The Moment with Brian Koppelman
The Moment with Brian Koppelman
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Big Fan
Always loved the show and his style. Really loved the Tarantino episode as you talked if walking out if the only movie we ever walked out if too NBK! And then went to one of the best movies of all time with Pulp Fiction. Up til then I thought we were the only ones feeling like that !!! Brought me back to the 90’s ! Keep it up!
Orbital Groove Chad
Great pod!
Just started listening but big fan already. Was/am a huge fan of Billions but didn't know Brian had a podcast until recently. The diversity of guests is great, loved the dominique wilkins episode - keep 'em coming. Also looking forward to watching SuperPumped on Showtime soon. Brian, if you need an Uber driver expert, hit me up! I'm quoted in Mike's book and the only guy to have driven for Uber and also interviewed their CEO (twice!)
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Harry Campbell
That Adele Conversation
Dude. The worst.
Guy Gallo
Used to enjoy this pod. Now I can’t even get through an entire episode.
So happy you went along with Michael Bamberger. I could listen to you two discuss race and golf and Augusta and all of the nuances in-between for another hour.
Thank you
I didn’t really know Brian until the podcast. Rounders is one of my favorite movies. I saw a few seasons of Billions and loved that too. My favorite episode is the one with Julia Cameron. Someone gave me that book in1994, and it’s been sitting on my shelf. After learning about the morning pages, I started doing that, and I can’t believe the impact. I’ve always resisted throwing myself into writing. This practice is starting to open up some neural pathways that I didn’t know were there. I love how Brian drills down into the habits and creative practices of his guests. I am going back and listening to every podcast. Great diversity and a magnificent collection of intellect brought together by a truly unique human being ( maybe Brian is an alien- just sayin’). Thank you sir!!
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The Sarah Kay episode
OMG I only listened to the Sarah Kay episode because I am a poet and have listened to all of Sarah’s poems and I have her books I love her as a poet and she is my girl in the black hood who inspires me as a young poet of fourteen years old.
Nice podcast. Learned a lot
Inspiration meets knowledge and entertainment
I don't always write reviews, but when I do, they are for shows (and hosts) who make a difference. Brian's ability to unlock the Moments that are meaningful in ones life and share them with the audience are of great value.
Start from the beginning
I heard Brian Koppelman on Tim Ferris and told my wife I found my spirit animal. I have listened to 20+ episodes, usually when I’m running, and constantly have to stop and take notes. I’ve even had to pause episodes to listen to later because they were so interesting I didn’t want to be distracted. Really good interviews and great thoughtful questions.
Started out great...
Really enjoyed the show for a couple years and then Brian seemed to have wandered away from the original point and made it largely about his cry-baby leftism. Fed up with getting hit over the head with it and him never citing an actual example of what it is he rails on and on about. I am grateful he introduced me to Jason Isbell whose music I really appreciate.
I’d never heard of Brian prior to stumbling onto his podcast. What drew me in was a list of guests beyond the usual podcasting suspects - Doug Ellin, Richard Marx (he’s still alive!), Adam Duritz, Eddie Burns, etc. Those are great guests. Lord knows we’ve all had enough of Jocko and Ferris. My only criticism is this. Brian often talks over his guests usually while trying to prove how much he knows about something. On many episodes, He also likes to remind listeners that he wrote Rounders. All in all a solid podcast.
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ZZZ Bears
Fan for years
Jay crying created a beautiful waterfall of some really funny but Ari Shaffir related terrible things
Great advice, Fascinating Guests, Entertaining Conversation
As a musician and aspiring songwriter, The Moment has given me an incredible amount of useful advice about how to pursue creative endeavors with passion and rigor. Brian Koppelman brings his vast knowledge, thoughtful perspective and contagious enthusiasm to every conversation. I've heard his guests do interviews with other hosts but this show in particular always seems to engage them and light them up in a powerful way.
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Brian’s stories > Guest’s stories 🤦‍♂️
Interesting podcast but Brian talks over his guests, often as their making a point or delivering a punchline.
The Moment Brian's Ego Intervened
Did you know that Brian wrote Rounders, worked with Steven Soderbergh, and that Solitary Man helped get his career back on track? If not, don't worry, he'll remind you of these facts in almost every episode. And if he's not doing that, then he's probably interrupting his guest to bring the focus of the conversation back to himself. Brian, you are INSUFFERABLE. Your need to be called an "ARTIST" is incredibly transparent and you are doing a disservice to your "guests" by bringing them into your egotistical neurosis that you call a podcast. Real artists let their guests talk and ask about them, they don't use the conversation as a basis for name dropping. You did go to dinner with Bruce Springsteen and Edward Norton right?
