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This show freakin ROCKS!!!!
I was tired of the same old movie podcasts, I had almost given up hope. Then I stumbled into The Lost Drive-In and my goodness what a revelation! They are energetic, hilarious, informative and have some of the best banter I’ve ever heard about pop culture. Hooked.
Dean & Matthew are the best!
Dean, Matthew, Josh and Jessica are a blast to listen to, and I have been listening to them for 2 years now. They love movies, they know what makes for a good plot and memorable movie, and they are soil your pants funny!! Their Lord of the Rings reviews were absolutely great. They are my movie review family. Great job guys!!
Science of Why I Love/Hate Movies
I have always enjoyed getting lost in a good movie. And intuitively you can tell if a movie is good or bad. Honestly I never gave much thought to as why until I discovered this Podcast. It is entertaining and enlightening to learn about what makes a movie memorable or is hopefully forgotten. Thank you Dean, Matthew and special guests for making me laugh and learn why I enjoy movies so much.
News Junkie 51
Good stuff
These guys have some very interesting discussions about your favorite shows, and they're intelligent and funny too. Also check out their older stuff on "The Science Fiction Film Podcast!"
The Hip-hoppopotamus
The best podcast available
LSG Media strikes again with another fantastic podcast. Equally irreverent and necessary, they cover the movies that deserve to be covered with comedic aplomb. Best podcast out there without any hesitation. All of their shows are necessary listening. As a side not, I sent them a question about my membership and Dean replied right away and helped me out which was awesome.
Hey real quick , this podcast is not Dog sh€%£
Been listening since the The old days. I love this new format and everything from the logo , intro and the continued professionalism and juvenile dialogue. Matthew and dean are both introspective , intelligent and have the ability to be both informative and hilarious. Even if I don’t agree on their opinions on certain aspects of a film (which is very few) i still come around and see the film from their perspective. LSG media has never failed to cheer me up with the incredible dynamic between the two hosts or rekindle a lost adoration for a film or TV series. I even started rewatching Star Trek TSG because of it’s constant referencing throughout various episodes. It’s seriously a great podcast and overall LSG Media never fails to be original , comedic and show the upmost respect to the craft of film. They could be either poking fun or praising a film and you still get an engaging episode reflecting that it’s just two dudes who really love movies. Thanks for all the laughs y’all
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Love this show
Been listening to the older eps of this and Science Fiction Fiction Film Podcast, love it. Good reviews mixed with humor, what's not to love.
Just watched it, looked for some discussion and you guys delivered! 5 stars all day long! Just to fill the space because it helps if you have longer reviews (everyone do this, 5 stars and ramble on like LED Zeppelin). High schooler come to my door to sell candy bars for band. Normally I wouldn’t but she was wearing a Twenty One Pilots hoodie, so since it was a fellow fan I have her a $20 and said gimme your worse sellers. Currently enjoying some Almond chocolate bars as I look forward to your next pod. Rock on!
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So good. Love LSG content
Update: just listened to their Rise of Skywalker pod and it was so good. Couldn't wait to hear their takes and the pod didn't disappoint. (Well, it never does) but this episode in particular was so much better than any other takes I've heard about this movie. So honest and raw and hilarious and exactly what I needed before I drink away my memory of it. Almost had a stroke when I saw final episode in my feed. Lol but so glad they're moving forward with another great pod for us! These guys are my favorite podcasters.
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I love these guys, have been listening for years.
I love these guys. I have been listening for years and I love the dynamic between Dean and Matt. And Josh when he around. All in all a great podcast.
Greg n Emily
Excellent Podcast
Love the reviews. Always insightful, intelligent, entertaining and often enlightening. I started with Recommissioned Battlestar Galactica podcast and quickly added the Science Fiction Film podcast. Since then they expanded and rebranded as the Lost Drive-In to cover other genres. I’m looking forward to many other episodes.
Wile E Bear
Great show!
I love this podcast, definitely helps me check our movies I’ve never heard of before. Great way to learn about new movies. Dean and Matt do a kickass job!
Love it!!!!!
