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Lowe for president!
Z is the best!
It’s a POD from ESPN sooo..
This podcast can be informative, nerdy, and give some insight to the league but not surprisingly ESPN’s ideology will inevitably take over the entire show. Bout as blah as baseball tonight’s pod
"Hands On Balls"
Best NBA nerd podcast out there! Keep up the great work!
Meh at best
Just another run of the mill bias ESPN reporter with run of the mill hot takes
Lord uppercut
Great analysis!
Such a smart podcast. Love it. Great guests too. Keep it up 👍🏻
Idea for a movie, Zach
The Glorification of an Alleged Rapist The tale of an arrogant, selfish, nasty multimillionaire loathed by his peers until his sudden death produces phony epitaphs about his absent decency and non-existent contributions to the business that made him a fortune. Starring: Bob Harig as Zach Lowe; Megyn Kelly as Rachel Nichols; Laura Ingraham as Ramona Shelburne; and, Shaquille O’Neal, once named by Our Zero (“I should have done what Shaq does ... Shaq gives them money or buys them cars ... Shaq does this to keep the girls quiet.”) as The Chump. Co-stars include: Mike Tirico as the Once-Suspended Workplace Predator (Since Promoted); Mark Levin as Stephen Z. Smith; and, Fred Hiatt as the Paid (offshore) Censor. With guest appearances by: Patrick “No Contest” Graber; Ex-con John Roche Jr.; Tom “Court Jester” Leykis, and, The current and former members of the Eagle, Col. prosecutor’s, sheriff’s, and clerk’s offices.
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Peter Guillam
Bill Simmons
Is a hater
Bill Simmons is trash
Find better guest. Simmons is a clown.
Still good but no longer great
Zach used to be the best in the business. While he’s still good, his analysis over the last few years has become more and more “ESPN-ified.” Now when a smart analytical person comes on the pod he basically cuts them off if they mention any advanced stat and yells about SCHMORFS AND VORFS and acts like that’s some third rail nerd stuff. He seems more comfortable these days speaking hyperbolically in the vein of Stephen A Smith rather than being measured and analytical. And god forbid every third podcast not be all about the Lakers. Anyways, still a regular listener, just not at the top of my pod feed priority list anymore.
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Zach is great, but…
Sometimes the guests are trash, man. Sorry to say. Zach is a great talent, but when the news cycle gets a little slow, buddy brings on some trash guests. Boring and tan-gently related to hoops, but overall not very intriguing. I’m a fiend for his pods so I listen to them all, but to say some are better than others is putting it lightly. Zach really does his due diligence before getting on the pod. Asks good questions, and proposes interesting hypotheticals. Would recommend.
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Lowe x Slater = Excellence
Anthony Slater finally on the Lowe Post!! Definitely worth a 5 star review! (Love you too Nick) Really enjoyed hearing 3 amazing basketball minds (two Eeyores, one CR) thinking together. Here’s to many more episodes together!
The show has been going downhill for a while, as Zach has prioritized high-profile, low substance guests over smart basketball people. The day I stopped listening is the day he had Xenophobe hot take artist Stephen A Smith on the show. I don’t blame Zach, I blame network pressure. What a shame. Go to The Athletic Zach!
Great Guests
The stable of guests are the best part of the show. What up Beck.
Zach Lowe GOAT
Lowe is the best. Wish the guests just rotated through Herring, Arnovitz, Coach Thorpe and Jackie Mac (please say she’ll still come on in retirement…)
One of the best! Great content!
One of tge best in the business.
Bad political takes
I understand you can speak truth in the NBA these days if you want to keep your job, but the Kenosha shooting was investigated and the officer in question was found to be fully justified in his decision. You may not like it, but the people protesting are not always right in their assessment of any situation, and you shouldn’t treat them as such infallible geniuses of justice. Good basketball takes though.
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I know it’s ESPN, but I really didn’t think Zach would stoop so low as to have the xenophobic hot take artist Stephen A. Smith on his pod. Especially barely a month after his blatantly racist rant against Shohei Ohtani. This guy shouldn’t have a job but he’s plastered all over ESPN, the network who suspended Jemele Hill for saying that Trump is a white supremacist (he is) but is cool with their biggest mouth slamming an Asian baseball player. Respectable voices like Zach certainly shouldn’t be giving Smith even more chances to speak.
