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I love this show
One of the best ever. Listen to it almost everyday
One of the best
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and this is hands-down one of the best. There’s lots of mediocre stuff out there but, this isn’t one of them.
Love / Hate
Love the podcast. Hate, hate, hate the trumpet trill in the theme music.
Waste of time
Leftist garbage
Great podcast
This podcast has been such a joy, I’ve recommended it to all my loved ones and went on the website to buy a hoodie. The stories are wonderful!
The Perfect Podcast for Non-podcasters
The Moth is my go-to podcast and it has captivated me like no other podcast has been able to. I particularly enjoy the storytelling in the radio hour. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
Garni R.
Great show ruined by one sided topics
Why am I not surprised?
Which one has Bruce Springsteen?????
Um idk I REALLY like that one it was Hilarious
kitkats lover
Great Stories!
Loved Pizza,PolarBears,& Rock Stars...laughing out loud about the lady in her underwear🤣
Omg amazing I love it
elizabeths son
Great listening
I think that this is a good podcast Could u pls ask Tim to do more? He is so funny!!!
Still gathering?
I do enjoy the stories and variety of Moth Radio. However, I can’t help but wonder, why are there still in person events during a pandemic? There is an audience and it states they are in a theater. Makes no sense.
Science geek mom
I adore “The Moth!” Snippets and stories about people’s lives. It’s like a little magic box that you never know what is inside. Their most recent episode included a story told by Duff McKagen, of Guns & Roses, that made me absolutely WEEP. At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I was so utterly impressed that a rock-star, someone who doesn’t rely entirely on nuance to make such a healthy living, could articulate such a difficult, and then ultimately beautiful story.
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Best Podcast I have ever heard
I enjoy every episode and long for more !
In love
What a wonderful podcast full of love and panic and laughs. Listening makes me feel like I’m sitting in front of a fire with a cup of apple cider. This is where I belong; listening to these amazing story tellers.
Dayna Rae
Love the moth!!!
Truly when life gives you lemons, you make lemonCake, lemon chicken, Arnold Palmer ice tea, and lemon Popsicles. The Moth is truly inspirational and brightens my day often.I'm so glad I finally switched from flipphone to smart phone!
jook sing
5 stars
Bhjohn383 just shut up. You now have a lot of people who want to punch you in the face. Anyway this is a great podcast and I always am waiting for the next episode
Late night and beyond
The Moth would be one the radio in the middle of the night when I was getting off work. So glad I can listen anytime on the podcast.
I adore this podcast. Storytelling is an ancient and sacred art. Just a beautiful podcast! And I look forward to sharing when doors open again!
More humorous stories
During the stress and anxiety of 2020, I long to hear more of the humorous and goodness of humanity stories. Loving the latest humor episode! Much needed. More please!
Talk too fast
This is no longer enjoyable. Talk is just too fast
Easy listening
I never get sick of this. The stories are so varied, and they’re the perfect length for a short car ride.
Why talk SO fast?!
It’s really distracting and grating on my nerves. I’m a big fan of Moth Radio broadcasts but,really don’t like this “speed talk” presentation. Thank you*
so good
I’ve long loved this show and IMHO there’s nothing else out there that compares. There’s been many spin offs some better than others but The Moth is the place to hear real people telling real stories about their actual lives and experiences. Excellently curated, endlessly entertaining, love it!
Incredible stories!
Celina Ferrer
A celebration of America's weakest minds
This was a good idea until it was coopted by social justice morons who turned it into a festival enabling weakness and the prolonged adolescence of adults whose self-indulgent cries for attention were mistaken for entertaining stories. Pathetic and annoying. Forget it.
Good story telling
Excellent speakers extremely talented at story telling.
Wonderful stories that make you laugh and cry
I stumbled upon this podcast about a year ago. It is so wonderful to hear all of them amazing stories that people share, I love it! All of the hosts are great, and the stories can be truly inspiring. I have laughed out loud, I have cried out loud, it’s wonderful that you provide this podcast. Thank you for doing what you do. Stay safe and be well.
Courtney from Cali
Love this podcast
A friend turned me on to this show and I’m so glad. Love the stories, the topics, the hosts. I laugh. I cry. I engage. Almost too god to fill my time on long drives. If there is an Emmy/Oscar for podcasts, the Moth gets my vote.
Digital Sailor
So great
If I could give it 💯 stars, I would. It really helps me calm down when I’m sad. I even like the ads
Surf Point
The Art of Storytelling Lives On
Every episode offers some truly ovation worthy story from mostly ‘average’ from a name recognition perspective but all with stories deserving of attention. I hope they never run out of material to share. This has been a highlight during my Times of COVID.
Can I give it more than 5 stars?
One of the best
Love the stories. Mostly awesome. I wish traditional values could be a little more represented too.
There’s just something special about this show.
Love the Moth and the theme song
The riveting authenticity of these personal stories is completely addictive. I love the Moth!!!!
karen sherwood l
Puts fake episodes in your feed
Stop the terrible practice of filling my podcast with episodes from other podcasts.
All time favorite
If I could give The Moth a 10 star rating, I would. Of the many podcasts I listen to, The Moth is always my go-to for the kind of stories that make it OK (and sometimes even glad) to be human.
All but the music
I love love love The Moth. But the theme music is jarring to my ears! It’s just raucous noise to me. I have to be near the radio to turn the volume waaayyy down until the stories start!
This podcast!!
Hands down my favorite podcast!!
A true front row seat!
No matter the content I find myself thinking about these peoples lives over and over.
Love it
The best one of my favorite . It’s so sad what happens to that man, but when I came to USA I thought this is the best country in the world, where everyone treats equally, because we all immigrants here, boy ! Was I wrong
Draws you in, really!
Mine was the story of lost at sea😪. Well told. Compelling.
Wonderful Stories about Humanity
All of The Moth Stories take you on a trip into the lives of other humans which is the best way to learn empathy. I wish I could figure out how to transfer the oldest stories available on your website to my podcast playlist on my iphone. Under stories available there are only those from 2020. Thanks.
Best liliput
On my top 3 podcasts!!!
Thank you! 🤗
Fascinating stories!
The story of the first successful hand transplant made me loose my mind.
Longtime Favorite
This has been one of my favorite podcasts for years and one of the only ones to remain an immediate listen all these years later. The Moth has made me cry dozens of times at work.
Very human
I laugh, cry, and learn from hearing these very human stories. It’s an amazing podcast and if you ever get a chance to go to a live one, I highly suggest it!
Uplifting, heart-wrenching, human.
The stories told in this program expand your perception of the breadth of human experience. They latch onto your empathy and bring you into the best and worst moments in your fellow human’s lives; they hold on to otherwise fleeting moments of realization and make them available for understanding. It’s an amazing show that will make you cry, but will also make you feel connected to every other person on this planet. A must-listen, every week.
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