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Mr. British Petroleum
A Podcast for Thinkers & Open Minds
I’ve become obsessed with culling this podcast. What I enjoy most is the amount of insight shared by guests. There’s a lot of uncomfortable disclosure. What I mean by that is that people seem to “go there” with Brian Koppelman. Sharing insight or experience they may not otherwise share. That said, I don’t always like the guests - which to me is the whole point. Learning doesn’t always come from the people or experiences you enjoy. It’s a really great podcast for people like me who are pursuing a creative life or simply enjoy being around the creative process. As of this writing, my favorite eps are these (I have yet to finish listening to the entire catalog): Christopher McQuarrie Seth Godin Robbie Robertson Gary Gulman Dan Soder Learning a lot from these folks.
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More leftist elitism
Seriously, does anyone need more of this type of ignorant snot in their lives? Ask yourself if you need to be scolded and laughed at about your ‘hillbilly family values’ anymore than you already are by every contemptible media outlet on the planet. Answer: NO!
For Creative People of All Types
Artists need guides and to fill the cup of encouragement at times. This podcast is currently a source of that for me.
Truly everything wrong with old white guys podcasting
This podcast has somehow remained in my feed because there's an occasional interesting guest (Steve Earle, Steve Van Zandt, Cal Newport), but honestly: Koppelman is the worst. A so-called liberal whose politics are so dull and predictable that perhaps 5% of his guests are POC or non-white, cis-gendered males. The dude is desperate to demonstrate his knowledge of ANYTHING that most of his podcast episodes are simply him talking over guests, attempting to prove his worth; if he wasn't so darn unlikable it would be sad. He literally sounds like he's hyperventilating sometimes when he's trying to cut into a guest's answer. Check out his Twitter feed, it's more of the same. Grand proclamation about such-and-such singer being underrated or overrated or this actor giving the most brilliant performance EVER. (Then the dude throws a huge hissy fit when his mediocre Showtime - remember Showtime? - show doesn't get nominated for an Emmy.) The podcast adds nothing and liklier than not, if someone you love is doing this podcast they're just hitting the promo circuit and it would probably be a better use of your time to find them on a different show. That is, of course, unless you enjoy listening to dull white dudes who love hearing themselves drone on pretend they're not dull white dudes who love hearing themselves drone on.
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A Must Listen
Brian, excellent podcast. You are part of my “must” lineup of podcast listening. You ask the questions I would ask. You dig into great success thoughts with your guests. Thank you!
Loved the Toad the Wet Sprocket episode so much. I'm one of those who's been a fan since the begining. A question, though: Where was Randy and why was he not mentioned?
Perry Menopause
Outstanding gift to the listeners
Thanks for your generosity Brian. Your podcasts are excellent work and art!
VEL Institute
Less name dropping!
Brian name drops a little too frequently, but still a good show
Becky Lynch
As a longtime fan of Becky’s, this was PERFECTION! Hope to see a part 2 someday.
I enjoy the vast array of guests and learning about them.
Let your guests speak
Holy moly, Brian Koppelman! This show has so much to offer ... but please! Let your guests speak! The Steve Earle interview was mostly a garbled mess of you shouting over his answers until (every time) he gave up and you had your say. I’m guessing this is borne of your enthusiasm and desire to connect, but it makes for unpleasant listening. Please. Let your guests speak. And listen to them — so we can, too.
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Kit Hill
One of the best long-form interview podcasts
Brian Koppelman is a TV writer and screenwriter who broke in with "ROUNDERS," and has had a long career filled with ups and downs. He's also very thoughtful about creativity. On "The Moment," he interviews a lot of different people--actors, writers, musicians (Koppelman's also a former A and R guy), chefs, and others--to talk to them about crucial moments in their life's journeys when their backs were against the wall, or when they just had to decide to "do the thing." Highly recommended.
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Deeply satisfying but avoid the fruit
Thoughtfully and deeply addicting. Have loved the discussions except for the fruit given to Maggie early on. So painful and distracting to listen to her eat between breaths. Slurp, chew, gag aaand that’s enough of that for me. Looking forward to exploring more discussions around the table with no food. 🤗
~ kristen
This podcast is a must for anyone who is interested in people and why they make decisions. Brian is a phenomenal interviewer and pulls things out of people that most can't. There is a pretty wide variance in industries/topics that are covered so find someone in the feed you might be interested in and give it a try.
