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The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast
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A Michael Jackson Podcast
164: Back in the Saddle
Jamon Bull and Charles Thomson&nbsp;kick off Season 10 of The MJCast with a big round-up of news in the world of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. They discuss loads of updates around the MJ biopic, the “Estate vs Katherine Jackson” case, the Robson and Safechuck trials, Sony’s acquisition of a stake in Michael Jackson’s music catalogue, new recordings of interviews with the King of Pop, unreleased music being auctioned off, and more. Plus, the guys discuss their thoughts on two new documentaries: “The Greatest Night in Pop”, about the recording of “We Are the World”, and “The Three Michaels”, which follows a group of young MJ impersonators chasing their dreams.Welcome to Season 10 of The MJCast!This episode was edited by&nbsp;Jamon Bull and Charlie Carter.Discussion Topics•&nbsp;New pics of Michael on the “Remember the Time” set have been&nbsp;released.•&nbsp;New recordings of Michael being interviewed for his autobiography have been&nbsp;released.•&nbsp;Unreleased Michael Jackson song “Seven Digits” is being&nbsp;auctioned&nbsp;after a range of other songs were also&nbsp;auctioned&nbsp;late last year.•&nbsp;Sony Music&nbsp;buys&nbsp;stake in Michael Jackson’s music catalogue.•&nbsp;More details have been&nbsp;<a href="https://www.mjvibe.
Feb 24
2 hr 33 min
163: Season Nine Christmas Special
Taj Jackson joins Jamon Bull, Elise Capron, Charlie Carter, and Charles Thomson to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s ninth annual Christmas special!The crew discusses the year that was, including the final version of the Thriller40 documentary; Marcos Cabota’s problems with finding a distributor for his own Thriller documentary, Sonic Fantasy; a major auction of Dick Zimmerman’s Thriller album cover test Polaroids and camera; and drama around a digital release of The Jackson 5’s first-ever recording. Plus, the team covers updates on MJ: The Musical, the Robson and Safechuck court cases, the MJ biopic, and Taj shares the latest developments on his docuseries project, as well as insights into the happenings within both the Jackson family and fan community circles.Special thanks to Taj Jackson for being a part of our annual Christmas Special for many years. It’s an honor to have this tradition with you.And, huge thanks to all of our listeners and MJFam around the world. We could not do this without you. Wishing you a happy 2024 to come!This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.Participants• Taj Jackson (Donate to Taj’s docuseries, Re-Righting HIStory, and subscribe to updates here.)• Jamon Bull• Elise Capron• Charlie Carter• Charles ThomsonDiscussion Topics• Thriller 40 documentary has been <a href="https://www.mjvibe.
Dec 24, 2023
2 hr 12 min
162: Bob Jenkis Special
Bob Jenkis, award-winning filmmaker and editor, joins Jamon Bull and Paul Black for an in-depth interview about his career and his work with Michael Jackson.Jenkis is an icon in the world of music videos, film and advertising, and is known for shaping the look of modern film editing. Working in the industry since before the dawn of MTV, he has edited clips and cut music videos for an incredibly wide range of music legends, including Janet Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, James Brown, and many, many more. He has also been deeply involved in the production of large-scale network television specials and concerts.His long-running relationship with Michael Jackson began in the early 1990s, when he made spots for the “Dangerous” album—work which was used later as the opening to Jackson’s European Tour, his “Live In Bucharest” concert film, and was included in two compilations of music videos under the title “Brace Yourself.” Jenkis also edited “Live from Bucharest”, an epic task he completed in only 10 days before it aired on HBO. He continued to work on a number of projects for the King of Pop over the years including never-before-seen versions of Ghosts and the HIStory teaser, and concluded his time working with Michael by consulting on promo spots for “This Is It” just months before Jackson’s passing in 2009.In this deep-dive chat, Jamon and Paul get the inside scoop on all of these incredible moments in Michael Jackson history, as well as rare insights into the technical elements of these massive projects. This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Additional Links• Bob Jenkis&#8217; website.Like this episode?• If you have the means, consider a donation in any amount through PayPal to help cover our costs. All proceeds go towards online running costs, upgrading equipment, and charity donations. Learn all about the various ways you can support The MJCast through visiting our <a href="http://themjcast.
