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Thanks for the Pods!
Congratulations on #250! You’re just getting started! (Any chance you can do more political and warfare topics?😀) Thanks so much to you and your guests!
Friends with Pods
Medieval Toys
Loved this episode. I enjoy all the episodes, but this brought back memories of childhood toys and games. Dispels the myth some folks have of medieval parents viewing children as simply small adults.
ms sierra
Great host, great format, great show!
Big fan of this podcast—longtime listener & first time reviewer. The host interviews other medievalist experts / authors of some of the latest and hottest books in medieval studies, and she charts an always lucid course through sometimes difficult subjects with incisive questions and good humor. Just about the perfect podcast for public scholarship. Onward!
One of two podcasts I listen to regularly
I really like this podcast. It’s both interesting and pleasant to listen to, a rare combination in my experience.
Very enjoyable
A variety of topics and interviews, well researched and presented with clarity and enthusiasm. A pleasure to listen to.
Big Fan
I am a Medieval History fan who thoroughly enjoys and highly recommends these FYI snippets of history, archeology, art, society, culture, politics and warfare. Equally fascinating are the interviews with other professional medievalists…. except for the upspeakers, the kinda-sorta-“like”ers and the hem-and-hawers who would benefit from public speaking lessons.
I tried to like this podcast
The topics in this podcast are interesting but I agree with the review stating that the presenter sounds like she’s reading to toddlers. Too many questions are asked through giggles and it detracts from the quality of the presentation. In the episode that I listened to this morning the guests clearly saw nothing hilarious in the topic and sounded a bit annoyed. I’ll try again in a few months with the hope that the presenter takes some of these comments in a positive way and adjusts her style.
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New ad breaks
Really great podcast, with a speaker with valuable perspectives on medieval history. I’m learning a lot on every episode, and developing a real interest in this era of history. However, recently there have been several ads added to front end of the podcast and at first it was a mild annoyance and now it just totally takes you out of the moment. On the most recent one, a very obnoxious ad for a gun show played in the beginning, then an equally obnoxious car ad. I understand wanting make a living out of this, and more power to the host! I just wish she would read the ads, or make the ads more targeted to the subject matter, perhaps ads for something to do with books or internet courses on the subject. I suppose I’ll keep listening, but the ads are really frustrating sometimes. Other than that, great podcast!
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Audio Problem
Can’t hear guest speaker.
Surprisingly academic, but definitely not boring!
Although the host is left-of-center, she’s asks great questions and is an excellent interviewer. The podcast is great and covers a wide range of Medievalist topics. I also appreciate the fact that the podcast features academic interviewees but is definitely not boring. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the medieval period, ranging from a casual interest to a serious scholar.
C. Turnea
Cloying voice
The content is good, well thought out, but any time the host is speaking, she sounds like she’s reading Mother Goose to a toddler. It’s impossible to get past that smiley, sugary voice thing. Please, less host, more guests!
Really want to like
I really wanted to like this, I love some of the people interviewed, Marc Morris being my all time favorite. But I could barely get past the interviewer and her PC hangups with certain historical terms. Not sure I can stomach another episode though I love Helen Carr, Helen Castor, Lauren Johnson, Dan Jones. Lots of great guests just not sure it’s worth trying.
Entertaining & Informative
This is a great podcast, a very informative and interesting one. Daniele is an exceptional host and an excellent teacher/scholar. Like many, I was stuck in the popular idea of the middle ages which I learned that it is mostly incorrect. I have listened to each episode at least three times and every time I learn something new. This podcast is very entertaining and provides a great source of information for creators. Thank you Daniele and
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3dwin 3lieh
Lib trash 🗑
Presenter mumbles and it’s all much too soft
Great guests!
Fascinating guests and an interviewer who does a great job of helping them shine. I’ve especially enjoyed the recently animal studies topics (pigs and eels!) and would love to hear more in that vein.
Kate Topper
Great production and good medieval times had by all
Outstanding Audio Quality
I love listening to this podcast. The audio quality and editing is fantastic. I've just finished the episode about medieval eels :) Please keep up the excellent work!
FINALLY (+mini-rant)
Finally the podcast I’ve been craving, lol! I’m listening back from the beginning, and having only found this gem about a week or two ago, I’m just coming across the episode about King Henry VII. I just finished the book “The Highly Sensitive Person,” and my brain is screaming at the top of its lungs that Henry seems to have all the markers of an HSP who had potential attachment issues as an infant/child king combined with having had a highly stressful childhood (being king and having to be taught to rule and make high-stakes decisions from an early age!). That combo, attachment issues and high-stress childhood, tends to make an HSP waaay more likely to experience depression and anxiety later in life, which I speculate could explain Henry’s mental health struggles at a time of great conflict, which is poison to HSPs. This could totally be me reading too much into it, but him being described as a lover and not a fighter at the same time that he vehemently avoids conflicts whenever at all possible....kinda makes sense! Anywaaaay, I love the podcast, helps the time pass at my night job! I’m also reading Danièle’s book “Life in Medieval Europe: Fact and Fiction,” and I highly recommend it for other amateurs like me!
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sad baby app
Danièle’s Passion is Contagious!
I recently discovered this podcast through the Twitter account. I am so glad that I did! The host, Danièle Cybulskie, presents the rich history of the Middle Ages in an exciting and insightful manner. I throughly enjoy every episode and look forward to many more!
WI Appraiser
I just adore this podcast. I learn so much, but it’s never dry. I always come away with a new direction for research, a thread to follow, a book to read, or a topic to learn more about. The host is incredibly enjoyable to listen to, not just because she’s so well versed in the subject. She has a natural humor and an easy, conversationalist style that is also direct and succinct. Exactly what I want in a podcast.
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Liz Ham
Informative and fun to listen to!
The host does an incredible job!!
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast. Very informative with great interviews and little unnecessary banter.
Episode 57, Favourite Medieval Movies
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode but would like to mention you forgot one movie that I think is exceptionally medieval. That would be “Robin and Marian” starring Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn and Robert Shaw. The duel at the end of the movie between Robin and the Sheriff is so worth waiting for. It was how imagined a medieval duel to be.
Grand Slam
Great guests, great history, great alternative perspectives, and great host (the latter being particularly pleasant, you and Noble Blood are tops).
Great podcast full of awesome info!
Zsa Cook-Downing
💜please fix the echo problem
Great pod! Great interviews! But please fix the echo. Are you using garage band? You need to turn off the master echo. PLEASE address this issue. 4/5 stars because audio does matter!
Interesting and fun
I found this podcast through a tweet from Dr. Eleanor Janega. It is enjoyable, and offers perspectives that I had not thought about since college. The guests on the episodes that I have listened to so far have been specialists, so the subject matter in any particular episode is often narrow and deep, and well reearched. Thanks!
Such potential!
This podcast has such great potential. It’s full of fantastic information, that usually sends down a online search rabbit hole. And the host is good. However, the sound quality is poor enough to be distracting.
Could be better
The subject I find fascinating, but the sound quality is awful, and I found I cannot continue to listen.
So interesting!
I’ve loved history for a long time and I absolutely loved watching documentaries and listening the podcasts that expand my knowledge. I love this podcast specifically because our host asks wonderful questions and there are many historians as guests who are women! I’ve learned so much about medieval marriages, people with disabilities and so much more! I can’t wait to see what comes next!
the medievalists always have interesting, well researched content
How many times was the word “coconuts” used in broadcast???? I lost count. If I drank, which I don’t, this would be a drinking game. Every time “coconuts” are mention take a sip of wine. 🍺
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