Project Parenthood
Project Parenthood
Stressed-out parent? Need a little help? Project Parenthood is your weekly guide to raising your kids with empathy while taking care of yourself, too. Host Dr. Nanika Coor is a clinical psychologist and respectful parenting advocate. She'll help you get a handle on toddler emotions, discipline your teens without punishment, and create more peace and collaboration in your home--all in just ten minutes a week.
How to support your impulsive child at home and school
A child’s ability to exercise self-control is directly related to how successful they can be in a traditional school setting.
Oct 2
12 min
How to take responsibility for your parent-child relationship
You believe that because your child won’t change, the situation is hopeless—and you’re helpless to do anything about it.
Sep 25
12 min
How to have more peaceful playdates
The anticipation of territorial disputes over toys, disagreements about games and play styles, fierce competitions, bouts of jealousy, and clashes in values can fill you with dread.
Sep 18
9 min
How to tame the Homework Beast and reclaim family time
As you try to help them dive into the assignments, it becomes painfully clear that this tortuous nightly ritual is anything but productive.
Sep 11
12 min
How to help your sensitive child cope with back to school
The start of a new school year can be challenging if your child is easily overstimulated and highly sensitive to change, social demands, and academic pressures.
Sep 4
11 min
Connecting to your child with The Five Secrets of Effective Communication
The Five Secrets are made up of three listening skills and two expressive skills: the disarming technique, thought empathy, feeling empathy, inquiry, assertiveness, and affirmation.
Aug 28
9 min
Connecting to your child with Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
Continuing with my month-long series on using elements of various communication approaches to improve your parent-child relationship, this week I’m talking about Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, or CPS for short.
Aug 21
10 min
Connecting to your child with Parent Effectiveness Training
Today’s episode is about using Parent Effectiveness Training to increase connection and trust in your relationship with your child.
Aug 14
9 min
Connecting to your child with non-violent communication
Nonviolent communication, or NVC, is a communication strategy—and also a lens through which you can look at life—that can be used to connect with others and resolve conflict in a respectful and compassionate way.
Aug 7
12 min
How to foster anti-ableism in your child
July is Disability Pride Month and today I’m talking about ways parents can help in the fight to change the ways society values people with disabilities.
Jul 31
14 min
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