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From The Fanpage of The Loud House comes our very first podcast, The LoudCasa Talks! Hear the admins of the fanpage talk about all things Loud House and The Casagrandes! A weekly podcast to all the great Loud House and Casagrandes fans out there! Support this podcast:
The Fun times in the LoudCasa Fandom
In our final part of our talks with the Loud House and Casagrandes fandom, we want to talk about all the good from when we entered the fandom. From all the great moments of us meeting up with fans, to meeting up with great fanartists, meeting up with great fans online, and much more.  Plus we talk about the recent news of The Loud House and The Casagrandes as well as reviewing the latest new episodes: Blinded by Science, Band Together, What's Love Gato Do with it?, and Dial "M" for Murder!  Timestamps: 2:15- Recent News 9:28- Episode Reviews 1:00:26- Main Topic: The Fun times in the LoudCasa Fandom --- Support this podcast:
Nov 21
1 hr 30 min
The "Fans" of The LoudCasa Verse
Every now and then we get to see comments from people on the internet that criticizes the Loud House and The Casagrandes. Some comments are just little complaints while some are pretty offensive. And some users go to extent and just complain about the show overall. Even if they watch the shows, these people who keep complaining about the shows makes us wonder: Are they even fans?  In part 3 of 4 of our mini-series talking about the LoudCasa Fandom, we want to take a look into why these users keep complaining about the show, why they really do this for fun, and why some go to the extent to harass fans of TLH and TCG for liking the shows? And what fans should do if they see fans like these out on the internet? Plus we review the episodes during halloween week including Schooled!, Fails from the Crypt, and Bad Cluck! And give out the recent news that has came out including news about Cursed! and NEW Christmas episodes! Time Stamps:  5:19- Recent News 18:52- Episode Reviews (Schooled!, Fails from the Crypt, and Bad Cluck) 55:38- Main Subject: The "Fans" of The Loudcasa verse  --- Support this podcast:
Nov 12
1 hr 46 min
Rule 63, 34, and The Loud House Fandom
There are those rules of the Internet that come around every fandom. You can't escape them. Ever.   So when The Loud House fandom is reflected on one specific rule, it becomes a zest pool of people being skeptical of being bad fans while in fact there are many good ones that don't even oblige to the rule ever. In this episode, we talk about the many rules of the internet, especially Rule 34 where fanartists and fanfic authors have been fallen victim for. Should we stop following artists or authors because they begin making stuff falling in the rule? Should we unfollow people because they like that stuff? We take a deep look into these topics. WARNING: Rule 34 is a very graphic topic. If you are uncomfortable hearing us talk about this rule, please stop on 1:21:05 and resume our podcast on 1:43:32 as we lessen our talk about the subject then. 2:30 - Recent News 26:05 - Episode Reviews 1:08:07 - Main Subject: The Rules of the Internet and The Loud House fandom --- Support this podcast:
Oct 17
1 hr 58 min
Aging up characters is a good thing!
Welcome to Season 2 of The LoudCasa Talks podcast! In our season premiere, we look into the hashtag that was spread around our fandom throughout the summer (DoNotAgeUpTheLouds). We talk about how the petition is idiotic as well as look into the concept of not aging up the characters by looking at a couple of animated shows and how this "Not growing the characters" concept does for their shows and why shouldn't it apply to The Loud House?  We will also be reviewing the new episodes that came out while we were gone: The Boss Maybe, Family Bonding, Mexican Makeover, and Uptown Funk. And we will be updating you with the latest news for The Loud House and The Casagrandes! Timestamps: Recent News: 3:03 Episode Reviews: 11:51 Main Subject: 57:23 Music: Beginning Song: Second Chances (Instrumental Version) by BLEAKER Ending Song: Cats Walking by Yomoti All songs can be available for you to download from Epidemic Sound --- Support this podcast:
Oct 3
1 hr 46 min
Schooled! Review and quick preview!
Your co-hosts Nate and Omid break down all of the amazing moments that have happened during our viewing of the season 5 premiere of The Loud House, Schooled!  Plus we give our thoughts on the brand new Loud House and Casagrandes episodes airing Friday September 18th, 2020!  --- Support this podcast:
Sep 17
1 hr 13 min
Schooled! Special Episode
The season 5 premiere of The Loud House, Schooled! premieres today!  Before you watch the episode, listen in to our special episode of The LoudCasa Talks as we go in depth of what we think the episode will entail. We talk about How Lincoln got to Canada and how he can come back, Lori's first days in college and what the future lies for her, and Lily's first time in preschool and the possible growth plan she will entail as the season progresses!  Plus we discuss the latest news with the Announcement of the NEW Loud House season and new episodes of the Listen Out Loud Podcast and The Casagrandes Familia Sounds!  --- Support this podcast:
Sep 10
56 min
Review Session #3
Sit back as me and Omid review the latest episodes of The Loud House and The Casagrandes. These episodes include: The Loud House: - How Double Dare You! -Snoop's On -Friends in Dry Places - Coupe Dreams The Casagrandes: - Grandparent Trap - Miss Step - Guess who's shopping for Dinner? - New Roomie We also give you the latest news from The Loud House as we get ready for the premiere of Schooled!, the season 5 premiere!  --- Support this podcast:
Sep 6
1 hr 23 min
The Future of Nickelodeon (Featuring Animated Anitc)
For our season finale, we talk about the network that hosts that hosts our shows The Loud House and The Casagrandes, Nickelodeon. We all have grown up with the network from its early hit shows in the 90s and the 2000s. But the network has had its flops especially entering into the 2010s. The network was in limbo when it comes to it animated and live action shows back then but it wasn't until the mid 2010s till now that the network has started to get its viewers back. But there's still weird things going on in the network. For Example: Airings of Spongebob and The Casagrandes throughout most of their schedule, no signs of other shows having their chance to impress their audiences in their schedule, shows sticking on their sister networks like Nicktoons network, and having a new platform to experiment with Netflix. So what does the future hold for Nickelodeon?  It's time to discuss this in depth. Join us and our special guest Animated Antic as we conclude our first season with our discussion on The Future of Nickelodeon! Timeline: 4:22: Recent News 16:02 Episode reviews of Sand Hassles, Karma Chameleon, Wheel and Deal, and Team Effort 47:36: Main Subject: The Future of Nickelodeon 55:23 Interview with Animated Antic  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @FanpageofTLH Follow animated antic on Twitter @Animated_Antic --- Support this podcast:
Jun 28
2 hr 1 min
A dedication episode to the essential workers
In today's episode we lay aside our talks about the show and talk about the essential workers that are helping us amidst this pandemic. There are many essential workers that are portrayed in the shows, but not as essential as our doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines curing patients against COVID-19. We talk about two particular characters who take the role of these great essential workers: Maria and Arturo Santiago.  Plus we discuss all the recent news about The Loud House and The Casagrandes this past week as well as review last week's new episodes! Podcast Timestamp: 5:32- Recent News 24:50- Episode Reviews: On Thin Ice, Room and Hoard, A Star is Scorned, Senior Moment 1:02:45- Main Subject- The Essential Workers --- Support this podcast:
Jun 19
1 hr 26 min
Racing Hearts and The Beginning of Sam and Luna
In this episode, we look further into the episode that won 2019's best episode award, Racing Hearts! We also take a look into the beginning of a new relationship that is sweet to our hearts, Luna Loud and her girlfriend, Sam Sharp! We discuss how we were surprised to see Luna have a crush on a girl and how the future looks for the ship including our predictions on episodes we want to see with the two of them together! Support our Podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Jun 2
1 hr 19 min
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