The MindFit Method
The MindFit Method
Michael Fancher
The MindFit Method combines the worlds of exercise, learning, and mindset to help children, parents, and teachers become all that they can be!
E40: The Paralysis of Choice
As human beings, we love to have lots of choices. Many times though, it's the fact that we have more than one choice that actually hinder our ability to get things done and achieve our goals! Check out this week's episode!
May 24
15 min
E39: When Life Derails
Life can be funny, though sometimes not at all in a laughable way. There are times when we find our lives completely derailed, our plans destroyed and our futures in question. Perhaps, though...that is exactly where you need to be. When we have our backs to the wall with limited options, it can be amazing what we can accomplish!
May 17
22 min
E38: False Peaks and Respecting the Climb
It can feel overwhelming to finally accomplish a goal and then realize that the finish line wasn't really the finish line and there is another mountain yet to climb. False peaks or summits are exactly that. But reaching a false peak isn't a reason to despair, it's a reason the reflect, celebrate, and mentally prepare yourself for the continued climb!
May 11
21 min
E37: SPECIAL EPISODE! "The Dopamine Intervention" Introduction
In celebrating The MindFit Method podcast breaking over 20,000 streams, I wanted to share the first exclusive reading of the Introduction to my brand new book, "The Dopamine Intervention" which is dropping in just a few weeks!
May 3
12 min
E36: Overcoming the Fear of Starting Something New
When I was a high school freshman in track, there was a bit of a debate amongst the coaches whether I was going to be a long-distance runner, or a hurdler. However when a third party entered the discussion, namely the field coach, he encouraged me to try a different event that terrified me. Sometimes when we overcome our fear of trying something new, we find a diamond in the rough!
Apr 26
19 min
E35: Embrace the Difficult!
In a world that celebrates safe spaces and coddling emotions, are people happier for it or more productive towards reaching their goals? Looking at society today, I think NOT! It is becoming more important than ever to embrace the difficult and start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Check out this week's episode to leave comfort behind and kickstart your path of growth! #mindset #growth #themindfitmethod #themindfitmethodpodcast #lifestyle #entrepreneur # fitness #happy #motivational
Apr 13
25 min
E34: Exercise Versus Depression - New Shocking Study!
Mental health has been declining in the world for the past several decades at an alarming rate. Often, therapy or prescriptions are used to help fight the symptoms of depression. A new umbrella study (one that reviews hundreds of other studies) has shown just how effective exercise is to help fight depression and anxiety, and the results are incredible!
Apr 6
16 min
E33: What happened to our resilience?
Turn on the news today and there is so much division, so much anger and everyone seems "triggered" these days. It's not just because of the people around us, it's because of a structural change in our brains (due to dopamine) that is decreasing our resilience to uncomfortable situations! Check out this episode to learn how to build your resilience and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!
Mar 29
19 min
E32:  Are you fertilizing the weeds or the crops?
86,400 Seconds. That's how many we get each day! Once they are gone, you can't get them back. So the questions is how are you giving away those seconds each day. Do you give them away to be more productive, or are you just wasting them away? Check out this episode to drive home the importance of using that mind / body connection to fertilize those crops and reap the rewards!
Mar 22
20 min
E31: Change Your Life in 480 Seconds?
Sometimes we feel so stuck. Our dreams and our aspirations are out there in front of us, and they seem impossible to reach.  Part of that is because our lives are controlling our mindset, instead of our mindset controlling our lives.  Learn about something you can do for ONLY 480 seconds a day that will let you control your mindset instead of letting your surroundings and your situation control you.
Mar 8
17 min
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