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Must Listen
During these times of lawfare / impeachment / investigations / SCOTUS rulings - this is the one “can’t miss” weekly podcast. McCarthy is by far the best governmental and legal analyst out there today. I think he is fair and objective and is a rule of law guy - keep it up as the MSM won’t cover it objectively.
Get rid of rich lowery
He is so annoying and thinks he is cute, the guy must wake up every morning and kiss his reflection. McCarthy is great very informative and insightful just dump rich
Andy is a pure hack and his 2x standards & hypocrisy are beyond glaring. His defense of Judge Cannon’s ruling’s and behavior on the bench is just insulting. He seems to think his listeners don’t read(🤔)
Please keep Jack butler away from the microphone
McCarthy is his typical, insightful and reasoned self. Butler’s constant interruptions with juvenile attempts at cleverness are quite annoying.
This is a very insightful podcast. The coverage during the Trump NY trial was outstanding. I only have one question. Does Andy play bass & Rich on percussion on the intro? Or vice versa? Bravo, gentlemen.
Joe from Richboro
Relatively good
Relatively good info but not valuable enough to ignore the constant phone dinging. TURN IT OFF GOOD GRIEF.
Silence your phone
Rich Lowry is a useless chucklehead but I listen to McCarthy’s take. Why these moonfaces can’t silence their phones before a podcast is beyond me.
Text notifications
Can you mute the text messages while recording? It’s very distracting to hear the “dings”…
This is a great podcast, but …
Please silence your phones while you are recording! The constant dinging was a bit distracting.
Wish it was daily!
Andy McCarthy is an exceptional lawyer and so very articulate it makes for a very easy listen and follow along. I just wish it was daily on Trump's cases. Thank you, Andy, for all you do to keep us updated.
Worthy of a listen. Love it.
Voice of legal sanity in a sea of disinformation
Andy McCarthy’s legal analysis of the questions of the day is a voice of clarity and objectivity among the sea of legal analysts that serve their own agenda. Andy’s analysis helps me make sense of the legal mess in which we all find ourselves.
Different standard for Trump
Andy is a hack who dresses himself up as an intellectual conservative. At the end of the day he is just as prone to falsehoods, half truths and out and out, lies as any right wing outlet. Don’t let him fool you he is disingenuous and a liar Every criticism of Jack Smith’s conduct with regard to the Trump indictment from what is mentioned in the indictment to the press conference. He gave to his efforts to seek a protective order is the exact same conduct that US attorneys engaging in every single high profile case in this country. And Rich chooses to be critical of it. I would love for just once. To actually have the coverage. Courage of his conviction, and make the statements when they affect every day people and not This piece of trash attacks brag for being too aggressive and prosecuting Trump, but now once sedition charges against the college protesters? Hey Andy, you piece of trash why don’t you try to have some intellectual integrity and not argue in one breath that the government is overreaching against Trump and then advocate for insane overreach. This is the most worthless podcast I have ever listened to.
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Legal issue
I do love and trust this show
So good to have the legal opinion of Andrew McCarthy on anything. Thank you both for this show. The interaction between Rich Lowrey and Andy is such great listening. You make an outstanding team!
Andy seriously needs an editor
Could only get through half of this week’s episode (#254) because it’s the same as last week’s episode. Did you just dub Rothman in over Rich? As Andy has said, he tends to go on and on about stuff he goes on and on about. I like listening to his insights but sometimes the repetition is too much. Also the minutiae can be tedious. Do I really need to know the _exact_ date a trial or decision was made some years ago?
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Professional Yobbo
Andy is very informative
I enjoy listening to the Podcast. Andy is undoubtedly very knowledgeable about the law. However, PLEASE STOP SAYING, “INCOMPARABLE SARAH SCHUTTE” at the end of the show. Do you have to stroke her ego every time? Good grief! It’s so annoying.
