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This show is fantastic. Love the variety of guests and silky smooth voice Megyn has. Stephen Meyer would be an interesting guest. He’s been going against the grain in the scientific community for decades. Thanks Megyn for all you and your team do.
Funny & intelligent
Rare resource
No fluff here! Megyn has great guests and isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and consider the validity of her own positions. Listening to each episode makes me think and challenges me to understand current events and issues more deeply. Far too rare in the world of media!
So Enlightening!!!
Adam Grant was the best yet! “I don’t need a team jersey”, will be my mantra moving forward. I look forward to your podcasts and think this forum can reach a wider audience and make a great impact. You should try to get Caitlyn Jenner or Bill Burr, as a guest. I think it would be fascinating!! You inspire me and make me laugh! Miriam D.
Brain candy 🧠
I absolutely love the way your brain works Megyn Kelly!!! The Adam Grant episode was so thought provoking that I listened to it twice. I would love to hear you two discuss some of the topics that were brought up during the segment. I look forward to each and every episode. Thank you so much for allowing us into your space for several hours a week!
Thank you!
Megyn, I avoided news for a few years and was first introduced to you on Triggernnometry. WOW! You are a powerhouse, dropping truth bombs with grace and humor. I’m not typically a fan of political tirades, but your indignation at Meghan
Amanda Dewoody
Adam Grant
Hi Meghan, Interview was interesting. I do have to say I disagree with Adam on stopping the practice of saying “I agree to disagree” to end the discussion. I am a 57 year old devout Christian. Is a liberal friend really going to persuade me that late term abortions on demand should be the law? Am I going to persuade her that enormous taxes and big government are not the best ways to lift up people out poverty? I would see those types of discussions being really unproductive. Most of my friends are liberal. If the relationships matter to me, and they do, there are certain topics we need to avoid. Some things are too ingrained to be sorted out and changed in polite conversation. It isn’t worth the potential emotional damage. Liked your chat with Tulsi G a lot as well. Hope she runs for senator in Hawaii some day. Would be a big improvement over lady whose first name rhymes with “daisy”. 😄 Thanks
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Iowa Listener - Love This Show
I’ve been listening to this pod since day one! Megyn is kick-butt as a journalist, and it comes through extremely well in pod form. Loved her discussion with Jordan Peterson, and how she leaned in to battle with him a little bit. Made the discussion much more valuable. Megyn is fiery and down to earth like no other journalist out there. 20/10 recommend.
Continues to be great!
I have listened to just about every single episode you have on your podcast, Megyn! I am not exaggerating when I say that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my favorite days! I get to listen to my Megyn Kelly show! I just finished your interview with Senator Hawley and I have to say, thank you for having him on! I had kind of written him off as maybe someone who wasn’t as sensible as I now see him to be...And wow, I am definitely going to need to read his book! I can’t even tell you the number of podcasts I have saved and revisited over the last several months… Please keep up the work and being as invasive and respectfully confrontational as you are on such key issues that we are facing today..
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LOVE Megyn Kelly!!
I absolutely love these podcasts.... the variety, quality, depth, etc. I have learned so much and appreciate Megyn’s strength, truth and intelligence.
This is your platform Megyn Kelly! After following you for years and enjoying your spunk, wit, wisdom, and convictions, this platform feeds my brain and my soul! With each and every podcast, I learn something and it takes me to a new Substack writer or podcast! Thanks for feeding me rich, thought provoking information! You da bomb-as the kids say.
Listening now for awhile
Love your show and you have very interesting guest. One suggestion is let them tell their stories a little more rather than summarizing for them. Keep up the great work!
mr. group think
Great interview
I love how open and honest you are about your own experiences with the woke DEI groups after your black face comment and at your children’s school. It’s important for us to raise questions about the realities of systemic racism and white supremacy and police brutality. You’re not afraid to say what you think, you don’t roll over or back down but you are kind and considerate in your search for truth. I love your podcasts
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Thank you!!
So nice to have a voice of reason back and unencumbered by the stigma of any given network. Just great guests, great questions and thought provoking commentary. Thank you! You have been missed!!