Dec 12, 2023
2 hr 38 min
161: Ghosts Roundtable
Adam Green, Paul Black, and Hannah Savage join host Jamon Bull for a deep-dive discussion around Michael Jackson’s masterpiece, Ghosts. They chat about all aspects of the incredible short film (which is so often neglected by a mainstream audience), including the story, music, choreography, cinematography and editing. Plus, they explore whether Ghosts has aged well, in comparison to another iconic Jackson short film, Thriller. Finally, they dig into an assortment of other topics around this project, including the ’93 version, the making of, the boxset, and assess why Ghosts didn’t achieve the widespread acclaim of some of Jackson’s other major works.This roundtable group brings incredible insights into the history and context of the Ghosts short film through their unique perspectives as film makers and editors, and they have great stories to share, such as Paul Black’s experience of sitting just a few seating away from Jackson himself, at the 1997 Australia premiere of the film.Happy Thriller Night!This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.Participants• Adam Green (film director and host of The Movie Crypt podcast)• Paul Black (Sydney-based Film editor, and Friend of the Show)• Hannah Savage (YouTube documentarian who has made a great videos about Blood on the Dance Floor, Ghosts, and other MJ topics)• Jamon Bull, co-host of The MJCastAdditional Links• Official, full-length short film of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts.Like this episode?• If you have the means, consider a donation in any amount through PayPal to help cover our costs. All proceeds go towards online running costs, upgrading equipment, and charity donations. Learn all about the various ways you can support The MJCast through visiting our <a href="http://themjcast.
Oct 29, 2023
2 hr 22 min
160: Clearing the Runway
Taj Jackson joins Charles Thomson for a deep-dive discussion around updates in his life and work. The guys talk about developments with Taj&#8217;s docuseries on Michael Jackson, &#8220;Re-Righting History&#8221;, as well as the upcoming MJ biopic, the recent Robson/Safechuck ruling, Leaving Neverland 2, Taj&#8217;s insights regarding his interactions with fans, the exciting recent expansion of his family with the birth of his third daughter, and much more.This episode was edited by&nbsp;Charlie Carter.Additional Links•&nbsp;You can donate to Taj&#8217;s docuseries, and get updates, here. •&nbsp;Taj&#8217;s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.•&nbsp;If you have the means, consider donating through&nbsp;PayPal&nbsp;to help cover our costs. All proceeds go towards online running costs, upgrading equipment, and charity donations. Learn all about the various ways you can support The MJCast through visiting our&nbsp;website.•&nbsp;We also have an official merchandise&nbsp;shop. Support The MJCast and Michael Jackson all at the same time by buying some of our fun merch. Connect with Us•&nbsp;•&nbsp;Facebook•&nbsp;Instagram•&nbsp;Mastodon•&nbsp;Twitter•&nbsp;Threads•&nbsp;YouTubeIf you have feedback on this Michael Jackson podcast episode, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at&nbsp;t&#x68;&#x65;m&#x6a;&#x63;a&#x73;&#x74;&#64;&#105;&#x63;l&#111;&#x75...
Sep 17, 2023
2 hr 1 min
159: E Q&A
It&#8217;s been a minute since we did a Q&amp;A, MJFam! Elise Capron is usually the one asking the questions, but in this episode, she takes a turn in the hot seat, and answers a wide range of questions submitted by listeners, covering everything from her fan history and personal MJ picks, to thoughts on the biopic, Estate projects, her podcast guest wish-list, behind-the-scenes of The MJCast, and much more. Huge thanks to all of you who sent in submissions! It is a reminder of what a great fan community we have.QuestionsSimonpaulwilkie (Instagram)1) Brave! 🔥 As a long time lover of the show, I’d love to know what it was like going from listener to presenter. Any surprises in how the show is put together and what it takes to make an episode. I couldn’t think of any way to say thank you better than contributing my own time to something I adore so much. Keep it up! ❤️Xollophoto (Instagram)2) What are all the Michael Jackson-related places you’ve visited (i.e. Thriller house) and what’s your favorite?Charlie Carter (Twitter)3) What is your favourite MJ song and why is it Just Good Friends?Dane Thomson (Twitter)4) Why is the Bad era your favourite?Mumofsuperstars (Instagram)5) Have you met any of the Jackson family 🙂Etebeye (Instagram)6) Elise, which of Michael&#8217;s concert tours do you wish to go back in time for and watch live?Etebeye (Instagram)7) Which movie character, past or present, would Michael have been a good fit?Etebeye (Instagram)8) Was Michael cool or a dud in your school growing up?Sanja1980 (Instagram)9) First of all thanks for all your hard work on the show! Questions: who was your favorite special guest so far and who do you wish you could interview for the show in the future?JayKay0603 (Twitter)10) Who are some special guests you wou...
