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The Magnus Archives
Rusty Quill
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Fantastic bite sized stories
I heard about this podcast as it had ended on an episode of Old Gods of Appalachia and was hooked from the very first episode. Well written, produced and narrated.
Creepy and Cool
I can’t write reviews without spoilers, but highly recommend. I actually started listening without knowing that it was a horror show and I’ve loved it so far. :)
Great readings
awesome story telling.
Transactasuars rex
Look at it as a Whole
As someone who thought the strengh of this podcast was in the short stories, I felt they stumbled on the ending when it came to tying up the overarching plot. The solution is crammed into the last few episodes, giving a rushed feeling, and the shift in storytelling format for season 5 was difficult to adjsut to. However, this podcast still contains over a hundred great short stories, and uncovering the mystery of what the characters are heading towards through the first 4 seasons still makes this worth listening to.
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These are SO GOOD! I am so sad I didn’t start listening sooner even though I subscribed a long time ago. The atmosphere, the narration and the format they have created to tell these stories are genius. I’m so intrigued to see if the files start to paint a bigger picture. Great work!
Vouloir Noir
These words are delicious. Savor them as one of their beloved audience. Regret will only brush your cheek when the end comes, but ends are beginnings, so revel in your feast, and don’t concern yourself with the last course. Bon appetit, to my newest fellow member, of their beloved audience.
I would recommend listening up until 160. After that, the plot goes out the window and it’s just incomprehensible. I liked this show a lot but it lost its magic for me. Also, in season five I think there was a little bit of overuse with SFX.
Not the obsession I was expecting.
There is something to be said for picking up a podcast with 5 seasons already out. A friend recommended this *spooky podcast* that I might like. Little did I know that I would spend my long drives cross country listening to an amazingly in-depth, yet bite sized horror story every episode. Do I necessarily recommend listening to 20 episodes strait while driving through the dark with nothing on the horizon? Maybe not, but it worked well for me. I thought this was going to be a place holder podcast to listen to between others, but NOPE, everything else has been set to the wayside while I follow the archivist deeper and deeper in to his darkness. Make sure you always have extra batteries for your torch my friends. You will need it.
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Everything about this show, from the writing, to the voice acting, to the audio work, is amazing. I was hooked from episode 1 and binged all of it in a couple months. My only complaint is that it’s over. But it’s a fantastic story and a wonderful ride. Listen to it if you like horror.
G. Syler
Awesome show, but a note for new viewers
This podcast is seriously freaking awesome, an amazing horror podcast but with a cool plot that really picks up. But just a friendly warning for any new listeners: this is a tragedy, and while I’m not saying the ending is awful and a bad ending, I’m saying if you’re the sort of person who needs a super good and happy everybody wins ending this might not be for you. BUT! If you don’t mind, this podcast is super cool and at least worth giving a shot.
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Listening to this with my friend, the plot is amazing and overarching, but not to the point where you have to re listen to everything to understand it It is (dare I say) a web that draws you in with amazing voice acting and storytelling 10/10 would recommend for fellow cryptics
Hands down best narrative horror drama
I’m very picky with my horror and I don’t normally listen to anthology horror with an exception for NoSleep but Magnus had captivated me. I adore media that is told in an anthology style but has an overarching plot that eventually takes over the narrative. I cannot recommend this enough and I’m kinda hoping that Rusty Quill Gaming starts doing a Magnus Archives tabletop series.
The Magnus Archives is certainly a podcast
I love this podcast! The sound design is phenomenal, and so is the voice acting. It’s unsettling and genuinely scary at times, but doesn’t rely on typical scare tactics. Well-written, creepy, and unconventional, The Magnus Archives is one you don’t want to miss!
All your friends are spiders
Fantastic storytelling
The writing, voice acting and weaving of the story are top shelf. I enjoyed how the underlying narrative comes into focus slowly. I fell in love with all the characters, they are beautifully human and relatable. Sims narrative paints a vivid visual picture, some true nightmare fuel. Have listened to the entire series 2X. Highly recommend. Cant wait to listen to what Rusty Quill puts out next!