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Says it like it is
Very smooth pod work. Feels like you’re just chilling and listening to 2 friends talk ball
Okay, but no longer must-listen.
Zach used to be more curious in his interviews. Now he monologues his guests to insert his opinions before asking each question. It’s okay, but he was a lot better before when he was more invested in discussion.
Zach Lowe - Quite Biased
He’s extremely biased towards certain players and actually doesn’t know his statistics very well - saying Westbrook shoots more than anyone. His own teammate Beal shot more than him. I’m tired of the Russ slander. The small thing he does wrong - shooting - is scrutinized so heavily when he does EVERYTHING else right. Zach Lowe, stop hating on players for no reason. When Lakers win the chip, I’ll be back.
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Get windy off this pod!
I love Zach and nearly every guest but having Windy on is awful and unlistenable. He goes on stupid tangents and dominates with silly statements that mean nothing. Can’t listen to any with him on it. When he’s on TV with a script it’s fine but on a pod is anger inducing. Ruined my hope to hear a great recap of game 6.
Mr o13
Great Podcast. Cheap tricks to gain clicks
The podcast is marvelous. And Zach Lowe’s analysis is first rate. You lose a star because is re-titling stories to get cheap extra clicks. It’s doubtlessly not your fault, but it’s a really poor practice and honestly beneath y’all. Your analysis is great…you don’t need these cheap tricks.
Addlepated Fan Boys!
The first few minutes of the NBA Game 5 Bucks-Suns recap pod is delightful. Lowe & Windhorst sound like a couple of hyped up teenagers. It was charming & a very human, nice listen. 😀
Windhorst is a no go
Zach, you’re a great listen on the pod and you deserve five stars. You have to stop bringing Brian Windhorst on this thing tho. He’s the worst analyst in basketball history. He even admitted he’s not good at anything his job entails (x’s and o’s as well as determining the legitimacy of a player). The only reason he is where he is is because of Lebron James. Please find a new guest.
Best NBA podcast
This is my go to podcast for NBA. I always read Zach Lowe and love the podcast and guests they have on.
Great Pod but...
This is one of the best basketball podcasts out there, and I enjoy the topics discussed...but Windhorst might be the worst guest you have on at a consistent basis. Pelton is great, Herring is awesome and most others, but Windhorst really adds nothing except for verbosity and tends to ramble on without being prepared for the podcast. I think that goes against the essence of your podcast because you are always well prepared and knowledgeable.
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Anybody but Windhorst!
Brian Windhorst is nauseating, unlistenable on a podcast. WAY over the top in his Game 2 reactions. I had to turn it off. Keep Windy on columns and TV appearances, banish him from long form podcasts!
Rachel Nichols
Rachel Nichols does the white power symbol with her hand at the start of most games. It broke my heart the first time I saw it at the preseason Nets game. It is hard to watch her since then. Every time I see at the beginning of games and she gives her monologue, her right hand holds the mic and the left hand goes to the symbol. It is soul crushing to see. It devastated my children and I. That is horrible thing to do to children, to allow it to continue. I hope that she goes and restarts somewhere so else that she can rebuild the trust in her, to come back to do what she seems liked she wanted to do at some point. It clearly has become something else to her. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
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Around there
Seems like Zach doesn’t like the Bucks
I get that he works for ESPN, but he didn’t give them much credit for taking down Brooklyn.
Stop Cutting Off Your Guests Zach!
I enjoy his podcasts for the most part except for the fact that he ALWAYS CUTS PEOPLE OFF! He needs to learn how to have a conversation. He did the same thing on his Grantland pods and it drove me nuts. It comes off pretentious. Other than that great pod! Lol
Hey Zach
Thanks for finally having a mere 20some minute set talking about the Bucks… once they went down 2-0 in their playoff series. They were a fascinating team all year and instead you spent half a podcast on the Magic and an ENTIRE podcast on the Pistons. Two of the three worst teams in the league by record. Or you talked to bandwagon fan Mina Kimes about the team she became a “super fan” of in March or mediocre West teams like Memphis, GS, Dallas, etc. who can’t win a playoff series. Come on. You’re supposed to be better than the rest of the meatheads at ESPN. Can you stop having Arnovitz on? You said it was the first time you’d had him on in a “long time” last week, but it was in reality a day shorter than a month. He’s the most frequent guest. I skip episodes to avoid listening to his insufferable nasal nerd “I know more than everyone” voice.