Biased listen the Dersh Instead
Inexplicably, Alan Dershowitz is far more balanced in his view of the legal cases involving Trump than McCarthy. I do not expect NR to get over their Trump derangement. However, it’s ridiculous that a lifetime liberal does more moderated coverage than this. Sorry Rich, I can’t forget how bad this is. Also, Noah is the worst with Andy, and acts like a co-host. Nobody cares about Noah’s faux legal opinions.
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Andy McCarthy
Andy is great!!
No Wonder I Not A Lawyer
Very interesting and informative, explained for everyone.
DC Jury Pool
Thank you Andy. You’re the first person I’ve heard point out decision not to charge Biden in DC.
Naperville Matt
Trump has gained, Biden has stayed the same
I love Andy, but he’s wrong on the polls. Biden has been in the same range for a long time. Trump has gained (see RCP average history)
Jimmy Haslam
Generally okay
Andy certainly is insightful. But as our nation careens toward open lawfare and a loss of judicial impartiality, Andy just says “this will be interesting”. This is our country man! Did you know you live here? Do you care? This isn’t a bad flag in a football game, this undermines the pillars of our nation. The will of the people. And also this is why people hate lawyers. Most would argue lies for money. Andy does it because he thinks it’s interesting.
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Matt 5237
Credibility lost!
McCarthy used to sound reasonable and fair, even if I sometimes didn’t agree, I felt he was logical. I don’t know what happened to him but he has lost the plot. “I’m not trying to excuse January 6th…” and then he proceeds to try and excuse the insurrection that was attempted on January 6th. I guess everything that Trump touches really does die.
Great Podcast
Always enlightening to hear Andy’s analysis
LOL! 😂 “sober-minded, thoughtful commentary”???
I hoped to find that here but there’s nothing sober-minded or thoughtful about such blindly biased propaganda.
Inverting Democracy w/Mike Benz
Take a look at Tucker Carlson’s recent interview of Mike Benz. Looks like someone you would be interested in interviewing on your podcast. I am still trying to digest the evolution of the censorship consortium that was detailed. Would value your legal analysis and thoughts on whether this is even possible.
Always educational
Love Andrew. Always learn something and he goes into detail like no other. I often listen to episodes 2 times to get everything out of it.
Great and informative
Love listening to Andrew McCarthy!! He explains everything so thoroughly.
Sis in Ca
So so
I expected authentic analysis of politics and national security. What I’m hearing is avoiding the facts and finding humor in very dangerous subjects. When are you analyzing the risks to our democracy. As a moderate conservative, I’m concerned. Hope the country can wake up before it too late. We have a weak Dem candidate and a wannabe dictator leading the MAGAS, these are not republicans or conservatives. Just power hungry theocrats. What say you?
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Andy and I are at last on the same page. It feels marvelous. Do not see the movie *Killers of the Flower Moon*. I did. Read the book instead.
Tai Chi Carol
The intro music is literal Geneva convention torture
Please. It’s horrible and in general music is pretty bad. It’s horrible. I like you guys here and there. Lately been pretty weak. The editors podcast is trash. You need to please focus. I know you all are so in love with yourself you can just spit ball but actually it’s pretty insulting to the audience that you don’t prepare and think you’re so brilliant you can jsut say whatever. You should be embarrassed. Megyn Kelly wouldn’t even dream of ever going on air with your lack of prep. She runs circles around all of you. Strive to be even 1/1000 of her integrity as a journalist
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Western Muslims
McCarthy espouses that all western countries might as well give up to the Muslims. That’s been the U. K.’s approach with the result that they’re afraid of them. Easy solution: deport all non citizens and any that don’t assimilate or support Islamic terror groups. Only one in three Londoners are Caucasian! It’s now or there will be great slaughter on day
Tired of apologists
Andy is Gold
Is there anyone better than Andy at dissecting the good, the bad, and the ugly of our politics?
Scandinavian brown bear
Good program
I enjoy the opinions and learn when I listen.
Not objective & certainly aren’t using all the facts.