After further review…
I usually love your spiciness however, to me the way you were with Josh Hawley, when speaking about January 6, what you said is more rhetoric and not factual. You need to go back and look at all the cases that were one by Trump concerning November 3. No actual evidence was ever seen by a judge. Therefore, how could voter fraud ever be proven. No one ever seems to mention the fact that an innocent woman was shot by capital police. Oh Brian Sitnik was not killed by anyone at the capital. And the cabal I made it to where the capital police were understaffed and under protected tell me how that is trumps fault especially when he asked for more. Also, What about all of the antifa dressed up as Trump supporters. How come no one was charged with insurrection??? Prove me wrong.
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Megyn is the Best!
Truly a great interviewer and always bringing on stellar guests, Megyn keeps the audience in mind first and never disappoints. Thanks for all you do!
Adam Grant - Argument
It was refreshing to listen to a happy warrior have dialog when you and he come from different perspectives. Like when you shared your position on racial issues...or what I would define as racializing events, vesus his data on weapon bias...all under the unbrella of discussing systemic racism. I would LOVE to listen to the conversation between you and Thomas Sowell--that would be interesting no matter the topic! Which as a sidebar, it is telling that he (as depicted as somewhat reclusive in his retirement) has come back into the public somewhat to use career of fact finding and philosophy to help bring some class back to the art of communicating the real state of affairs. Enjoying your work.
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Adam and Kelly take it to 9 rounds
I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated your interaction and debate with Adam Grant. It did for me at least exactly what all good debates are intended to do, which is caused me to think and look at my own thought patterns and beliefs. I would love to here you cover, or talk to, people who voted for Biden and how they feel about his actions specifically regarding the border. I’d love to know why people with felonies are not allowed to vote, that makes no sense to me, they served their time. Also talk of prison reform would be excellent. I’d love to hear why some of these data points that Adam talks about only refer to body cams of white people what about body cams of Asian or Hispanic people, are the police respectful to them? Thank you for being a safe place to learn and as Adam quoted ...”I’m not here to prove myself, I am here to improve myself!!” Here, here!!
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Josh Hawley
Great interview ! I enjoy the information and insight I get from your podcasts. No fbombs so this Nana will share this one with friends , kids and grandkids.
Josh hawley
What a great interview megyn! But one thing you never brought up as alot of my friends were at the peaceful rally at the Capital until later...there were blm and antifa dressed as trumpers. My good friend saw buses pull up at the closing of the president’s speech and heard them say to wear your trump hats backwards so we can distinguish who is who until we get passed the crowd. There may have been a few idiotic curious trumpers flowing through the capital but remember there were actors to set the stage. Mark Long Island, NY
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One of the Top 5 BEST Podcast Available! Thank you, Megyn!!!
Megyn - my wife and I listen to your podcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on our 50min drive to work. We always look forward to hearing the latest & absolutely appreciate you. We’re in our late 20s, live in rural Kansas, and are teachers. You’re incredibly popular with young Conservatives! Thank you for bringing top-notch, balanced, interesting, intellectually stimulating, common sense news, information, discussions & commentary. Have you considered inviting Chip & Joanna Gaines, Mia Love (Utah), Elon Musk, Sharon Osbourne, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Caitlyn Jenner, or Senator Tim Scott onto your show? Thank you for all you do! P.S. - We’re rooting for Janice’s New York gubernatorial campaign! The Clarks Cimarron, KS
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Great Format
I really enjoy the long-form interview format. Ben Shapiro is good for incisive commentary on a run-down of the multiple hot topics of the day but this is a great podcast for in-depth analysis of specific issues.
Thought provoking
Please do more shows like the one with Adam Grant. It’s so enlightening to hear you discuss topics with a guest who doesn’t share your views in a respectable, informative and educated way. I love hearing takes on both sides. Always a great hour when I listen to your pod!
General review, specific review, and guest recommendation.
