improvement, it's an excellent way to refine and finetune one's path to reach your ultimate calling.
This podcast was a wake up call in my life
Sometime in July of 2013, I woke up and found myself in an abusive marriage and a job that was "okay" but going nowhere fast. Around this same time, I stumbled accross The New Man podcast and loved every episode. I was struck by both the depth of the content and that it seemed that Tripp and his guests were all having fun along the way. Four years later, I left that abusive marriage and am now dating an incredibly driven, smart, sexy, soulful woman. I've left that job that was just "okay" and created my own company where I'm not only bringing the best of myself to work every day, but my income up-side is exponentially higher. I've also made my dream of traveling the world a reality in the meantime. During all this, I've worked directly with Tripp and his wife, Alyson, in navigating these transformations. But the podcast was really the eye-opening gateway to everything I've created in my life over the last four years. Don't let fact that the episodes are funny fool you, there's incredibly powerful knowledge and wisdom here for men who are brave enough to put these ideas into play. So yeah. Five f-ing stars.
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All men should listen to The New Man!
Great insights and helpful, practical advice! You will get tools for daily living and how to be the best man you can be. I love Tripp's style of interviewing his guests - he is able to reinterpret what is said to make it more than information, but tips that you can actually use in your everyday life.
Love this show
It's been very helpful as an entrepreneur living in Los Angeles navigate all the things that can be thrown your way, professionally and personally!
Great show for men!
Such a great sow for men!
Great Content Hilarious Delivery
If you want to be amused, challenged and inspired all at the same time this podcast is for you!
Matt Pollock
Unreal material
Tripp is changing the way men deal with internal struggle, relationships and all things men. I listen to this podcast on my way to work, in the car and in my free time. The topics discussed adhere to my life spot on. I know I can get exactly what I need from the experts who Tripp hosts. It's the greatest podcast out there if you're looking to think differently and be different.
Tripp is very easy to listen too, and breaks down the main points to the listener in easy to understand chunks. Make you feel like he is talking to you directly, in a conversational way. Each new topic has hit home for me in a very personal way, and I am finding a lot of help from listening. Thank you so much Tripp, you are doing such a good thing here to help guys navigate the parts of our lives that we have trouble articulating and identifying at times.
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Great Coaching Podcast
I have been listening to Tripp's podcast for the last two years and they make you think about your career and direction. The material on his site is easy to read and helpful. I highly recommend.
What a joke. This guy told his wife on their honeymoon. He wanted SLEEP WITH TWO WOMEN that were on the beach. Life coach more like a loser.
Woman who enjoys this podcast
I just turned 30 and decided I want to learn more about men and the way they think. Tripp does a great job interviewing and asking questions. He is clear and funny while providing relevant information. I have listened to others that were really boring and hard to listen to.
It's been a great jumping off point
I've stumbled onto some powerful practices here over the years, and my life is much better for it. Thanks, Tripp.
Solid Men's work material
Tripp Lanier's podcast provides Men engaged in The Work (you know it if you're in it) with motivational interviews and topical insights, seen through the lens of Men's work. Exactly what Men's work is continues to evolve, and Tripp and his guests deserve to be a big part of that conversation. Worth the time.
Epic Parking Karma
New Man Podcast Rocks (This ISN'T "Tripp advice" podcast)
Finally! A podcast about current issues with men that's friendly to men AND women! This is the real podcast not one posing to be great. It's intelligent, witty and interesting and the topics aren't run of the mill. I find myself looking forward to what the next topic will be. The host has a great voice too! (Meow!) Thanks New Man for leading the way for the post-post-conventional male. (BTW, watch out for *other* guys out there duplicating and giving you lousy stuff)
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Listen to it!
Diving In
It is very important for us men to be having these conversations! DAILY!
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