The Nate Biltz Podcast
The Nate Biltz Podcast
Nathaniel Biltz
I've always been intrigued by what people are passionate about and what they are interested in. This podcast is my personal project to document all the smart, artistic, creative, and athletic individuals that I have come across or will come across in my life. There have been many conversations I've had with personal trainers, creative directors, scientists, athletes, physicians, musicians, artists, and other human beings that I've learned a great deal from and wished I had our conversations recorded. This podcast is answering that wish for me. I also believe that anyone can learn from theses individuals and grow as a person from the information and experiences in this podcast.
Henry Nwoko
Henry Nwoko is an Actor, Model, and Fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode, we dive into the world of bodybuilding and personal training. We talk about his move to L.A. in pursuit of becoming Black Panther. In addition, we go into his setbacks of tearing a tendon in his knee. And we talk about the importance of fitness  in Henry’s life and how anime inspired him to become an actor. Henry Nwoko@henry_nwoko@f45_training_centralburbankInspirit
Jun 24
1 hr 28 min
Kolton Oie
#45: Kolton OieKolton Oie is a Fitness Trainer, Actor, and content creator out of Los Angeles, CA. In this episode we dive into the world of acting, Kol’s move to LA, and his inspiration for making content. We talk about the investing world, especially the cryptocurrency and NFT markets. In addition, we elaborate on our motivation to work in such niche spaces and the importance of chasing your curiosities.Kol’s LinksInstagram: @Kolton_oieTik Tok: @KoltonOieYouTube: @koltonoiePodcast: The Kome UpInspirit 
Jun 17
2 hr 8 min
Zach White
Zach White is a Musician, Artist, and Coach. You can find him on instagram @iwasbornyoung. In this episode we talk about Zach’s history as a fitness coach. We dive into his creative process and the reason why he creates music. We also explore the characteristics of discipline and the importance of asking good questions.Zach’s Music@iwasbornyoungInspirit 
May 20
2 hr 11 min
Kurt Heeren
Kurt Heeren is a Personal Trainer and coach in Los Angeles, California.  He and his team at Ultimate Performance are experts in transformations of the human body. In this episode we dive into the process of getting in shape and losing weight. We talk about his journey to California and his introduction into the fitness industry. In addition, we talk about his life as an accountant, his viral tiktoks as @thereal_johnnybravo, as well as the lessons he has learned from losing a friend at a young age.Kurt Heeren@kurtheeren@ultimateperformancela@thereal_johnnybravoInspirit Buzzsprout Link
May 6
1 hr 30 min
#42: Justin Kuo
Justin Kuo is an Architect, Real Estate Agent, personal Trainer, and Investor. In this episode we talk about the world of fitness and how lifting has impacted Justin’s life for the better. In addition, we talk about how personal training and studying architecture at UCLA has made him a notable Real Estate Agent. We also dive into our time living together and what books launched his investing journey. Contact Justin Buzzsprout Link
Apr 25
1 hr 28 min
#41: Brian Schulze
Brian Schulze is the Creative Director and Choreographer of Elan Artists. He also is a dancer, former gymnast, and co-founder of Create Media. In this episode we dive into Brian’s journey through the foster care system and his path to becoming a professional choreographer. In addition, we talk about his love for dance and the beauty in living a creative life.Elan Artistshttps://elanartists.comBrian Schulze@brianleeschulzeInspirit Buzzsprout Link
Apr 14
1 hr 30 min
#40: Bounce
Bounce is a Dancer, Choreographer, Fitness Trainer, Producer, and artist. You can find her on instagram and you can listen to her podcast: “The Bzy-B Wine Down” on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. In this episode we dive into Bounce’s tour life, how medical problems almost ended her dancing career, the beauty of having a large network, and much more. The Bzy-B Wine Down Buzzsprout Link
Apr 7
1 hr 30 min
#39 Caitlyn Moyer
Caitlyn Moyer is a Fitness Trainer and Dancer in Los Angeles, CA. You can find her on instagram @caitlyn.moyer! In this episode we dive into Cait’s fitness and dance journey: from moving out to LA at the age of 18 to dancing with Bruno Mars at a 2022 New Years Eve event. We also talk about her insane workout regime and the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.Train with Caitlyn Buzzsprout Link
Apr 3
1 hr 14 min
#38: George Igoe
George Igoe is a writer, YouTuber, and the host of “George Goes Everywhere” where he explores cities without spending more than 100 dollars. George Goes Everywhere Buzzsprout Link
Mar 23
1 hr 7 min
#37 Rhys Gillett
Rhys Gillett is a mixed martial artist, athlete, and actor. In this episode we dive into his meditation process, life philosophies, and the process of getting better. Inspirit Buzzsprout Link
Mar 15
1 hr 11 min
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