Megyn Kelly is a formidable force and her podcast is necessary to any consumer of the news. Any reasonable person who listens will recognize she is not a partisan hack. I don’t listen for a self-serving confirmation bias. I listen because she offers interesting guests an opportunity to speak to today’s issues. No softball questions, no lazy journalism, just thought provoking dialog. Adam Grant episode was excellent. You both established a good rapport that enabled the conversation to go to vulnerable places. It walked the talk. There definitely needs to be a follow up conversation regarding race and finding common ground on how our society can move forward without devolving into war. Guest recommendation: Brett Baer or Chris Wallace to inform us on the sausage making of a Nightly News show.
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VT Artie
Adam Grant
Thoughtful guy, he might want to realize there are millions in this country whose ancestors weren’t privileged. Coming from a family who on one side had a family get a government paid extended vacation, know as the trail of tears and the other side not only having our name mean peasant farmer in polish, but also arrived in this country and going right to the mines of southeast Kansas. Wouldn’t say it’s the worst life, but why not just say how grateful I am to my ancestors. They were forced or volunteered, depends on which side, to ensure hardships, that without it happening I wouldn’t have the privilege of writing these thoughts to you. History is a learning experience, few Alice today have lived much of, so how can everyone be a victim of it.
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Steiger m77
Adam Grant Podcast with Megyn
I really enjoy Megyn’s podcast and format, I do think she delivers on her promise of respectful dialog and discussion. I did find this podcast very interesting but he seemed to be laughing a lot throughout the podcast in an odd fashion, what did he find so humorous during the discussion? Was he laughing with or at Megyn, the longer I listened, I felt it was the later which I did find it making it difficult to listen to his points. As a urologist and a parent, I really could not believe that he had not seen the humor in the anacronym “Penass”, I guess that is when I found him sort of condescending, brilliant but not really in touch with the discussion. Keep up the good work with the podcast, I do look forward to Megyn and her choice of guests
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Kevin P. K
Adam Grant
This was just outstanding. The part where Megyn was questioning her EQ and IQ was so funny, because Megyn has an incredibly high EQ and IQ. Megyn stop putting yourself down. You reason so well, are tough when you need to be tough, but you are also caring and compassionate. I was hoping that you would have asked Adam in the section of the Podcast about his classroom experience on diversity if he would have done so if he was not tenured and could have lost his job. This lead me back to your Jodi Shaw and Paul Rossi Podcasts and the fact that both of them spoke out and ultimately lost their jobs, but kept their integrity and values. It is hard to find someone we can trust to give us such open and honest analysis of the news. You are the one I have chosen. What you are doing is so important.
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Love MK but Adam Grant episode was hypocritical
Most of MK’s eps are great but I was disappointed in this one. After an hour of speaking about how you both are so open-minded and willing to check your understanding on any topic, I found it a little surprising at how you guys were so close-minded and dismissive when discussing the debate with Erik Erickson and Lou Dobbs. Adam goes, “they were just false” and you agree with his take. There was no diving into the evidence or explaining the points they made. TRUST ME - as a working woman who graduated from a prestigious university, I’m the LAST PERSON that would want to agree with the argument they were making. I was disappointed to watch that happen in the episode because it really negated everything you guys were preaching earlier in the episode about society’s inability to dive deeper into complex issues and not just look at something and say “this is false” or “this is true” when the issue is not black and white. I would say the issue of whether women are better off staying at home with children IS controversial and certainly not black and white since it was only recently in human history that the percentage of working women has been this high. I love you MK!!! But this episode could have been better.
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Megyn, you have all the spunk, and intelligence I wish I had! Love that you never shy away from the hard topics no matter who your interviewing. But your able to respectfully make your case and why you feel how you do. So glad you are in this media now, this country needs you!
Adam Grant
Great show! I hope you have him back to talk about race and systemic racism. I would really like to hear arguments from someone intelligent about systemic racism. My view is much the same as yours, but I would like to hear a good counter argument. I think there may be some systemic racism, but the real question is: How much of a barrier is it in 2021? It is a big difference if holds people back by 5% vs 70%. Oprah not being shown a $40K purse in the England may be an example of systemic racism, but would affect her success by 0%. Thanks for continuing to find great guests.