Unbelievably Amazing
Someone recommended this to me in passing, and the name somehow stuck in my head. I listened to the first episode, and was immediately sucked in by the incredible storytelling, wonderful characters, and brilliant plot. Everything about The Magnus Archives is uniquely, spine-chillingly, heart-wrenchingly amazing. The character development is very raw and real, and the emotions conveyed, while greatly exaggerated to support the storyline, are ones that the majority of people have felt at some point in their lives. I love this podcast more than I ever would have thought possibly, and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!
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Terrible Ending
The ending was a total cop out and totally weak writing! It was awful and I am disgusted that something so good for so long was ruined like it was. Never have I been less fulfilled from an ending. Thanks, I will never get that time back I wasted on this series because of the crap ending. Wow guys, you ruined those moments of my life.
Life changing, to say the least
I started listening to the magnus archives right at the start of the pandemic, when everything was uncertain and everyone was panicking. Though a strange form of comfort media, this podcast became just that for me, a way to escape from reality. Not only was I enchanted by the complex characters and their masterful arcs, I also began to realize that while many things that I fear were explored in the show, I was able to understand the fear rather than be scared away by it. This show literally changed my relationship with my irrational fears. Instead of avoiding them, now they are hurdles to get over, something to overcome. This review doesnt even cover the genius of Jonny Sims, the crafting of a beautiful tragedy, and a collection of stories like no other. Dont let anything stop you from listening!
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v marko
Fascinating Horror
I was watching Fascinating Horror and you were the sponsor of the episode. So here I am! Thank you for supporting the Fascinating Horror channel in YouTube. It’s one of my favorites!!
Banshee Rising
Amazing writing and wonderful concept
I love how the individual threads are being woven together into a larger narrative. I’m absolutely loving it!
My absolute favorite work of fiction
I’m so happy to have been here on this journey. The magnus archives is a fantastic work of fiction unlike anything I’ve ever seen before— I genuinely can’t think of a single thing wrong with it. I recommend it to everyone I know and I hope even though it’s ended more and more people will give it a listen! It changed my life and I’m so thankful for the team at rusty quill for bringing life to this wonderful story.
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Loved it
I have loved the full run of this show. It’s hard to say goodbye but does feel right, somehow. Great podcast!
This podcast is just.... everything.
I don’t really review things but this podcast was so brilliant that I just can’t help but take a moment to praise the work of Jonny Sims, Alex Newell, and everyone else at Rusty Quill who made this incredible podcast. I love horror, but I will be the first to admit that finding quality, thought provoking works within the genre is tricky. The Magnus Archives, in my opinion, is the best example of quality horror content I’ve found in years! I started listening October 2020, and quickly flew through the episodes (and just in time to catch the finale the day it dropped!!!). The slow build of the over arching plot is so well paced, and the individual episodes are delightfully chilling. The characters are well rounded, and easy to develop a vested interest in. I found every single episode memorable, and with the casts’ phenomenal voice acting and the impeccable sound design, was effortlessly immersed in the masterfully crafted world of the Magnus Institute. If you’ve struggled to get into fictional podcasts listen to this one. You will NOT regret it. Personally looking forward to listening to it a second time!
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[no spoilers] Best Fiction Podcast
This podcast is better than almost any TV show I’ve watched, there’s foreshadowing and a payoff. It may seem a little slow at the start but by the end of season one you will definitely be hooked. This was my gateway podcast, even though I’d been listening to WTNV before Magnus that podcast was more of a billboard that alerted me to the existence of fiction podcasts. Even if you don’t think you’re a fan of the horror genre this podcast extends past it. If you liked Lost and wished they didn’t changed the ending because fans connected the dots, if you liked Supernatural but wished Destiel actually happened, or if you just like stories that are going somewhere and have complex world building, this is a podcast for you. TLDR listen to The Magus Archives Rusty Quill did an amazing job and I can’t believe it’s over. (Also all the voice actors are British so there’s that)
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Movie Fan 📽
made me cry so much! amazing podcast!
jonny sims i WILL fight you hand to hand. this podcast is INCREDIBLE, but be warned you will absolutely sob at the end !!! dont wanna say too much but. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! pls do listen!!
