The Lovecraft Geek
The Lovecraft Geek
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Excellent podcast
Entertaining, informative and insightful. Robert M. Price is a genius
Great show
I wish I’d discovered this sooner but I’m thoroughly enjoying the back episodes. This really opens up the world of HPL, horror, and pulp fiction. Always makes me excited to go read more horror!
Gordita Jim
Five stars for
geriatric forgetfulness, great information, and upsetting social justice warriors. Keep up the voices. Though I disagree, “Black Tom” wasn’t a good change to Rats in the Walls. If we want to start rewriting books to spare people’s feelings, we may as well save the time and burn the books instead, wear red armbands, and march outside the reichstag.
Herr Larsen
Awesome Podcast!
Robert Price is a living legend, and he has probably forgotten more about Lovecraft than others claim to know. I like his own genuine take on HPL and the mythos. Keep up the great work!
Haven’t listened yet, but some tiresome reviewers say it’s “as racist as Lovecraft” so I’m excited to dive in!
An excellent podcast
An excellent podcast for dissecting the literary aspect of Lovecraft including both his influences and those he influenced. Episode release is based on listened commentary and feedback so the release schedule can be sporadic. I look forward to every episode that does release.
Love this podcast
Big fan of Dr Price ever since I first heard him in The HPL Literary Podcast. I’ve since read many of his articles (although I haven’t gotten around to his books). He’s a guy after my own heart, I appreciate his sense of humor and find a lot of his views on comics, religion, and politics fascinating. He’s a hard one to pin down. For all the Price haters out there saying he’s racist because he does silly voices from time to time, I think you don’t know what racsim really is. I hope he keeps it up and continues his criticsm of the Puritanical wokeist bent in the Lovecraft fan community and in American culture in general. Keep it up Dr Price!
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Glen (aka) The One
I was excited to find this podcast. But the host likes to use racist accents to read letters. It’s offensive. Grow up.
Stephen from Texas
I used to enjoy this
Once this was a quality podcast, but now it’s political commentary has ruined it. Oh, and the racial accents aren’t helping.
The master...
There is no one on this planet (or any other) to whom I would rather listen on the subject of H.P. Lovecraft and his writings than Mr. Price. My only complaint about this podcast is that there isn't more of it! I could listen to four 3-hour shows a week! The combination of Robert Price and HPL makes this my favorite podcast on iTunes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Shirley Films
Kind of pathetic
As racist as Lovecraft was.
The High Priest of Lovecraft
Look no farther for Lovecraft scholarship in podcasting,this is the place.With all the people riding the Lovecraft wave for profit,here is someone who truly has a deep love and interest in the man and his stories.Sadly the neo-cultists have invaded Lovecraft country and all about threw the Pope out of the Vatican,but here he rules as he should.
The racist sounding Japanese accent you used in the last episode was offensive and not at all entertaining. I'm a longtime fan (of the Bible geek as well) but I hope you rethink this in the future. I live in Japan, my children are Japanese, and the Americanized version of the "Japanese accent" is incredibly insulting. You're much better than this.
Speaks to the worst of the master
Avuncular speaker, clearly knows his Lovecraft. Also seems to be quite at home with the worst tendencies in Lovecraft's work. If I knew I would have to listen to tired rants against Social Justice Warriors, women who want equal pay, or Muslims who don't want to be treated like second class citizens, I would never have tuned in. From now on, I'll stick with the H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
The Blue Demon
The podcast over Innsmouth.
Hearing RMP talk about Cthulhu on "Monster Talk" was enough to get me interested in the works of HPL. Now I am a diehard fan. This podcast is essential listening to lifelong fans of HPL as well as newcomers. I have learned so much from this podcast and it has deepened my appreciation of the stories immensely. I only wish it was more regular. Ia Cthulu fh'tagn
class in session
I'm just picking up on Lovecraft (that’s how I do mid-life crisis) and this show explains a lot of the nuances that I'm missing. The Lovecraft legacy is over whelming, but Mr. Price explains the pieces perfectly so that I can put them together.
Amazingly knowledgable. Entertaining, informative, and enlightening on many levels.
Strong start, but losing steam
Dr. Price's encyclopedic knowledge of things Lovecraftian make this a good choice for those interested in the subject. He does a great job connecting the dots between HPL and his contemporaries and within the span of a podcast your reading list had grown significantly. The first few episodes in particular were excellent, but as new episodes have come out it appears that the only purpose of the podcast is for Dr. Price to respond to reader emails. While that can be an important part of a podcast, it would also be useful for each episode to focus on some HPL related topic as well.
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For those interesting in Lovecraft, this is a good one to catch.
Bram Vaschellie
A winning combo
Rober M. Price + Lovecraft = podcast magic. I could just listen to Price talk all day...
Incredible, but . . .
I really dig Mr. Price and his thoughts on Lovecraft. The guy really knows his stuff. One note, he can be hard to hear at times. I don't know if this is due the quality of his equipment or its set-up, but if was just a bit louder . . . that's it.
Batman Jesus
Excellent Podcast on everything Lovecraft
Love to hear Robert Price talk about the Cthulhu mythos and everything Lovecraft. Have enjoyed the first two episodes and looking forward to hear some more. He is such a wealth of information on the subject matter.
Fred Lubnow
Robert M. Price aka The Geek of Many Guises...
Great new Lovecraft podcast. Nobody delves deeper than Mr. Price. Be prepared to be amazed. Cthanx!
A true Lovecraft expert
I've heard Robert M. Price talk about various aspects of the mythos on other podcasts and he is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject. I also enjoy his other podcasts (despite/because of the accents he sometimes attempts) and am eagerly looking forward to more episodes of this one.
Jack Expo