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Adam grant
I loved this show. Its been my favorite episode yet. If we could all follow through with civil debates and find ways to learn from one another we would be in a much better place. Instead opinions are weaponized or conspiratorial in nature therefore ignored. May we all do better and listen to understand instead of listening to respond.
Loved the discussion with Adam Grant
I am an avid listener of Megyn Kelly and appreciate her effort to give a platform to the more middle ground viewpoints that I agree many Americans hold but are often afraid to express. That said I have been hoping for some guests who may hold different views than Megyn and could bring some informed and lively debate. I heard that today with Adam Grant. That discussion was quite thought provoking and caused me to ask myself some of the same questions he posited to Megyn... i.e. would you feel differently if your ancestors had been enslaved? I admire Megyn’s willingness to challenge her own beliefs and found this kind of discussion extremely helpful to me in questioning some of my own. Please keep up this type of thoughtful discussion!
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emily clatnon
Megyn needs to join the IDW...
Love the podcast, Megyn. It’s refreshing to listen to a true moderate. I hope you join the Intellectual Dark Web. I’d love to see you involved in their discussions.
Hard Hitting
The last 15 minutes of your interview with Adam Grant gave me chills! I used to love his podcast, but stopped listening because his race view invaded every topic of his podcast. To hear you challenge him with facts and truth was so satisfying. Thank you for not being a victim, and for being a voice of reason against the unreasonable “blue check marks.”
i Mych
Podcast review
I learn something every time I listen. You do such a good job of being fair but fun. Just listened to Adam Grant. Really liked it. I think you two disagree quite a bit on systemic racism but you respectfully discussed the topic. I need to be able to do that too. I really appreciated your last point. My problem with the systemic racism discussion is it is the wrong one. I personally don’t think we are systemically racist in this country. But I may be wrong. Who cares. The issue is how do we fix it? We all agree there is racism and that certain groups are not competing economically. How do we fix it!! More quotas, more affirmative action, more transfer payments? This is the discussion we need. Because urban blacks are disadvantaged. So are urban hispanics and rural white.
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Amazing Podcast
Favorite podcast. Grateful to have this remarkable person back on a regular basis. Awesome, thought provoking guests and host. Thanks Megyn. You’re hot.
Finding the Middle
Hi Megyn, I am a big fan of your show and have been listening since you launched last fall. I am a man in my mid 20’s trying to navigate these tumultuous times, trying to be well informed, and trying to be a better American. My favorite interviews are those you have with intelligent guests you disagree with. I feel I learn the most when you have a back and forth dialogue with your guests - like Adam Grant - on topics that require nuance. I hope you speak with him again and can dig deeper into thoughtful, fact based discussions around racism, sexism, and other issues facing our culture. Thank you for what you do and keep it up!
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The Best Interviews Around
Megyn, only a few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of listening to hours of interviews from someone who had worked at Fox News. As the left pushed further to the extremes, like many others, I felt left behind. I realized I needed to be more open minded and challenge my previous ideals and where they came from. Fast forward to now and I’m a regular listener of the Daily Wire, Steven Crowder, and several other center or conservative shows because of how much more honest I feel they are. However, your show has quickly become my favorite podcast and I look forward to each new episode in a way unique from the others I listen to. Your focus on data and willingness to constructively push guests is superb and needed more in journalism. Even better is your interviewing and openness to ideas, which makes this such a pleasure to listen to. Just as you’ve said, your figuring most of these things out too, and it shows. As you learn, we learn. Please keep it up and I’ll be sure to encourage more people to listen and support how I can. Thank you.
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Thank you!
