The Mr. Bill Podcast
The Mr. Bill Podcast
Bill Day
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Listen to this awesome podcast and go buy all of Bills cool chunes,samples,persets(.vital) and go see I’m live if that ever happens again, Watch his Twitch and give him some props! This podcast is an absolute must if you love music. If you say you love music and you don’t like this podcast you lie!!!
one of my favorites
Best producer podcast, and they also get into more general talks about life and music making and free will and what not, highly recommend
Mr. Bill is the man
Always satisfied with this podcast! Love the variety of conversation that happens. Would love to hear a discussion about whether or not you consider yourself a “musician” or not. I also produce electronic music and have a hard time labeling what I do. I have a lot of friends who are traditionally trained musicians who have some interesting thoughts on production and the status of what a “musician” is. Thanks for everything you do Bill! Dan
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I don’t ask my dentist for legal advice. I don’t see why I should listen to producers aimlessly ramble on non-production topics.
Great conversation and expert advice
I learn something new every episode and Mr. Bill has some really entertaining guests. Thanks for the show!
The fever, the focus.
Do itttttt
Love this podcast!! You’re the man Mr. Bill!
Violet honeywater
Cuss Yea
Mr. Bill and his podcast are the best. Great guests, topics, and conversation. Thanks Bill and team!
Great Podcast!
I never really listened to podcasts until this came out, but have been closely keeping up since day 1, and it’s a really great way to learn more about artists in the scene and pass the time on your commute to work!
Nick Z 2
Loving this podcast as of recent! Guests are always great but commentary and insight from Mr. Bill is just as valuable and interesting. I’d love to hear more guests in the IT/coding industry (i.e the Yahn Zhu and Donald Guy episodes) as being an electronic musician with a budding interest in that field. Favorite episodes/guests include: Andrew Huang, Mat Zo, Subtronics, Squnto, Donald Guy, Au5, Yahn Zhu with Bryant Zadegan, ill.Gates, Vorso and Clockvice to name a few.
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Harrison Lace
The Other Side of the Scene
I love that we have someone giving us some insight into many of the things we don’t get to experience in the electronic scene firsthand. The stories you hear from the guests and Mr. Bill himself are always entertaining. Any producer or aspiring one can find some inspiration through listening to this. Can’t wait to see how much more traction the show gains!
Truly awesome podcast
Dude, this podcast is so great! The conversations are frank and interesting, but my favorite part is always these throw away references in passing to other artists that I’ve never heard of. If you’re a producer and you’re looking for inspiration, those moments are worth it on their own!
Excellent Podcast
Great for music producers but also touches on all aspects of life/existence, internal/external. A podcast I always look forward to and haven’t missed a single one yet. Part of what makes it so great is the casual approach, laid back vibe, mild tangents (on very interesting things) yet Bill is able to bring it back in before it gets too far out. Very cognisent of the amount of time spent with the guests and the listeners. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a music producer!
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His Name is Erk
This podcast saved my marriage!
Bill, you’ve given my wife and I such give advice on how to fix our fragile relationship. Our sex life has improved immensely too, thanks to your list of top 10 bedroom tips you did in that one episode! We owe it to you!
Great podcast for electronic music! Mr. Bill is a smart host that’s open and honest. The episodes can range from being technical or funny but each one you will walk away with something new. Whether your a dj, producer, fan, or in the music business you’ll enjoy.
Thank you!!
Thanks Mr. Bill, I really enjoy the podcast. xoxo
So much knowledge!
I love this podcast. Always gives me some good knowledge in a super entertaining form. My only gripe is I wish they were longer! Please Bill make these podcasts longer!!!
What I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been searching for a good podcast that would interview/chat with other producers and give insights to the what it’s like to be a producer and performer. He’s had a lot of artist I really like on as well. It’s nice to get a quick glimpse of what life is like for them. Not to be missed.
Mr. Bill is the man!
I love this podcast - Mr. Bill is a great podcast host. He is super smart but also down to earth and isn’t pushing any hype. Lastly, I find I am creatively inspired after listening to the Mr. Bill Podcast.
Silas Pine
love it
Lots of amazing insight on music production and experience in the industry. Excellent conversations between intelligent, interesting, and humble people. Also really enjoy listening to Mr Bill’s accent and sense of humor. Very entertaining and educating overall. Thanks for the content and inspiration! Looking forward to future guests. Would love to see Mad Zach , Slynk, and The Widdler as guests
the balloon knot whisperer
Probably the most genuine show around for anyone interested in electronic music
Producer and Ableton artisan Mr. Bill takes an informal approach to the music podcast world and uses candid discussions to provide some amazing insight and all around enjoyable content on production techniques, the music scene, and anything else your heart may desire and communicate through his Discord
Very cool
Big Fan
I’m a big fan of Mr Bill and all his music. It’s great to hear him interview artists and music industry people. I love that he doesn’t take himself very seriously. Give him a listen.