Hurts your feelings.
Cant believe it’s over
I remember when I started this podcast! I could have never predicted the direction this would go but I loved every minute 💕
The best thing I’ve ever heard
I’ve been listening to this podcast since last may, I just finished the finally. This podcast is something truly special to me it’s made me smile, cry, claustrophobic. Given me hope, nightmares, friends, and even family. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you to all the wonderful people who made this. One way or another, together
Cosmic Horror at it’s finest.
A perfect blend of short and long form fiction. Story telling that is well performed, written, and produced. If you like your horror well grounded but with a cosmic creepy flair then you will love The Magnus Archives.
Captain Obligvious
If you decide to listen to this podcast
Listen to the trailers, they're unique and give you hints that will not be within the episodes themselves. I love this podcast, it is obvious that these creators care about it so much and every detail is worth listening to. Update: this bad boy holds 200 episodes of fantastic story telling, characterization, and good ol horror.
Masterwork podcast
Phenomenal. A harrowing and thrilling ride that has kept kept me hooked from beginning to end. Well done RQ staff and thank you for this jewel of a podcast. Highly recommend if your a horror fan.
Literally The Best Podcast
If you’re a fan of horror, or even just a fan of good story telling, this is for you! I listen to podcasts nonstop, and this one is THE BEST. Across all mediums, across all platforms. In fairness.... that is likely hyperbole, BUT I very much enjoy this one. It holds a special place in my heart. The story, the characters, even the creators; are all phenomenal! I strongly recommend you check it out. A little context!! I listen to podcasts all day long. I’m constantly on the lookout for new ones and never double back for a second listen. Why re-visit something with so much new ground to tread? Well, I’ve shot through this one three times. I am also fairly picky about what I recommend to my friends. They’re all, by majority, on board with Magnus now! Ha ha!! I’m also a stingy capitalist, who rarely buys merchandise (unless it’s to do with the Fallout franchise). I have purchased a shirt from Rusty Quill and intend to buy 14 other items, the exact nature of which I can’t get into here. Just listen to it. You’ll finally fall in love with something that won’t let you down. It’ll still hurt you, but it won’t let you down. Well.... it’s not over yet..... but I’m 86% certain they’ll stick the landing! Get invested people!!!!
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Amazing stories, you can listen to each episode and get a great tale or keep listening for a while adventure!
Just finished season 2
I just finished season 2 I started this show last Friday. I cannot stop listening it is so good!
Started this show a couple weeks ago and I’m hooked. Working my way into season two now. Such a rewarding mystery and great horror shorts! Give the first episode a try! One of my favorites and a perfect way to set the stage for this show.
Probably the best horror pod I’ve ever heard
I cannot overstate how amazing this podcast is. The writing is on point, and the voice acting is beautiful. I love every bit about this podcast and can’t wait until the next episode.
Love So Much
This by far not a thing without flaws, but as a story its a near masterpiece. The worldbuilding, as in the way they went about unveiling the world, was so enjoyable that i was on the edge of my seat and engrossed even though a lot of the mystery was spoiled for me already. I literally love interpreting and thinking about this story, and if you’re looking for something that contains a mystery thats a pleasure to unwind and characters that are supremely interesting and at times morally muddy or even completely wrong, PLEASE listen to this.
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New Listener
I love the vibes of this. The archivist has a kind of inspiring disdain for anything without research or fact backing it up.
Great slow burn horror
I started listening to this on a road trip a few years back, and of all the podcasts I “sampled” on that trip, this is the only one I still follow. It started out a little slow, and I was not in any way convinced I would enjoy it for the first few listens, but over time, as a subtle plot started weaving all the “monster of the week” episodes into a cohesive narrative, I found myself looking forward to the next episode. Well-produced, well-written, just all-around a well-done fiction podcast.