Unbiased. Honest. Free speech. Journalistic integrity. I’m so excited for this. Facts don’t lie. Facts don’t have feelings or a party they affiliate with. Facts are just facts. Thanks, Megyn. Stay classy. 💪🏼👏🏽🙌🏼
Your Interview with Adam Grant
I am so grateful to you, Megyn, I barely know where to start. You give me, and many others, a voice that is so rarely heard nowadays. I’ve had conversations like the one you had with Adam Grant with friends and family. When they site their science, the conversation spirals downward. This study shows this bias, that study shows another. The multitude of variables is often unconsidered. In the end a questioning person is left with more questions, and the biased person is left with their science. But science is ever changing. So why is questioning so taboo these days? Also, I don’t think outrage is the solution to anything. The past cannot be changed. We can only affect the future with love. Thank you so much for questioning for us.
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Olivia DB
Tone, Variety, Knowledge.
I listen to this podcast while working from home and on long walks/runs. I may not catch all the discussion points while working but really like the tone of the conversations that are occuring and the real discussion happening unlike on many media sources today. While I want to learn more facts and data on any subject, I also want to gain a broader view point from listening to podcasts. The variety of speakers is really stimulating. Thank you Kelly you rock! Your a sensitive, knowledgable and real person. My radio sister! :-) **For climate i suggest to get Steven Koonin on.
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Enjoying this very much!
Don’t get her Irish up!
Just being playful. I like your work,listen when I can.great quests engaging talks thank you for the show
Domenic Petti
Refreshing Perspective
You said you read these reviews, so here I am! I don’t normally review podcasts, but I think you should know a lot of us appreciate your reasoned conversations and pushing back on some of the crazy nonsense being forced on us today. I started listening because I’m a moderate liberal, married to a police officer and I have appreciated your honest and reasonable take on the things going on in our country right now. I have been horrified at how my “side” is handling things and pushing false narratives. Listening to your conversations with people like Sam Harris and Adam Grant, Katie Herzog and Bari Weiss have made me feel like there are sane people out there and makes me a little less terrified for our current situation. While I will never be a conservative and I don’t always agree with your views on everything, I can listen to your conversations with those on the right in a much more nuanced way than the insanity of the right wing media ecosystem. I don’t want to live in an echo chamber, so I listen and I think about other points of view. Looking forward to your conversation with John McWhorter.
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Adam Grant Episode
First off, phenomenal show! I always come away from these with a somewhat restored faith in humanity. As a brief aside, Heather Mac Donald’s “Diversity Delusion” also expertly addresses the exact critiques Adam brings up (concerns over criminal association & respectful treatment in police encounters). Something to chew on for sure. Thanks for your consistently refreshing, thought-provoking, and principled insight.
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Thank you 🙏
I recently became a podcast listener and your show has quickly become a favorite! Thank you for your honest down to earth conversations that continue to leave me with much food for thought! You Rock, sending prayers for continued success! Anna in Burbank California.
Show 96 with Adam Grant What a pile of crap
No wonder students come out of grad school with heads full of mush. Geeze. I lost IQ points just listening.
True Journalism!
Megyn Kelly is a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t use her platform to editorialize topics but rather finds fascinating and well-educated experts in their fields and lets them do the talking. Her expertise in journalism shines in the way and order she asks questions and guides the conversation so the audience can understand. This is true journalism with Megyn uncovering viewpoints and information that is often distorted in today’s many news mediums.
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Forgotten middle
Life long middle-ist who lost her way. Thanks for the reminder! I became a closeted conservative after spending years in very liberal pro fem career field where anything short of left was an abomination. The last few years I have dug my heels in and supported the conservative stance mostly out of spite I think and seeing how closed the left became. I reclaim my middle ground and flex my common sense and critical thinking lens. I worry for our country but am hopeful that voices such as yours will continue to get louder and more frequent.
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Keep up the great work
Loving your podcast! Really loved the recent one with the Fifth Column guys - y'all had great chemistry. You really should do a regular with them. I always laugh out loud - you have a great sense of humor. I also love how you have so many Tennessee folks on the show. (You really do need to move here :-)). The shows are very professional - great sound- and haven't heard any technical difficulties - so shout out to your tech crew. Keep up the great work!
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Peter Santenello
I love this so much. Most of the interviews I say to myself I wish I would have heard this a week ago. I’m so glad to have it today Sharing every episode
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