The Mindset Junkie Podcast
The Mindset Junkie Podcast
Seamus Fox
The Mindset Junkie podcast has been created to share real life experiences from inspiring people in all walks of life, those who have engineered change in their own lives through a shift in thinking and beliefs. I want to share my own journey and have others share theirs so that it can help inspire others to crete the internal changes thats needed to create long lasting life changes.
Empowering Fitness Professionals. Phil Graham.
In this podcast Seamus speaks with Phil Graham a business coach to fitness professionals. Phil speaks about how being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 15 catapulted him into health and fitness and how that has shaped his life to this day. Phil speaks about that Journey and much more and how it has all served him to do what he does now, teach and empower other fitness professionals.
Sep 20
49 min
Bouncing back stronger with Paul Keenan.
Paul Keenan is a coach and personal trainer who helps women feel fantastic about themselves through not only fitness and nutrition but mindset. In this episode we speak about how that journey started in the fitness industry and how losing a business almost ended his career and left him on suicide watch for a time. Paul speaks openly about that time and how he bounced back stronger. 
Sep 4
55 min
Quick tips to improve your identity....
A quick share from one of my insta live stories this morning on how to improve your self image and why it is so important in performance!
Sep 2
7 min
The real virus keeping you stuck!
This is from a video I shared last week on my social media platforms on what I feel has always been the virus that really keeps people stuck doing things they don't want to do! 
Aug 24
10 min
10 Iron Men in 10 Days... Danny Quigley
In this episode I speak with Danny Quigley who has taken on the mammoth challenge of completing 10 Iron men in 10 days in memory of his father. Danny  lost his father to suicide 10 years ago and is remembering him and raising awareness for suicide and those suffering with mental health through this challenge. We talk about his prep, his mindset around this challenge and the impact losing is father had. 
Aug 20
40 min
Why its impossible to " Just think positive" and it could be making you feel worse!
In this episode I have taken the audio from a 15 minute presentation I did and shared with followers on my social media platforms.I talk about how it is impossible to be one sided and why those who push it probably do not understand human behaviour, and how to stop trying to be one sided, be you the whole you which has two sides. Follow me on my social media. my book below.
Aug 14
14 min
Take back control! Seamus Fox
It has been a few months since I have shared a podcast so I wanted to hop on and sharee a concept that was inspired from my latest seminar. Let me know your thoughts.Also please like and subscribe and share.
Aug 3
9 min
Crime, Jail, addictions and chaos, to one of change and hope with Glen Smith.
In this episode I speak with Glen Smith who has wrote a book about his life, it is a Journey that had him leave school young and end up in a life of crime, addictions and more. In and out of jails and on the run from police from both sides of the border in Ireland, paramilitaries on both sides also, his life was just chaos, we speak about how that blueprint was formed, the trauma he suffered and how that played out in his own life. A story of tragedy with losing two younger sisters to drugs through addictions, plus his father, but there is also a lot of hope and change in this story!Glen shares his Journey here. Please leave your comments below and also hit subscribe to our channel, thank you!
May 7
55 min
Inside the mind of pro boxer Connor Coyle.
In this episode I sit down with Connor Coyle who is fresh of his last win in Mexico taking him to 13-0. We speak about how he got started, his prep for fights, aiming for the world title and more!
Apr 30
36 min
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