The Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier
The Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier
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Very helpful if you are struggling with math.
Thanks Math Dude
I’m a student and your podcast helps me so much! Now I’m excited for learning a new way to do math in homework and for fun! It helps me visual math on an regular bases!Thank you so much Math Dude
Thanks math dude
I really enjoy math because it helps me relax and I currently do really good in math right now.I like that you have easy strategy for a 8 year old.Happy day thanks math dude.
Berkley T.
Great for folks struggling with conceptualization, but his voice is the WORST.
Exactly the title. Sorry host guy, but you throw waayyy too much high-pitched emphasis on words too often. I can't stand it 😫
Vladmir Trump
Helpful series
... as a math refresher. Thank you for making this available.
Ivana Haffun
Too bad
No longer being made.
Zombie At A Tractor Pull
Podcast Movement Attendee
Hi Guys- We just launched The New Teacher Podcast and actually discovered your show at Podcast Movement this past summer. The show is very well written and provides really interesting insights, even if it's just for the teacher to grab a better understanding of a particular idea or concept.
The New Teacher Podcast
Looking to strengthen my quantitative skills for my MBA classwork. This podcast is an incredible tool… invaluable. I love it! Thank you!
Love it!!!!!!!
An excellent refresher course! Entertaining and enlightening.
perfect for the commute
This has made my commute more interesting. So many things I never thought about! Thanks for a great podcast.
Sir Percy Blakeney
Great podcast
Great review of basic math concepts
I recommend this podcast to all elementary and middle school students and teachers:-D
Quick and Easy
I have been interested in math my whole life. I have an 11 year old boy that is learning that math can be fun. The Math Dude always has some little tricks that my son enjoys and can put to use in school. It is one thing for a parent to tell their son or daughter how important factoring is, but it helps when the Math Dude says it too. Podcasts are short and too the point. This is just one more podcasts that make the radio obsolete! Thanks Math Dude...wish I had found you months ago.
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Afraid of Math? Try this podcast!
This is a wonderful podcast for learners of all ages and abilities (except for small children). Jason does a great job of explaining even the most complicated of math topics, and what I enjoy the most is the sheer variety of topics, everything from math basics to logic puzzles to items that are happening the daily news. You will not find yourself bored, and if you have been afraid of math, you will find Jason to be the friendly next-door tutor, providing helpful everyday examples and sticking with you until you understand. Highly recommended!
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Entertaining and engaging
As a math teacher and aficionado, Jason does a fantastic job articulating complex topics and making them very understandable for everyone. Math is everywhere; Jason just helps us find and understand what we already see.
Super Resource for teachers
I plan to use this with my middle school students as introductions to new lessons, supplemental teaching, and enrichment activities. Thanks, Jason Marshall!
Awsome show!!!
Helped me out alot in class!! Plus there's alot of neat math too!! I vote more neat math!
Studly dud
Intro music breaks eardrums
I like this podcast, but I'm unsubscribing until new intro music is picked out. Every time this podcast starts, that horrible, twangy, tinny guitar comes in much, much louder than whatever podcast that preceded it KILLS my eardrums. By the time I regain my bearings and reach for the volume, it's over. This has caused me to resent the entire podcast, informative as it is.
Five Stars!
I really love this podcast. I find it very infomitive and the you tube videos are an added bonus. The math dude makes math interesting!!
Great show!
Easy and enjoyable
My opinion
It would sound better if it were called Math Man.
Lilly 1234
Great for the math-phobic
The language of this program is direct and informative. He uses real-life examples that make the information stick (unlike most math classes). This podcast has been invaluable to me since I've returned to college after a break and need to start taking math again. I feel more comfortable with the "lingo" and more confident that I can actually ace a math class, plus the GRE I'll be taking down the road.
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I am a fan of most QDT programs, but for the first time, I am absolutely disappointed with this one. As Mr. Marshall, I am a scientist working at a university, and in my case, I am a Mathematician. Before grad school, I taught math at high school level for a few years, and my wife has been a math teacher for over a decade. Both of us found this particular podcast counterproductive, counterintuitive, and with explanations that would most likely confuse most students. Seriously, if you have problems with math, you're probably going to be more confused after hearing these guy, and if you are the math wiz at your school, you already know about 95% of what this guy is talking about anyway, and what you may not know is not really worth your time, as you will have to look for it on your own anyway to understand it.
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David Jimenez
A good listen even if you know math
I'm already pretty good at math, so when I first heard about this podcast, I thought, "Pff... why bother?" But I subscribed anyway, to give it a try. Well, sometimes he covers things I already know. But more often, it seems, what he covers are gaps in my math knowledge. This current series on converting repeating decimals to fractions is a great example.
Dude, you are are the best! Keep updating!
This is a lifesaver
All my life I've had horrendous math skills, but this podcast explains everything in a way that is easy, yet not brain-dead stupid, to understand. Thanks!
Math made practical
Just subscribed and wow great pod cast that builds on itself! He does a fabulous job summing up previous lessons, teaches something new and provides great examples! Fabulous refresher for math I have not used in years!
Enjoyed very much. Thanks
Married 18 yrs happily
Helps so much with my kids...