Aug 31, 2023
1 hr 28 min
158: Things Just Blow in Through the Window
John Cameron joins Jamon Bull and Charlie Thomson for a discussion on loads of recent news updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including a chat around John&#8217;s latest episode of his excellent podcast, #JCsMusicology, “Michael Jackson (1983-1988)”. The guys also talk about a range of fan-led projects, including the upcoming Kingvention, developments on Jin Chohan&#8217;s documentary, &#8220;Trial By Media&#8221; as well as a new YouTube documentary by Hannah Savage, &#8220;The Dark Side of Michael Jackson&#8217;s This Is It&#8221;, and Paul Dwyer&#8217;s podcast based on his book, &#8220;Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson&#8221;. Plus, they talk about the confirmation of the #Thriller40 documentary, a statement from Katherine Jackson, and a major update in Wade Robson&#8217;s legal case against Michael Jackson.This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.Discussion Topics• Kingvention have announced special guests for their 2023 convention. • Jin Chohan has offered an update on his upcoming documentary, “Trial By Media”.• Hannah Savage has released a teaser for her upcoming YouTube documentary, “The Dark Side of Michael Jackson’s This Is It”.• Paul Dwyer has <a href="
Jul 23, 2023
2 hr 18 min
157: Vindication Day Special with Geraldine Hughes
Geraldine Hughes first came to the world’s attention as an anonymous whistleblower. In 1994, the decorated investigative journalist Mary A Fischer published an article about the child molestation allegations levelled against Michael Jackson by Jordan Chandler and his father Evan. Fischer’s story included information attributed to a source inside the office of attorney Barry Rothman, suggesting that he and his client, Evan Chandler, had cooked up an extortion plot against Michael Jackson. The story was published in more than one major, glossy magazine and was covered by broadcast media – but the whistleblower’s identity was never revealed.In 2003, however, Geraldine decided to out herself. In 1993, as the Michael Jackson scandal unfolded, she had been working as Barry Rothman’s personal legal secretary. She had unrivalled, insider access to the nerve centre of the celebrity scandal of the century, bearing witness to many meetings and discussions which took place just metres from her desk. Geraldine had been highly disturbed by what she witnessed, and she felt the public would too – but most of the media seemed to have adopted the position that Michael Jackson was guilty and in her view, the full story had never been told. Geraldine’s conscience demanded that she tell the wider public what she knew.In 2003, as she began work on a tell-all memoir, news suddenly broke that Michael Jackson was being accused again. Her publishers fast-tracked a press release about the impending book, titled Redemption, and Geraldine found herself on a whirlwind media tour. But once again, the media overwhelmingly adopted an anti-Jackson position. While Geraldine’s book would become well-known within the Jackson fan c...
Jul 6, 2023
2 hr 17 min
156: The Case for Innocence Special
Sheryl and June Valone join Elise Capron and Charlie Carter for a discussion about the origins and behind-the-scenes stories of their podcast series, &#8220;The Case for Innocence&#8220;.Growing up as a young Michael Jackson fan, June was passionate about learning everything she could about the King of Pop and his music. But when &#8220;Leaving Neverland&#8221; was released in early 2019, her mother, Sheryl, was concerned about how to handle this information. Would she have to explain to her daughter that her icon was not the hero she thought he was? Believing in the power of due process, Sheryl chose to do her own research so that she could give her daughter the truth, whatever that might ultimately be. In the course of what became an extensive personal investigation over the course of many months, and which expanded into researching each set of allegations against Michael Jackson, Sheryl realized that the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to Jackson&#8217;s innocence. She was also shocked by how many major media outlets and well-known figures had completely disregarded or manipulated the actual facts of the allegations. With a mission to share the truth, Sheryl and June decided to create a deep-dive podcast series which covers every detail of the Chandler allegations, the Arvizo allegations, the Robson allegations, and the Safechuck allegations. They leave no stone unturned, and give a fair and balanced perspective in their approach. They have also created an impressive website which documents, in detail, their sources, and provides a wealth of additional resources for listeners.In this chat, the team talk about their original motivations for creating t...
May 7, 2023
1 hr 28 min
155: Just Me and Two Charlies
Charlie Thomson and Charlie Carter join host Jamon Bull for a round-up of all the latest news in the world of Michael Jackson, in this first regular episode of Season Nine. The guys discuss major updates happening with &#8220;MJ: The Musical&#8221; as well as the MJ biopic, new music from Paris Jackson and Tito Jackson, distressing developments around MJ&#8217;s music catalogue, a new Janet Jackson documentary, and more. Plus, they hash out their thoughts around the online abuse Taj Jackson has recently suffered.This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.Discussion Topics• “MJ: The Musical” coming to London, and looking for a new Michael Jackson. • Friend of the Show Harrison Funk has sadly suffered a stroke.• Janet Jackson is working on new documentary called “Family Time”.• Just Blaze has revealed there is an unreleased Michael Jackson and Jay-Z collaboration.• Paris Jackson has released a new song, “Bandaid”, and Tito has released a new song, called “Make Your Mind Up”.• Production for the official biopic, “Michael”, is underway, and Jaafar Jackson is set to play the role of his uncle.• Thriller Night will not take place this year, due to the <a href="https://www.mjvibe.
Apr 10, 2023
1 hr 41 min
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