The Nate Biltz Podcast
The Nate Biltz Podcast
Nate Biltz
Welcome to the Nate Biltz Podcast where Nate interviews world class creatives in entertainment, business, fitness, and art to inspire and educate you to get better and chase your curiosities.
#66: Gabe Levi
Gabe Levi is the co-founder of HEVI. In this episode we dive into the world of design and business. We talk about fashion trends, why people wear certain brands, the importance of suffering, and the lessons Gabe has taken away from over a decade of barbering.Gabe LeviIG: @gabenofunHEVIIG: @hevistudiosHEVI.ww (coming soon)Inspirit BittersIG:
Jan 27
2 hr 3 min
#65: Bryan Agnew
Bryan Agnew is a Comedian, Netflix Business affairs Executive assistant, and avid runner. In this episode we dive into the world of comedy and how Bryan got introduced to the art form. We talk about stoicism and the lessons of ancient philosophers that has led Bryan to live a more meaningful life. We go into the training process behind running a marathon. And we explore the beauty of play and how adults tend to lose their playful spirit as they grow older.Bryan AgnewIG: @_bryanthedudeTwitter: @bryanthadude Inspirit BittersIG:
Jan 13
1 hr 39 min
#64: Cody Jay Morgan
Cody Jay is the founder of Jack Fruit Media. In this episode we dive into his curiosities in videography, photography, singing/songwriting, mushrooms, music, fitness, and more. We talk about how he’s made a living off his curiosities and how he believes mushrooms can change the world. In addition, we talk about the adult entertainment industry, the importance in getting better, and the unconventional ways to live a happier and healthier life.Cody Jay Morgan:IG: @codyjaymorgan @codyjaycreative @jackfruit.mediaMooch Beverages:@drinkmoochCody’s new country single: “The Right Track”Inspirit BittersIG:
Jan 6
1 hr 45 min
#63: Diana Velicu
Diana Velicu is an Orthodontist, Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, and retired professional alpine skier. In this episode we dive into Diana’s professional life post UCLA Orthodontics, her travels around the world, her fitness growth,  and how she reached her dream of becoming an Orthodontist as an immigrant from Romania.Diana VelicuIG: @dianavelicuInspirit BittersIG:
Dec 30, 2022
1 hr 26 min
#62: Hunter Seide
Hunter Seide is the owner and head trainer of The Nomad Gym in Toluca Lake. He is a two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, powerlifting competitor, a No-Gi Jiu Jitsu brown belt, and a long distance trail runner.In this episode we dive into the world of fitness and how high school drum line, biochemistry, body building magazines, and a family health problem lead to Hunter’s path in helping others better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.Hunter SeideIG: @hjsactiveNomad GymIG: @nomadactiveApp: @thenomadworkoutMazatli minimal footwearIG: @mazatlifootwearwww.mazatlifootwear.comInspirit BittersG:
Dec 7, 2022
2 hr 49 min
#61: Real Estate and Relationships with Doug Rago
Doug Rago is a Real Estate Agent and Investor in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode we dive into Doug’s life in the entertainment industry. We talk about how the relationships he’s built as a celebrity personal assistant and marketing executive set a solid foundation for his successful career as a real estate agent. In addition, we talk about the importance of people and the skills Doug’s developed in building long lasting relationships. Doug RagoFB: Doug RagoIG: @dougragowww.mypropertyexperts.comDougrago@me.comInspirit
Nov 29, 2022
1 hr 37 min
#60: How I Became an American Ninja Warrior with Jason Grossman
Jason Grossman is a Ninja athlete and rock climber. He competed on NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ in 2021 and made it to the semi finals. In this episode we dive into the world of Ninja training and how Jason entered the sport through a Groupon. We talk about Jason’s work as a full time med-tech while training Ninja and climbing. In addition, we expand on the fitness industry and the lack of Ninja gyms in Los Angeles and how people can learn Ninja skills without a gym. Jason GrossmanIG: @jasongrossmanInspirit
Nov 15, 2022
1 hr 25 min
#59: Alessandro Canale, The World’s Best Skating Juggler
Alessandro Canale is a professional beach and indoor soccer player. He is the world’s #1 skating juggler. And he is the founder of ‘Pattern Pending’, a boutique creative design business. In this episode we dive into the world of professional beach soccer and the many evolutions of traditional soccer that have developed over the past decade. We talk about Sandro’s training regime and the emphasis he puts on cross training. In addition, we talk about Sandro’s love of art, we talk about his invention of skate juggling that took over the internet, and we talk about the importance of doing the things that make you happy.Alessandro CanaleIG: @ssvndroPattern PendingIG: @patternpending.ssInspirit
Oct 19, 2022
1 hr 47 min
#58: Tyler Weyman
Tyler Weyman is a Film Photographer, Motocross Racer, and ex Professional Enduro Mountain Biker. In this episode we dive into the world of film photography and the artistry behind shooting with a film camera. Tyler also talks about the lessons he took from competitive bike racing and how it has influenced his photography and his work ethic. Tyler WeymanIG: @tylerweymanTiktok: @tylerweymanwww.tylerweyman.comInspirit
Oct 7, 2022
1 hr 59 min
#57: Claire Riffle
Claire Riffle is an improv comic, actor, and fitness coach in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode we dive into the world of improv and talk about the importance of laughter. In addition, Claire talks about her move to Los Angeles at an early age, she expands on her love for fitness, and she explains why she doesn’t have a Plan B. Claire RiffleIG: @claireriffle1Tiktok: @claireriffle1Inspirit 
Sep 30, 2022
2 hr 5 min
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