The Man Under Construction Podcast
The Man Under Construction Podcast
Michael Vilches
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In order to move forward we must understand where we have been. Discovering what a true man is one battle at a time. My personal journey as well as the journeys of others. Helping people cross the bridges we have already built. Support this podcast:
2. We 2 Kings w/ Elliott Hulse
The man himself joins the podcast to discuss different topics. From the transition of strength coach to helping young men strive for more. We also discuss the different masculine archetypes.  Find out more about Elliott's programs on his website:  Follow Elliott on Instagram:  @elliotthulse Music by: Shane Kennemore Support MUC through Patreon: --- Support this podcast:
Jan 2
33 min
1. Black Belt Husband w/ Quentin Hafner
The first official episode of season 2.  Quentin Hafner, author of Black Belt Husband joins the podcast and he shares the inspiration behind this great book. This episode will inspire brothers out there to continue on the journey to noble manhood.  Get your copy of Black Belt Husband: Quentin Hafner website: M.U.C. patreon: Music by: Shane Kennemore --- Support this podcast:
Dec 13, 2020
39 min
So This Is Season 2....
In this season opener I share a few thoughts and what this upcoming season will be about. More to come.... Music by: Shane Kennemore M.U.C. Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Nov 20, 2020
8 min
26. The Secure Dad w/ Andy Murphy
Andy Murphy from The Secure Dad joins the podcast. We talk about the story behind The Secure Dad,  Covid-19 and security in these uncertain times, and situational awareness. This is a podcast for the protector in all of us.  Follow The Secure Dad on Instagram:  Website:  The Secure Dad reference guide for home security for MUC listeners  Music by: Shane Kennemore M.U.C. Instagram: M.U.C. Patreon:  --- Support this podcast:
Apr 17, 2020
39 min
25. Beyond The Letter Black w/ Mark and Sarah
On this epic episode Mark and Sarah from the The Letter Black join me for a personal conversation.  We go beyond the concerts, posters, and glimmering lights and get a look into the amazing crew that is The Letter Black. They share how they got started, behind the scenes, their testimony, their inspirations, why they do what they do, and upcoming music.  It was a profound conversation with plenty of laughs. Thank you Mark and Sarah, both of you rock!! Follow on Instagram: Facebook: @theletterblack Music by: Shane Kennemore --- Support this podcast:
Apr 10, 2020
55 min
24. Men on Fire w/ Stephen Mansfield
On today's episode Stephen Mansfield joins us and we discuss his upcoming book "Men on Fire". He shares the inspiration behind it and why it is needed in the modern man. I've received messages from brothers out there in regards to be building their own band of brothers. Steven goes into detail on how to go about it. We need a band of brothers to be the great men we are destined to be. Men on Fire by Stephen Mansfield on Amazon: Contact Steven at: Instagram: Greatman.TV: --- Support this podcast:
Apr 7, 2020
29 min
23. Into the Dark Blue w/Zach
On this episode Zach from Into the Dark Blue joins the podcast and we talk about what drives the mission of Dark Blue. We discuss men's mental health and how important it is.  We also discuss his recent trip to Ireland and how the culture impacted him. Some light talk on COVID-19 and more.  Music by: Shane Kennemore Find Zach and Into the Dark Blue via: Instagram - intothe_darkblue Facebook - Into the Dark Blue Nomad Psalms - Sheath Underwear - 25% off with promo code: DARKBLUE at --- Support this podcast:
Apr 3, 2020
34 min
22. Can you please pass the salt w/ Forrest Munden
On today's episode Forrest Munden shares his story, his service in the army, and the purpose of his Instagram presence. We talk about his podcast "backbuilders". Along the way we dive into the masculine psychology and the need to be healed me in order to lead. Today's podcast is rich with insights. Sit back and enjoy the ride.  Follow Forrest on Instagram: backbuilders on Spotify: Music by: Shane Kennemore  --- Support this podcast:
Mar 26, 2020
44 min
21. We are on this adventure, together w/Adam Asher
My brother and good friend Adam Asher joins us once again as we attempt to navigate these uncertain times.  Adam is the host and creator of The Edge of Adventure.  On today's podcast he shares his latest journey into the country of Mexico.  We also discuss our current situation with COVID-19 hitting close to home.  We journey into different topics on this adventure. We will get through this together.  Follow Adam’s journey:  Preferred social links: --- Support this podcast:
Mar 21, 2020
54 min
20. This is Sparta w/ Patrick Spencer
Patrick Spencer joins the podcast today and we discuss the journey of a Spartan boy to man. With the knowledge we have about this ancient society we try to extract the lessons they can teach the modern man. From boyhood, to adolescence, to manhood, and finally mentor. We highlight the much needed journey in today's man. This is Sparta! Follow Patrick on Instagram @trulyspartan  Music by: Shane Kennemore @Studio_933 --- Support this podcast:
Mar 12, 2020
1 hr 2 min
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