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Welcome toooooo The Lowe post review!!!!
Love listening to Zach be soooooo excited to start every pod, and listen to it sometimes at 1-1/2x speed to make him sound like he just did a line of coke. But in all seriousness Zach brings it every pod and deserves the recognition for all the hard work he’s done. He also has the best face for a podcast ever! While on the jump he always looks like he was just asked the hardest question ever…
Good show for casual fans
If you like the NBA but don't want to go too far into the strategic and analytical weeds, this is a good podcast to listen to (just be aware that you'll be working with incomplete information). Could also have crossover appeal for fans of Jerry Seinfeld impersonators.
Good Podcast
Unfortunately their game 1 Hawks Knicks review sounds like New York radio commentary. Man can y’all at least disguise you love the Knicks.
Dj Yogi in Atlanta
A True Basketball Companion
As a member of the Dartmouth College family with Zach, I decided to try out this podcast, and I cannot stop listening! The guests of the podcast and Zach’s own contributions make this podcast a great basketball companion. Zach complements the wonderful basketball analysis with his great sense of humor. I can’t wait to see where this podcast goes in the next coming years.
Saeed Juggan
Foul language
When did this show stop bleeding out the curse words??
Zach doesn’t even pretend to be objective. All he does is pander to every big name player. And when someone says maybe just maybe LeBron shouldn’t make All-NBA he gasps like the clown he is and says “good luck with that.” So scared to upset anyone.
Hands down the best basketball podcast
Zach Lowe knows his stuff, and he is always a fun listen. If you’ve read any of his columns, you already know that. Some high points: great guests, a very fun but super on-point basketball discussion (no diatribes or ego-stroking stories), always shines a light on underrepresented teams/players/topics, and presents a variety of stats but never without having put in the game-watching hours himself. Thanks Zach, and keep up the great work!
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Love this podcast
Great basketball info, deep dive.
Lowe is great
But for the love of god, stop inviting Chris herring on the pod. He is needlessly verbose.
No more MVP talk
One of my favorite pods, but please can we put a moratorium on the MVP talk
Awesome except
Great podcast, lots of interesting insight and nuance with a fair amount of self deprecation. Love every episode that doesn’t have nick friedell on it. Nick Friedell hates fun and probably smells like old socks. Zach is a great reporter and a high quality interviewer. Except when he’s talking to Nick Friedell who is terrible.
Insightful, professional, accessible
Zach strikes me as very down to earth and relatable. Whether he’s talking about eating raisins out of a bag in the middle of the night during the trade deadline, or how tired he is of hearing Jazz fans boast about Gobert’s screen assists, he always finds a way to have fun and keep the discussion light-hearted. He has some amazing guests on his show; my favorites are with former and current coaches and players. He really does his homework and always has insightful, relevant questions on hand. His criminal justice reporting background really shines through, separating him from similar basketball themed podcasts. Every time I listen to a non-basketball related episode, such as voter turnout in Georgia for example, I remember just how intelligent and articulate he is. He’s among the best in the business.
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More hoop talk
Talk about basketball with real basketball enthusiasts not Mina lovely lady but I do not want to hear hoop from her bring more quality content for the hardcore Lowe post listeners like myself really miss your old content.
Pop Of Color
Why music
Why is there music playing over the conversation!?
Please stop saying ‘Poo-Poo’
One of, if not the best basketball podcast out there. I just can’t give it 5 stars because Zach just can’t stop saying ‘Poo-Poo’. Multiple times per episode. Please stop saying ‘Poo-Poo’. Please find another way to describe poor situations. It’s just weird at this point.
Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability
Thanks Zach for describing your experience with COVID-19. Really appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. Cheers to you.
jelly man ftw
Simmons in the Lowe post pod
Best combination to listen to talk basketball
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