I was a Math Minor in college (20 years ago), but now, when trying to explain the simple stuff to my kids, I fail to remember the background behind much of the work. I can remember that to divide a fraction is to multiply by it's inverse, but I can't remember why. This podcast has been great to remind me about "Why" in such a way that it is easy to then teach my kids.
Good stuff!
I enjoy the episodes and the information. I come away feeling smarter, and I pick up useful information.
The Math Dude Podcast Is A Great Review!
I have been listening to Jason Marshall's "Math Dude" podcast from the Quick And Dirty Tips network for a few months now and have to say that I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in numbers and the way they work. I am by no means a math expert, but I do understand the basics. Jason has the knack of explaining complicated concepts in an easy to visualize way. Whether he is talking about walking along a line drawn on the floor one way or the other to illustrate addition and subtraction or pouring water from glass-to-glass in a line to explain averaging, his examples are easy to imagine and tie-back nicely to the mathematical concept. A number of his podcasts have covered ideas that I already had firmly understood (so they were good reviews). Some were completely new to me - or corrections of things that I had "learned" incorrectly. Perhaps I am a bit of a geek because I enjoy learning and love the way numbers have a daily impact on everyday life, but I think the podcast is worth a listen and I would recommend anyone who wants a refresher of the basic concepts of math download and listen to the back episodes. Today!
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Math you can finally understand
Math is like physics to many of us -- complicated and as dark as black magic. Thankfully, The Math Dude has helped us to understand simple concepts in math. I love the recent shows about mean and median.
Great helper for Math
I teach Math and find this helpful to get extra helps. Great job keep up the good work.
This man is amazing wow
Lucid and practical
The 09 April 2010 podcast on using decimals to compute discounted retail prices is entertaining, clear, and detailed. It will definitely empower listeners to drop the calculator-crutch when comparing sales at stores. The challenge question at the end is a stimulating introduction to more complicated in-store sales tactics, and should serve well as an example SAT query.
Suniti Karunatillake
Great podcast, thanks
Honest Truth Teller
Well done...
but too simplistic for me and most math-literate individuals. If you like math, you probably won't learn anything, and if you hate math, you probably wouldn't be listening anyway. An episode about how to apply calculus to everyday life was more what I was expecting. I don't really need to be told what a fraction is... or how to find 10%. For me, this show is not useful enough because the tips are geared for an audience who has negligable math skills. If you passed 7th grade math, and still remember it, don't bother.
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Ian the Brave
Its good, but it is not what I expected, and it is not dirty like it says.
I rox like saltz
Math Simplified and Understandable
Great Podcast! I've never been very good at math (I still count on my fingers). Math Dude is great at simplifying math and making it easier to understand. Thanks!
Just what ive been looking for. Good for math fans but even better if we need help with math. Thanks Math Dude
Another Great Q&DT Podcast
I listen to several Q&DT podcasts and have found most to be of extremely high caliber, this one included. Though this may not stay on my subscribe list- I have a Math Degree and do not think I am the target audience... -I am very impressed with the knowledge and delivery. I will definitely recommend this!
Easy Math
Lolo Bill
Algebra would have been nice!
This is great, to bad it's not what I need!
Clear and Approachable!
I've always held the notion that math is intimately woven into our daily lives, but because I don't speak math, I can never think of ways to explain it. Math Dude hits the nail on the head every time, making the complicated nuances of math seem approachable. As an educator, I come across students every day who are smart and college bound, but are seriously math phobic. I'll definitely encourage them to go to Math Dude for help in getting over their fear!
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Math Anxiety Solved!
After listening to this podcast, I can finally say that my math anxiety is solved! Jason’s fun and interactive approach allows me to make sense of numbers and equations in the real world! His lessons, coupled with interesting background stories and clever examples, brilliantly answers the question that I always asked my math teacher in high school, "When am I ever going to use this?” I will never look at fractions with fear and stress again! Thank you Math Dude!!
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Great Podcast, even for Math Phobes
Math Dude has a way of making math seem not only do-able, but fun--by helping listeners see the connection between every day tasks like making a pizza and doing, well, math. His pod personality is laid-back and encouraging, and his content is perfect for anyone who wants to brush up on their numerical literacy, or for kids struggling with math in school (great breakfast listening before first-period Algebra!).
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Math Phobe
Visual Math
I find this series very useful for students who need a different way to think about Math. The visual that is described and repetition of examples during the podcast are extremely helpful and go beyond memorization. Thanks, Math Dude!
Love it!
As an educator, I'm loving this podcast. The episode I just listened to promoted understanding the concept behind the math, not just the formula. So very important! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more and will promote this podcast to the educators in my state. Well done!
Good stuff
Thanks for the fun podcast! I hope you keep going with concepts that I've not consciously considered for eons, and then move into intuitive solutions to cool problems. It would be really cool to understand some of the "tricks" (like those associated with multiplying things that end with 5).
Eases math anxiety...
I'm really enjoying this new podcast. Math Dude makes math both entertaining and fun. If you are a self-proclaimed math-o-phobe, then this podcast is for you.
J. Hall
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