Love it!!!!!!
Still LSG, Still amazing
Been listening to these guys for years now, the cocktail of Dean’s fantastic radio voice, their comedy and comradery, and insights make every episode enjoyable. These dudes dig films and you can feel that in every installment, with this latest outing their love is renewed rather than diminished. Download this and listen to it meow.
LSG still killing it
I'm a fan. This new podcast is great.
Love It
Great podcast!
Great podcast
I love this podcast. Matt and Dean are passionate about movies. The kind of guys I’d love to have a beer with and talk movies.
I was a long time fan of the Science Fiction Film Podcast, so when I saw the final episode announcement I almost lost it. Cue The Lost Drive in and man oh man did Matthew and Dean do it again. The SFFP was my absolute favorite and one I religiously listened to weekly. Now we have this show and it’s just as great if not better. Matthew and Dean share the coolest and most entertaining takes on the best movies. Never taking anything too serious, the jokes and bits layered throughout the show always make me laugh. But then there’s the actual analysis of the films too where the guys absolutely break down the best moments and discuss them to a T. It’s the perfect blend of both comedy and true love of film. Every episode is guaranteed to make you laugh hysterically and appreciate the film in question. I love this podcast, the cast of Matthew, Dean, Jess, and Josh are stellar, and it really is one of the best parts of my week. Can’t recommend it enough. When it comes down to the best podcast. . . (cue silly eyes) “There can be only one”.
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All in
Love this.
All-Star Film Coverage!
I’ve been listening to Dean & Matt for about 2 years! Listened to them on the road. Listened to them on the plane. More importantly, listened to them while grinding for trophies on PS4 ha! The podcast is a blast and will keep you coming back for more shenanigans.
Adam S. Depew
The blk guy in the room
Run boy run lol, but that for y’all and your review on movies like these and others that I’ve seen that to y’all and y’all weird views and laughable tales I dig it, keep em comming, still haven’t seen Mandy yet thought it’s on the list...... 🙈🙉🙊🐒 cult people. Drink the juice lol
xcxcxcxvxv not my name lol
The Lost Drive-In is the Living End
Any podcast LSG Media puts out is enjoyable listening but The Lost Drive-In is taking it to a whole new level. Dean and Matthew bring humor, insight, and co-host chemistry every week, whatever the movie. All of which makes for great podcasting and fun listening.
Another great podcast for LSG Media!
Love It!
Hell yeah
Fan from Science Fiction Film podcast days, these are their new digs and I’m excited to see where it goes.
The gents just keep pumping out....
pristine podcasts! Ear and brain candy indeed- thanks guys!
Great stuff
This has everything I look for in a podcast: professional production quality, great raport, funny discussion
Hilarious and Insightful Movie Reviews
LSG Media has been delivering hilarious and insightful movie reviews for many years, and this podcast takes that to the next level trimming down to the essential qualities that Dean and crew do best: witty banter. Love this podcast!
Great show
Came for the comedic dive into film, stayed for the tangents.
Blizzard Mcfly
Come for the insightful analysis and playful banter. Stay for the (spot on) Ahnold and Mahky Mak impressions :) Huge fan....have listed to every episode since day one (sometimes multiple times). Glad when they migrated from SFFP to the new show they kept the same format. Irreverant, inspired, ironic, insurgent and incredible. Two dudes you would want to hang out with. Dean and Mathew make a terrific team. Usually in agreement but repectful of each others opinion when they are not. Long Live The Lost Drive-in! Seriously check it out, you will not be dissapointed. Have I ever lied to you?
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Another awesome LSG Media production!
Rock stars! The whole lot of you!
