The Lipstick Files
The Lipstick Files
Sara Holzem
If you like sweet and spicy then you’ll love The Lipstick Files! This podcast is the perfect combination of entertainment news & true crime. Sara and her guests laugh about what celebrities have been up to for the last week, without having to hold back their opinions. Because, let’s face it, they’ll never be interviewing these celebrities. Afterwards, Sara recaps celebrity true crime and true crime from the week.Then, Sara shares an insane true crime story ripped from some of your favorite T.V. shows. DO NOT MISS our new Florida Man episodes. They’re short hilarious Florida crime stories that made headlines! Make sure to subscribe, review, and follow The Lipstick Files on Instagram for weekly pictures of the celebrities that made the news and pictures of the true crime victims and killers.
A Deadly Cast
Sara tells Jason  a true crime story about a group of friends who perform in a theater production together and it'll be one of their last acts. But first, Sara has a new guest join the show.  Her new Naples friend, Katey! Together they talk about...
Oct 20
53 min
In Cold Blood
Sara shares a story about getting fired from her first job, and Jason tells a story about cleaning up a number 2 in Isle 2. In Entertainment News- Meghan Markle addresses being the most trolled person in 2019, Kim K complains about having to take care...
Oct 13
57 min
Nightmare In New Orleans
Jason joins Sara this week. In Celeb News- Chrissy Tiegen's loss, Perez Hilton's tell all, Sharon and Ozzy are still having sex, and more. In True Crime- Sara Tells Jason a story about a girls night out, turned deadly. She called 911 for help, but the...
Oct 7
58 min
The Tucson Tragedy
Sexy Lexie Joins this week for celebrity news. (The episode will be on YouTube later in the week.) In Entertainment News, Kristin Cavallari on her divorce, another Vanderpump Rules couple is having a baby, Tyra Banks is blowing DWTS, and Vanessa Bryant...
Sep 29
1 hr 2 min
Florida Man Is on Youtube!
Hey, This week's episode is on YouTube! Bear with us, we're new to it and look like amateurs! Make sure to subscribe to our channel because despite what Jason says, I'm pretty sure there will be more! The Link is also on our instagram...
Sep 26
28 sec
Sinister At Lake Seminole
Karla joins from Texas! Yee haw! In Entertainment News, Carole Baskin was on DWTS, Kim K gets backlash for inventing shapewear for pregnant women, and Kanye pee's on his own Grammy.  In True Crime- Sara tells Jason about a husband and father who never...
Sep 22
1 hr 10 min
Lady In The Box
On this episode of The Lipstick Files, Sara tells Jason an insane story about a wife and mother who goes missing after having surgery.  Her daughter and sister refused to give up until they got some answers. In Entertainment News- The Kardashians is...
Sep 15
1 hr 7 min
Florida Man 15
Surprise! It's early! Florida Man is our short funny bonus episode that features crazy/funny true crime stories in the Florida news. This week, A toe sucking man, a jet skiing fugitive, and a man who'd rather go to jail than go back to his wife.
Sep 11
21 min
Surviving Evil
In True Crime, Sara tells story the heartbreaking survival story of wife and mother, Carrie Caudill.  Rape, torture, and pain couldn't keep this mother from fighting for her life. In celebrity news, Kanye West speaks out about his recent headlines,...
Sep 8
1 hr 9 min
Florida [Wo]Man 14
Florida Man is our short bonus episode. On this edition of Florida Man, it's all about the ladies! A woman finds a lucky chicken tender, a woman who likes candy canes, a woman who hand delivers pornographic Easter goodies, and more!
Sep 4
14 min
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