The Live! Podcast
The Live! Podcast
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Steven Walker, long-time radio personality and director of the sketch comedy show Live! from La Crosse, sits down with one of his cast members each episode, to talk about comedy, writing, performing, and whatever else they damn well feel like.
Ep 20: Kevin Laumbach
This time Steve sits down with Kevin Laumbach. They talk about Les Mis, Iowa, small towns and drag queens. Seriously... they go a lot of places. Listen up!
Jan 8, 2020
37 min
Ep. 19: Cast Interviews- Bobbi and Steve
This time Bobbi takes over the interviewing reins to talk to Steve. It's a strange one...and it took place in the if you want to feel like a time traveler and listen to two people talk abotu sketch comedy, Super Troopers and other nonsense...TAKE A LISTEN!
Nov 11, 2019
52 min
Ep. 18: Erik Stolhankse
This time Steve sits down with Erik Stolhanske! They talk baseball, punk rock and Pina Coladaberg! It's super short... but it's fun! Take a listen... judge for yourself!
Aug 26, 2019
17 min
Ep. 17: Emily Ware
This time Steve talks with an O.G. Miss Emily Ware. Plus, there's huge news to talk a little about. So, stuff your ears with our chocolatey goodness, ya filthy animals!
Jul 1, 2019
30 min
Ep. 16: Andy Glaysher
Steve talks with the host of Live! from La Crosse Episode 19, Andy Glaysher. They talk about Spain, Shakespeare and La Crosse theater history. Plus steve rambles about some other shit. Do it. 
Apr 22, 2019
24 min
Ep. 15:  Kat Carter
Steve sits down with Kat...Ekatarina Anastasia Jean Carter to be exact. There is not one mention of maple syrup or hockey but they do talk about Rush. Do it.
Mar 19, 2019
33 min
Ep. 14: Katie Bakalars
This time Steve has another host on with him! Katie Bakalars called in to talk about Fountain City, being a liar on your resume and Steve's INCREDIBLE stalking ability! Goood talk. Also, new with every episode...restraining orders!
Feb 5, 2019
22 min
Ep. 13: Sam Shilts
This time Steve sits down with Sam for one of the most informative talks this podcast has produced! Put it in your ears and get Shilts faced!
Jan 7, 2019
49 min
Ep. 12: Ben Sweat
Steve talks with the Host/Music Guest of Ep 17, Benny Sweat! They talk the La Crosse Music scene, fun and, yes, sweat!
Oct 29, 2018
35 min
Ep. 11: Lizz Brannon
Lizz is here! You can't say that without smiling. They talk being nerdy about SNL...comedy...and soul crushing anxiety! It's fun
Oct 11, 2018
43 min
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