Mr Bill never disappoints
The contents of this podcast strongly resonate with anyone seeking to understand a deeper meaning in what it is to be an electronic musician in our current generation. Mr Bill has been providing valuable content in these years and this podcast is an extension of similar lessons and in depth conversations that nurture the meaning behind the music.
Insiders point of view on the west coast Bass scene
This is such an eye opener into what a producer’s life is like. Mr. Bill and his friends/guests get into deep conversations about the gGlitch, IDM, Bass, Riddim, Dubstep and other electronic music subgenres, talking about how they come up with their stuff, what tools they use, who they’ve collabed with and how other producers in the industry do their thing, what they think about touring, shows, festivals, famous people insane mansions, and crazy stories about burning and more. Mr. Bill doesn’t talk at his shows. So if you’re like me and don’t care about learning Ableton on his youtube videos but still want to hear his voice, this is the place.
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Good on ya Mr. Bill
If you’re a serious IDM DJ/explorer, electronic music fan or just love Mr. Bill’s music, listen to this podcast.
Love this podcast
Mr Bill is a toolbox of information. Great conversation, incredibly insightful and he and his guests never take themselves too seriously. I’m really enjoying the variety of guests and even enjoy when his topics branch away from music. Patiently waiting for the Tipper episode...
Ya boy ice flow
Love this podcast
This podcast is incredible. Anyone into electronic music, and especially those who are artists, would greatly benefit from listening to these episodes. So much rich and honest industry conversation, as well as music tips and tricks. And if you aren’t into electronic music, there is a lot of interesting conversation in general - covering topics like new technology, conspiracy theories, computer coding & hacking, trending controversial topics, etc. I have been shown a lot of perspectives on topics that I wouldn’t normally have entertained from this podcast. And I love how honest, direct and to-the-point Bill is during the podcasts. He doesn’t shy away from difficult/controversial questions or sugar coat answers. Looking forward to continuing listening!
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Jay Kell
Highly recommended
A great podcast that covers a lot of bases and is consistently engaging.
If you love podcast you'll love this
Great podcast, even if you're not balls deep into producing music yourself. Mr Bill is hilarious and insightfull, he has interesting guest and the podcast is well edited!!
Elly Roos
You’re great
Mr Bill is a very authentic nice person. He’s so smart and his guests are always interesting and entertaining. Give it a listen
Mr. Bill is the Joe Rogan of EDM
This podcast is awesome. As an I.T major, would definitely love hear more tech related content.
Best podcast on the interwebs
Hard hitting opinions, incredible guests, well edited but not premeditated. I love Mr. Bill and everything he does-this was the podcast I was yearning for all year.
Favorite podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast. It’s great listening to artists I love just chilling and talking about whatever & not necessarily music. Conversations are consistently engaging & interesting
Awesome podcast
Anyone that’s into bass music or sound design needs to listen to this podcast right now!!
Tyler Pixels
Mr. Bill is a legend and a genius. This podcast is perfect for anyone who loves electronic music, good conversation and some laughs.
tyler Pixels
The pod I’ve been waiting for
Whether you’re into electronic music production or just a fan, this podcast will satisfy your need for information and perspectives from interesting producers who know the business.
Diddly Bub McGee
Mr bill ruuuuulez
Bills sultry voice is just as nice to listen to as his music, maybe more so
Best Electronic Music Podcast
Mr bill is such a straightforward dude listening to him talk to musicians is full of useful inspiration.
Not behhhhd
Two seconds in, not behhhd good soize
Instant favorite
I’ve been listening to so many shows with people hosting that I’m very unfamiliar with. To have somebody with the expertise of mr bill just talking to other influential people from our scene make it more insightful
Being waiting for something like this in this scene! Awesome content
I'm doing it 💯💯💯
Yayyy🎉1. I luv u guys 2. I'm happy to have found you...I breathe dubstep. I didn't know your language tho...👀🙌🌹🌹 🌈 yet ✨ 3. Uhh it used to be harder I think to leave a review which is why I think few did....however bōyz... Hi I'm kōlee,I'm new here and happy to meet you 🙏🌈🤟🌹⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥 let's see what we create together,at any rate thank you for your Being 🌸 xoxō kolee
The Joe Rogan Podcast of Music Production Podcasts!
This long-form series dives deep and provides a narrative that sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination. It is a must-listen if you’re a fan of music, art, and life in general: not just for bass music fans!
The Mr. Bill of Podcasts
This podcast is literally the Mr. Bill of podcasts. 5 Stars.
Excellent podcast, even better entertainment
This podcast has been insightful, giving me the inspiration and insights to, life as a musician. Hearing some of the things said only further allows me to enjoy, the Mr.Bill experience! Keep up the great work!!
Guru speak
Mr. Bill is a teacher of teachers and his connections in the music industry are vast. Loving these interviews.
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