The Mood Board Interview Series
The Mood Board Interview Series
Angela Belt
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Conversations with tastemakers about the intersection of race, culture, and interior design. Support this podcast:
Emilie Munroe, Principal Designer of Studio Munroe
In my interview with Luxury interior designer Emilie Munroe, we discuss the renovation process of restoring a 100-year-old building in San Francisco and she shares her journey into interior design. Emilie’s approach to design is all about creating fresh interiors that focus on collaboration, integrity, and custom detailing. A new episode airs every Monday. Please subscribe and share with your friends and family. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 18, 2023
29 min
Raina Kattelson, Prop & Interior Stylist
As we continue to inch closer and closer to the New Year, I wanted to share my interview with Prop & Interior Stylist Raina Kattelson. She has had her work featured in multiple fashion and interior design publications like Martha Stewart Living, Prada, Fenty, and Better Homes & Gardens just to list a few. She specializes in art direction, photo styling, set design, and interior design. In our conversation, we discuss why it’s so important to say “yes” to a new opportunity because you never know where it will take you. A new episode airs every Monday this fall. Please subscribe and share with your friends and family. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 11, 2023
23 min
Beth Diana Smith, Interior Design Studio
New Jersey-based interior designer Beth Diana Smith’s signature style is modern and eclectic with luxurious finishes and custom furnishings. In this episode, we dig into how Beth took a leap of faith left her job in finance, and followed her passion to become an interior designer.  Shop the conversation at --- Support this podcast:
Nov 27, 2023
22 min
Natalie Papier, Co-Star of Magnolia Network's Artfully Designed
Artist and Interior designer Natalie Papier’s show Artfully Designed just aired season two a few weeks ago on Max. I thought this was the perfect time to get to know Natalie a little bit better so you can binge-watch a few episodes with friends and family during the Thanksgiving break. In this episode, we dig into Natalie’s career path from artist turned interior designer and her new lighting collection with Mitzi. Also, my One Room Challenge Swiftie Inspired tween room makeover is complete, check out the full reveal here. Shop the convo at --- Support this podcast:
Nov 20, 2023
21 min
Hema Persad, CEO & Principal Designer of Sagrada Studio
Completely self-taught, Hema's interior design career began in 2021 when one of her styling clients asked for help decorating their home. Because of her eye for design and ability to execute her creative vision, that first project snowballed into several more. Sagrada Studio now designs residential and commercial spaces around the country. We discussed on the show this week when you know it's time to switch career paths and jump into something new. Check out the shoppable mood board at --- Support this podcast:
Nov 13, 2023
28 min
Fernando Duque, Co-Founder of Duke Renders
The interior design industry is moving towards photorealistic imagery that puts age-old processes like AutoCAD and SketchUp to shame. This week, I discuss with Fernando Duque why hiring a business like Duke Renders is a game-changer for your interior design business. To try out Duke Render’s services use this link and save 25% on your first design. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 6, 2023
31 min
Ati Williams, Netflix TV Host & General Contractor
Ati Williams is a part of the innovative design team with Mikel Welch, Jessica Banks, and Brooks Atwood of the Netflix show Hack My Home. As the general contractor, she focuses on out-of-the-box ideas to maximize people’s homes in unexpected ways. She owns Honeycomb Residential, which focuses on investment properties, construction, and real estate development. Check out the shoppable mood board at --- Support this podcast:
Oct 30, 2023
29 min
Gail Davis, Luxury Interior Designer of Gail Davis Designs
To kick off my fall season of The Mood Board podcast, I interviewed interior designer Gail Davis and podcast host of Design Perspectives. Gail has a wealth of knowledge in the interior design industry and, like myself, focuses on spotlighting designers of color on her show. She also recently renovated her kitchen, featured in House Beautiful magazine, and it stirred up a debate in the design industry. Does every kitchen have to have an island, and should we always design with resale value in mind? --- Support this podcast:
Oct 23, 2023
21 min
Hadiya Williams, Decorative Artist & Surface Designer
I interviewed decorative artist and surface designer Hadiya Williams this week on the show. She is the founder and creative director of Black Pepper Paperie Co.® , a studio built out of a passion for creating and sharing with others. Hadiya and I dig into how she got started in graphic design and expanded her interests into home decor over the years. Check out the shoppable mood board at ⁠⁠ to get some pieces from Hadiya, share, and subscribe. --- Support this podcast:
Jul 18, 2023
26 min
David Land, Photographer and Director
So this week, I brought on the show photographer and director, David Land, who has mastered the art of photographing interiors in the industry. I have had the pleasure of working with David Land on multiple projects, including my double feature in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. David and I discuss the changing landscape of photography due to social media and everyone having a camera on their phones. Check out the shoppable mood board at and share and subscribe. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 6, 2023
18 min
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