The Life of A Makeup Artist
The Life of A Makeup Artist
Jaleesa Jaikaran
The Life of a Makeup Artist is a beauty podcast that gives you a real insider look (with no filters!) on how artists really live. The Life of a Makeup Artist digs deeper to inspire, educate and elevate! From beauty talk to business chats with industry insiders and founders. Join host, Jaleesa Jaikaran as she shares her experiences as a Caribbean woman living and working in New York City - taking you on the journey she's on and sharing the stories of the people she meets along the way.
Ep 28: A Candid Conversation on Mental Health with Angela Sulai
Angela Sulai is a hair and makeup artist turned Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach.  In this episode, we dive into a very important topic sometimes not addressed as often as it should be in our industry. Particularly during this time, our mental health is a priority and will continue to be.  You can find more at:
Jul 29
14 min
Ep 27: Covid. Quarantine. Back to Work? What's Next?
It's been a while since I've done a solo episode. Today we chat my time in quarantine, if I'm going back to work and what's on the horizon. Subscribe to our newsletter here: Follow us on Instagram:
Jul 15
9 min
Ep 26: From Set to Social Media
With COVID-19 rapidly changing the industry as each day goes by, there is and will continue to have a demand for content. We shed some light on how creatives can dive into content creation even if for the very first time and absolutely kill it. In today's episode, we chat with Austen Tosone of Jumprope app and she shares how to transition from set to social media GET AUSTEN'S GUIDE ON PITCHING BRANDS FOR $5 USING CODE "MAKEUPARTIST"
Jul 8
32 min
Ep 25: Beyond a Black Square: A Call for Real Change with Raisa Flowers
Raisa Flowers is a celebrity & editorial makeup artist who has worked with Kelela, Junglepussy and Zendaya. She is no stranger to speaking up on racism in the beauty and fashion industry. Join us to hear Raisa and I chat about her experiences and why black squares and performative allyship in 2020 and beyond is just NOT IT. #BlackLivesMatter #AmplifyMelanatedVoices #Amplifyblackvoices
Jul 1
48 min
Ep 24: Working In  TV & Film & Navigating The New Normal
Christopher Milone and Jessica Padilla come from Incredible backgrounds in and out of the TV & Film Industry.  In this episode, we cover: Getting into the union, the real deal on what it's like working in TV & Film and how we can navigate the new normal now with COVID-19. You can find more of The Life of a Makeup Artist at:
Jun 24
33 min
Ep 23: Dealing with Hyperpigmentation with The Style & Beauty Doc
In today's episode, we chat with Danielle Gray, The Style & Beauty Doc. As a style & beauty expert, her mission is to match fabulous fashion and beauty finds with fabulous people.  Now with over 13 years of experience in beauty and fashion, Danielle shares with us her upbringing, her advice on creating your skincare routine, and dealing with hyperpigmentation.
Jun 17
53 min
Ep 22: Quarantine Diaries: Managing Your Mindset with Shennel Hey Nelli Patrick
In today's episode we chat with Shennel 'Hey Nelli' Patrick. Shennel is a ᗷeauty Expert, Educator & Conveyor of Healing Vibes. Nelli’s unwavering ambition and stubborn determination has landed her several celebrity clients and magazine features.  She shares with us the tribulations she's experienced throughout her career and how she's been managing her mindset in quarantine while simultaneously being a rock star mom.
Jun 10
25 min
Ep 21: Quarantine Diaries: How to Stay Creative with Pattie Le Pugh
Today's episode we chat with Pattie Le pugh, a beauty and special effects makeup artist. Pattie pretty much broke the internet when she did the #metgalahallenge creating a stunning dress by with paper and paint.  Understandably, during this time, it may be hard to be inspired, Pattie shares with us how she has stayed creative in quarantine.
May 27
12 min
Ep 20: The Revolution of Beauty Reviews with Supergreat
Beauty reviews have been revolutionized. Supergreat is the app that you should have known about yesterday. Join me as I chat Editor, Savannah Scott on how Supergreat is transforming beauty reviews one coin at a time.
May 20
34 min
Ep 19: The Best Way to Bomb Brows with Taryn Brows
As a makeup artist, I deeply appreciate a good brow. When I'm not on set creating brow shapes, I'm at Taryn's. Taryn Clarke has been a Brow Guru for years with Celebrity Clients like Mary J. Blige.  A master at her craft, Taryn dives into what makes a great brow, the latest trends and the best tips and tricks to create the perfect shape. NY listeners, head to our Instagram page to find out how you can win a brow makeover with the brow boss herself.
Jan 28
23 min
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