The MxU Podcast
The MxU Podcast
The MxU Podcast. Hosted by Jeff Sandstrom, Jay Desai, and other special guests. Join in on conversations about audio, lighting, life, concerts, and interviews with the industry’s best.
#158 - Passion '24 Recap
Jeff sits down with Davis Kornegay, Jeremy Bagwell, Rusty Anderson and Cory Edwards to dig into what it took to make Passion 2024 happen. You'll hear all about the personnel, the technical demands and all the gear that it took to pull off this massive event. More importantly, you'll hear about the heart behind what made this Passion Conference special, and how you can take that to your team.
Jan 22
1 hr 14 min
#157 - Mike Reynolds? No, it's Mic Rentals!
Happy New Year! Jay and Jeff chat with Stephen Arruda, founder of Mic Rentals about some of their recent projects, and how they serve their clients. Tanner Kinney joining the conversation as well, to give insight on his approach to crowd mics for Beyoncé.
Jan 8
1 hr 11 min
#156 - Trey Smith, FOH Engineer - Thomas Rhett
Jay and Jeff sit down for a great chat with Trey Smith, FOH Engineer for Thomas Rhett. He shares his story of getting into the business, and some insights into his workflow and processes. He also talks about his journey in getting connected to the church, and how much that community means to him. Enjoy!
Dec 18, 2023
1 hr 5 min
#155 - Nick Kofahl, Summit Integrated
We're joined by Nick Kofahl, one of the owners of Summit Integrated to chat about what it means to serve people well. You'll learn a lot about how to serve both your team and your leaders well from Nick's insights. Enjoy!
Dec 4, 2023
1 hr 7 min
#154 - Hymns, Hops and Gratitude. Guest: IPS
Jay and Jeff chat about recent concerts, and the importance of gratitude as we head into Thanksgiving. Then some of the crew from IPS joins in to give you a look into what they do on the integration side of their company as they strive to serve their clients well with innovative solutions and technology.
Nov 20, 2023
51 min
#153 - Rupert Neve Designs
Jeff and Jay have a great conversation with Chris Dauray and Greg Addington from Rupert Neve Designs. We know you'll love hearing about the genius of Rupert himself, the history of the company, and all the current products Rupert Neve Designs has to offer. Whether you're a studio or broadcast engineer, or a live sound expert, there's something here for you. Enjoy!
Nov 6, 2023
1 hr 12 min
#152 - Robby Kurtz, 4Wall Entertainment
We're back, after a post-MxU Live hiatus! You'll hear all about the event, and what the guys have been up to since then. We then get to chat with Robby Kurtz, VP of Business Development for 4Wall Entertainment. He shares about his history in the church and in the industry. If you need help with a new design, some rental gear, or your Christmas programming, reach out to him at or 615.524.1577. Enjoy!
Oct 23, 2023
1 hr 12 min
#151 - Phil Gauthier, Sardius Media
We are joined by Phil Gauthier from Sardius Media to learn about their solutions to help churches with all their video content needs. From live streaming weekend gatherings to hosting other content, their platform can provide a customized media home base to engage your audience in more compelling ways. Check them out at
Sep 6, 2023
1 hr 3 min
#150 - Caleb Loeppky
The guys are joined by Caleb Loeppky from Amplio Systems to catch up on plans for the Worship Classic golf tournament, and what new things they're doing as a company. There's also a great conversation around a great book that Caleb recommends called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry,  by John Mark Comer. It's an important message for all of us.
Aug 29, 2023
53 min
#149 - Toby Walters, ChurchGear
Jeff and Jay sit down with Toby Walters from ChurchGear to catch up on summer happenings. Toby also has some great advice for churches on how to steward the gear you have and have healthy processes around upgrades and new projects.
Aug 21, 2023
50 min
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