Interviewer interrupts too much
I feel like this podcast has great potential. But I find the interviewer interrupts the guest often and talks too much in general. He needs to practice listening more. We want to hear the guest, not the interviewer.
Really helpful
Really helpful for me as a source of encouragement and wisdom in my own creative pursuits.
Love the podcast, but...
This is a great Podcast overall. But, there are a couple of easy fixes that should be considered. Let the guest speak more. Example, the first half of the Nick McDonnell podcast was mind-numbingly boring. But, once you got to Nick talking about his experiences, it was fantastic. One other issue, I almost fell out of my chair when Nick asked you if you ever had guests with opposing political perspectives and you said “yes”. I must have missed all of those podcasts. Great show, great guests, just let them speak more. Thanks for doing what you do.
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Thank you Brian!
I listen to every episode. This is real talk, with real people, coming from a real place. Keep it going. Again, thank you.
Josh Groban Interview
Interviewer talks way too much. It’s about Josh.
So wise as insightful. I learn something new and valuable every week!
Brian is truly gifted snd chides such thoughtful guests. Thank you Brian!!!
I learned about this podcast from Rush on Instagram and I am a life long Rush fan just like you. The interview with Geddy was fantastic. Plus, so enjoy Billions. Thanks for making a really interesting podcast everyone should listen to.
Louis Lessig
If you’re a filmmaker, actor, director or writer—this is a MUST LISTEN!
I’m a huge fan of this show. I found out about Brian through Tim Ferris’s show. And I always wanted more guests involved in Film and TV and this show is it. What I love about the show is how detailed and how relentless Brian can be when asking his questions. He won’t let down and I feel like he has my back. I also appreciate and respect this show because Brian is an authority on the subjects. It doesn’t feel like a question and answer interview style. It’s more like you’re getting an insider conversation on the creatives working in the entertainment industry. I find these interviews very inspiring as a rising filmmaker and I hope to one day be a guest on this show. Thank you Brian!
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Venk Potula
Art Director
Love this show. Maggie Haberman was great. However, DO NOT let people eat on mic. It's super distracting.
Maggie Haberman
Interesting as the discussion might be, listening to her eating while talking is just nauseating & distracting & frankly rude.
A must listen for aspiring creatives
I find myself inspired and surprised every episode. Thanks Brian, for leading the way to my creative revival. I look forward to being a guest of yours in the future!
A+ conversation
Love this podcast great conversations and insight, flows really comfortable!!
All Work More Pay
Has become on of my faves
Thank you BK. Started with Aimee Mann... quickly got addicted to new episodes.. including my latest listen: Seth Godin & BK discussing anger and more... really resonated with me. Great deep dive energized conversation!
Brian is unpatriotic, bitter, and a moron. His constant denigration of our President is not entertaining or helps the country. I’m glad he has to continually hear in every headline of President Trumps success, in world matters and the economy. I don’t and won’t subscribe to someone that leads a charge against our country. Brain, Donald Trump is the President and one of the strongest leaders we have seen. Enjoy!
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Intelligent discussions
I just binged 3 seasons of Billions in 2 weeks so no question I’m a fan of Brian’s work. He does a fantastic job of interviewing. His interview with Adam Carola should have been 3 hours instead of 50 minutes.
Jeff from the SF Bay Area
Great Interviews
Stumbled across this podcast. Glad I did. Enjoy the insightful, interesting and engaging conversations.
Tom Haupt
How creative people think!
Brian dives deep into how his guests - writers, directors, producers, musicians, entrepreneurs- think about how they pursued their dreams and self-reflect. You feel like you are sitting in his studio listening to ordinary people open up about their lives from an early age to the present. His knowledge of every topic and desire to continue to learn makes this absolutely the most Intriguing podcast out there. This podcast has encouraged me to change my life substantially as I learned how to give myself permission to pursue a creative life - to write and produce content content consistently - and to keep going! Brian opens up as well - as an artist, loving and supportive dad and husband. I listen to it daily and highly recommended it to anyone who wants to pursue or is going after their dreams! You made a substantial difference in my life - thank you Brian! Cary
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cary munk
Better than Most
Such an insightful podcast. Thanks for a great show
Fan of Brian!
Interview podcasts can be really tedious but Brian manages to deftly add just enough personal anecdote to draw out the subject's own stories and opinions, without venturing into self-absorbed territory. He is the wise, articulate and enthusiastic interviewer you want to be teasing out the best content from his fascinating guests, much to the listeners' benefit.
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