Lost drive in
Without a doubt the most looked forward to podcast I download. It’s just like reviewing movies with your best friends in the room. It takes a lot for me to laugh. Usually at the end of the episodes my face hurts from smiling
This podcast is the equivalent of listening to your stoned bro-dog roommates talk movies. The discussion is formless and unfocused. Both hosts are poor speakers who curse twice in a sentence to compensate either for an inability to express complex thoughts, or an inability to conceive of them. The main host uses casually offensive language throughout and goes unchecked, including the R word and referring a character as the “gayest” of the cast. I don’t think he’s a bad person, but it does speak to his personal immaturity or at the very least to how unprepared this product is for public consumption in 2019. The co-host, meanwhile, thinks he’s really, really funny, especially doing accents and crazy voices. Seriously. They did 4 different ethnic accents in a single episode. Nothing about this podcast is insightful or entertaining. Listen to the Cine-Files for the good version of this podcast.
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Milwaukee Ryan
These freaking guys are awesome
Matthew and Dean have a great chemistry. They are able to weave through each episode with a witty banter and thoughtful insight making it easy to listen. Feels like i’m hanging with friends
LSG are the Kings
The lads have done it again. New podcast, same great content. The Lost Drive In is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys movies, laughs, and an all around good time. Subscribe now ya big dumb kids!
Coverage better than the movie itself!
Yet another classic podcast from Dean and Matthew. I like the podcast better than the movie itself which is why I have been listenting to them for years.
Great podcast
I’ve been a paying member for years. These guys discuss movies in a way that describes what you felt about a movie in the first place. Often times they include some good humor along with some good analysis.
peter kidd
Awesome new podcast from a group that has a number of other awesome podcasts.
Awesome new podcast from a group that has a number of other awesome podcasts. Note: that little E next to each episode title, it stands for explicit, so there’s crude language and off-color humor. I love it but if that’s not your thing, you’ve been warned. If that’s not your thing and you choose to listen anyway, don’t clutch your pearls and give it a bad review when you were warned up front.
Funny and insightful movie reviews!!!
These guys are hilarious! Great reviews with the right amount of laughter and seriousness. Dean and Matthew are very witty and knowledgeable about all the movies they review. They definitely have me hooked!!!
My favorite podcast
Keep the the great work LSG crew!
Magus_Killer 303
Followed you over keep it up ! Favorite among podcast , you guy's crack me up and are also informative . Check them out Everyone!!!
I came across LSG about two weeks ago and was sucked in immediately. It’s fun to be present for the new beginning! I’ve had a lot of laughs in the short time I’ve been aware of these two guys and am looking forward to more episodes to keep me sane while working.
Funny and uncompromising
Look these guys are the best and tell it like it is, so if ya gots the ol’ softy ears maybe try another podcast, ya know? Dean and Matt are like... how shall I say... they’re like Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. Oh sure, there’s other flashier podcasts with their good looks and supermodel wives, but when it comes to the big game they can’t get past the ol’ grey and blue!
Here you go, Dean
They try real hard!
M.M. Elias
Love. Them.
Killing it, yet again! LSG fam 4ever.
Smart, irreverent, and oh so much fun.
I’ve been listening to Dean and Matthew for a couple of years now and have been a fan from day one when I listened to them skewer Alien: Covenant with all of the snark that it deserved. Whether they love, like, or can’t stand a film; they are always entertaining. The show may not be for those with overly sensitive ears, but if you love movies and like smart banter then this is for you. With The Lost Drive-In the boys have freed themselves to explore the films that made them love going to the movies. I, for one, can’t wait.
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“Only dead fish follow the stream.”
Refined yet still unique, these dudes don’t miss a step. “The Lost Drive-in” gives you more for less! All the wit, insight and F-bombs you know and love carried out in a crisp fashion. Rock on!
Four Sticks XXX
Love these guys
The tremendous duo of Dean and Matthew are hilarious and educational at the same time. Check this show out!
Drewcifer Jones
Love Listening
Been listening to these guys for 4 years now and have never been dissatisfied with their content. They are always entertaining and funny and most importantly honest.
Sean Fernandez
None better
Formerly Sci-fi, but always diverse genre-wise, this transition makes sense. Then and now, no better film podcast: funny, erudite, and, usually, tasteless... what could be better than that? New opening is totally Art Bell-ish. 😉
Another amazing podcast from my favorite team at LSG! I love that the first episode is Mad Max (1979). Just great!!! Hopefully, we’ll get more Jessica and Josh, too!
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