Andy McCarthy is second to none!
Nothing to laugh at
Andy’s great but Rich laughing at these obvious crimes is very troubling. There is nothing funny about this corruption. He’s showing he is out of touch with just how angry people are about all of this.
A farcical restoration claim
Excellent analysis but couldn’t the Georgia governor pardon Trump? Trump better be nice to Kemp!
fever swamp
Rico show
Love hearing Noah on this show.
Unbelievable yet so Believable
I stopped listening to most of the NR podcasts a while ago for a variety of reasons, but I still listen to The McCarthy Report because Andy McCarthy actually knows what he’s talking about. Better still, he can make the arcana of the law comprehensible to non-lawyers (I’m one.). Today’s episode (#225) was unbelievable yet so sadly believable. It made clear that corruption at the level of our national government is so pervasive and longstanding, especially among the top Democrats and their various enablers in the media and the federal bureaucracy, that our republic is effectively gone. Andy recapped for Rich how the Justice Department slow-walked their multi-year investigation of Hunter Biden as a means to allow various applicable statutes of limitations to pass without indictment. He further outlined how Hunter’s diabolical, dimwitted and now demented father engaged in longstanding and repeated behavior prohibited by a multitude of federal ethics and conflict of interest regulations. And finally, he outlined how millions of dollars flowed to the son, and to other Bidens, for the “insurance” provided by their proximity to the Big Guy. In short, Andy outlined in his typically calm and collected manner corruption on an epic scale that makes Teapot Dome (remember that) pale in comparison. In response, Rich Lowry (who seems like a nice enough guy) said, “well, that’s all the time we have.” Is there anything sufficiently egregious that it would prompt Rich and NR to say, “Enough!!?” Apparently not. This in a nutshell, though the podcast is fantastic, illustrates how the folks at NR have otherwise made themselves so completely irrelevant. They see and understand the corruption, but they do nothing but sign off until next time.
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Dave in Centennial
One of the best law podcast
Very good, highly recommend
facebook s****
For your own gain you gaslight listeners. I am insulted.
Calamity Drey
love this podcast!!! are you on vacation?
Hope you are having a wonderful time this summer but hope you will be back with more insightful commentary on the days political and legal events!
My Go-To Resource for Legal Analysis
Hands-down, this pod is the most sound resource for objective analysis of the many issues which, these days, end up being addressed through legal process. McCarthy’s experience, attention to detail and incisive mind combine to provide an essential guide to anyone who wants to understand not only the legalities but, often, the politics behind government legal actions and court decisions.
Go-to pod on all matters prosecutorial
Andy breaks down high profile cases, including political and politicized investigations and prosecutions with more dispassion and wisdom of experience than anyone else out there.
ATX Jack
The Lowry Opening and Closing Script
I love the podcast but cringe at the same “incomparable”, “indeed glowing” (might I add) “gushing” opening and closing script read exactly verbatim by Rich Lowry on every single podcast. Ugh. Can’t y’all be a bit more impromptu or contemporaneous? Seems lazy for such an otherwise great podcast.
Best legal analysis anywhere
Andy is the best! A real straight shooter giving clear eyed analysis on all legal issues. He has a way of boiling down the most complex situations into plain English that the lay person can understand. I actually wish he would do at least one other episode each week. Inevitably something happens during the week that I wish I could hear Andy break down. I watch him on TV sometimes but the longer form podcast is my favorite. Bravo!
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Two Trump Hating Crybabies
It’s cringeworthy listening to these guys stumble their way through their interpretation of any law they think might nail someone in the Trump World. It’s like listening to an estrogen free Rob Reiner in an echo chamber.
One Flap Down
A Better Man
Andy, I really appreciate the fact that forthrightly admit when you’ve been wrong, and explain in detail how you’ve been wrong, as with the politicization of the Justice Department under Attorney General Garland.
Jim Melody
McCarthy provides detailed, nuanced explanations of complex news stories. Will greatly improve your understanding.
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