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Sometimes Tumblr is right
I saw so much talk about how amazing this show is. So glad I finally jumped in. This is amazing and manages to build such a fantastic building of dread. Can’t recommend more.
Listen from ep 1
This is the only podcast that I avidly wait for every week. Its plot is so immaculately woven. It’s one of the few stories I’ve found that balances mystery and spookiness this well. 10 out of 10, will always recommend 💖👻
Tumblr got me into this, and I am so grateful. I love The Magnus archives, the horror is impeccable and the characters are really amazing. It has consumed my life.
Incredibly Well Done
The most addictive podcast I’ve ever come across. The production quality and content are excellent.
S Cadzow
Good storytelling
Horror isn’t normally my genre, but people on tumblr couldn’t stop posting about this so here I am. And I’m only caught up to the end of season 2, so I still don’t know what they’re all talking about. Anyways: the storytelling is good, I’m impressed by how long this thing has been going on, it’s...yeah, I don’t know what to say. Um, I like the episode length? Sorry, I just don’t have anything negative to say about it, which after 80 episodes means a lot of things have to have gone very, very right. If you’re just starting listening: all of the episodes except the ones at the very end of the seasons (so far) work as stand alone stories except for the last couple. There is some story arc/overall mystery but it takes a while to build, and once you think it’s starting to come together there’s yet another stand alone episode. It’s great for suspense, but I was expecting it to be more of one big story when I started listening so that took me by surprise. It’s all good though.
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Excellent Writing and Cast!
This podcast is wonderfully written as a continuous story or stand alone episodes which is a difficult feat. It is a pleasure to listen to the skillful cast bringing the story to life. The Magnus Archives sets a high bar for podcasting. By far my favorite podcast! Highly recommend
My friend really really liked this podcast, so after being reluctant to start at first, I started listening last week. I’m addicted. :D
My favorite podcast
Thank you for one of the best podcasts!
Brilliant, my friends are probably sick of hearing about it
I don’t actually find any of it particularly scary, but the stories are incredibly well-crafted, seeing and considering how bits tie together is thrilling, watching characters interact and develop is intriguing, and the overarching plotline has me thoroughly hooked! The drama seems so thoughtfully and cleverly made?! I binged it in just under two weeks, because I metaphorically could not put this podcast down. A piece of art. Update: I have relistened to the current 192 episodes and bonus content, and I maintain everything said above. Best horror podcast!!
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Amazing, show-stopping, never been done before...
I listen to a lot of *weird* fiction podcasts. Things you can’t really explain in a sentence. They’re incredible, but nobody really gets it; they’re not the kind of thing you can show to other people. The Magnus Archives, on the other hand... It’s just a good story! It’s easy to pick up, and impossible to put down. It’s is emotional, suspenseful, and incredibly well written. The characters are very close to my heart, and the story as it unfolds is still thrilling even after 50+ hours and 190 episodes. This show will make you think about yourself, it will keep you on edge, and it will always deliver on every episode. I used to hate horror, but this show is good enough that I sit through all of the creepy stuff just for the the wonderful writing of Jonny Sims. I can’t believe it’s going to be over soon, and I 100% recommend it.
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An Eggcelent Egg Inc. Player
AMAZING even if you normally don’t like horror!
I have always hated horror movies, so I was skeptical i would like this when my roommate recommended it but here we are a week later having listened to 100+ episodes and OBSESSED! I have already convinced 2 other friends to listen to it! The pacing, writing, everything is just amazing!
The one and only 69er
Absolutely Phenomenal
I absorbed this entire series in about 10 days and I have absolutely no regrets, this series is incredible. Ok maybe a few regrets such as owning clown dolls and having puppets in my room. And I have been having weird dreams but that doesn’t matter and I’m sure is unrelated. The Magnus Archives is fantastic and everyone who likes horror even a little should listen to it and if you’re not sure if you like horror you should give this a try and basically long story short listen to this podcast!!!!
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the Emster😄
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