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Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro discuss characters and events from their hit game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and answer fan questions regarding the past, present, and future of Sentinel Comics.
Episode#159 - Creative Process: Dark Watch Villains
We make up some stuff! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:25:05 We goof around, as per usual, but then make up a few villains and even get into their stories a bit! At around 41 minutes in, we stop making stuff up, and start making up answers to your questions! Near the end of the episode, there's a question about how Adam's spouse feels about the version of Baron Blade from the Freedom Five board game, which is now on Kickstarter - go check it out! Here's what she thinks: In case you live in the USA and haven't voted yet and it's still the day this episode is released, go vote! It's important. Find out where and how you can vote here! Catch you all next time!
Nov 3
1 hr 24 min
Publishers’ Note #6
Paul and Christopher did a livestream, even though it got interrupted multiple times! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:29:28 In the voting for what Writers' Room we'd do, there was a tie! So, we cast the deciding vote. But clearly there's interest in the other topic as well, so it'll be back up for voting sometime, for certain! Here's the upcoming schedule! Tuesday, November 3rd: Episode #159 - Creative Process: Dark Watch Villiains Tuesday, November 10th: Publishers’ Note #7 Tuesday, November 17th: Episode #160 - Writers’ Room: NightMist vs Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Tuesday, November 24th: Publishers’ Note #8 Tune in for all sorts of nonsense! (Actually, probably only about eleven different sorts of nonsense, all told.) Check out the Letters Page Patreon to be join in on these Publishers and Editors livestreams! Also, submit your questions with this handy form!
Oct 27
1 hr 29 min
Episode #158 - Writers' Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol 3 #151
It's such a spooky time! Not as spooky as next month, mind you, but spooky enough to tell a tale of BLOOD! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:49:58 Adam and I goof around for several minutes before finally getting into the sweet meat and sweet potatoes of the episode, at around the 5 minute mark.  We craft a thrilling tale! Neither of us knew where this would end up when we started, and you can hear us double back and rework the story as we go. Twists and turns abound! But, all told, we're pretty pleased with how it turned out. And not without future costs for both protagonist and antagonist alike! At around the 53 minute mark, we start in on your questions, both related to Blood Countess and the Court of Blood, as well as a healthy crop of questions on the Phoenix! By popular demand! At the end of the episode, we take only a minute or so on the cover before wrapping things up. It's nice when something comes together so neatly. Thanks for listening, everyone! This Friday will be another Publishers' Note, featuring the return of Paul! If you have questions for him, or for me and Adam on pretty much any topic, send us your questions using this handy form! Also, the Freedom Five board game is LIVE NOW on Kickstarter! We'll talk more about it over the next few weeks on various Letters Page episodes, especially this upcoming Publishers' Note. But you don't have to take our word for it - go check it out! Catch you next time!
Oct 20
1 hr 49 min
Publishers' Note #5
It's your favorite Paul and your second favorite Christopher! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:07:16 We talk about a bunch of things in a variety of topics, including a new name for the questions section that we finish off with. What will that name be?! Listen to find out! Get your Court of Blood and Blood Countess Bathory questions in before Friday morning to have them considered for this Friday's recording of next Tuesday's Writer's Room episode! Use this handy form to send in your questions!
Oct 13
1 hr 7 min
Episode #157 - Creative Process: Fanatic Supporting Cast
We're gonna bring the flavor, show you how! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:49:10 We just kept going on this one. Probably would have continued, but time was - and is - of the essence. The essence of what? Well, let us keep SOME of our secrets, dear listeners. After a few minutes of banter, we get into adding people to Fanatic's story. Not all of them are sad stories! Not ALL of them. A bit after the 1 hour and 12 minute mark, we answer the letters you've written to us! Including a bunch of old letters that have languished in our dreaded inbox for far too long!  Join us this Friday for another livestreamed Publishers' Note, if you're on the Patreon. If you're not a Letters Page Patreon supporter, totally cool - we understand. Our self esteem is definitely not just based on our listenership. We're individual people with our own stuff going on. Really. Anyway, if you don't love us that way, NBD - you'll get that Publishers' Note in audio form next Tuesday!
Oct 6
1 hr 48 min
Publishers' Note #4
Paul and Christopher talk about the weather! And some other stuff too, I guess! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:31:39 Here's the upcoming schedule! Tuesday, October 6th: Episode #157 - Creative Process: Fanatic Supporting Cast Tuesday, October 13th: Publishers’ Note #5 Tuesday, October 20th: Episode #158 - Writers’ Room: Blood Countess Bathory Tuesday, October 27th: Publishers’ Note #6 Also, we answer questions about all sorts of things, talk about a bunch of Sentinels Lore - including a Sentinel Comics recap from Paul's point of view - and a series of Andy questions! Check out the Letters Page Patreon to be a supporter and join in on these Publishers and Editors livestreams! Also, submit your questions using our handy form!
Sep 29
1 hr 31 min
Episode #156 - Writers’ Room: Terminal Ballistics #18
Let's. Get. 90s. Show Notes: Run Time: 1:30:04 Adam and I missed each other so much. We haven't seen each other in so long. We almost died. Witness our heartwrenching reunion.  After only a few minutes of goofs, we get to the overview where we do a bunch of work of a variety of sorts! Positioning, informing, redacting, problem solving, creating, naming, storytelling, and more! And we go through it pretty quickly, considering how much we make! You never know how long we're going to linger on any one thing. A bit before the 39 minute mark, we dig into your questions on a variety of related (and barely related) topics. And after about 40+ minutes of that, we talk briefly about the cover, which can be seen above! Thanks everyone for listening! We enjoy reading your letters and answering your questions - send us your questions using this nifty form! Catch you next time!
Sep 22
1 hr 29 min
Publishers' Note #3
We're back! Paul is back! Excitement! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:30:34 There's plenty of nonsense in this one - fear not - but we also get the start of GTG from Paul's perspective, and even get into Sentinel Comics lore content... including some MASSIVE Sentinel Comics future preview spoilers! Questions are asked, answered, and more! If you want to submit questions for Christopher, Adam, and/or Paul, use our handy question submission form!
Sep 15
1 hr 30 min
Episode #155 - Creative Process: Ra Villains
A bunch of new foes, coming at you RA and unfiltered! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:47:15 Adam is back this week, so let's make some Sentinel Comics content! We do some chats and some goofs, tell you about Adam's new drawing tablet, talk about the state of existence and how overwhelming the world is... and then finally get into actually doing our job here at around 9 minutes in. We make a few fun foes, each with their own ups and downs. You haven't seen the last of any of these jerks! At around 52 minutes in, we get to your questions, answering questions about Ra, some of his foes, his boat, and also Legacy, and also also The Argent Adept Soothsayer Carmichael.  Thanks for listening! As always, if you have any questions for us, submit them here!
Sep 8
1 hr 47 min
Publishers' Note #2
Paul is back! Get hype! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:13:07 We goof about, talk about Trevor, tell some stories, and then get to questions! Paul and I answer questions about: Bending Alternate European history of Spirit Island Regrets? Lies St. Louis GTG plans Drinking songs Sentinel Comics Lore Questions from chat Edutainment RPGs Andy Questions and more!
Sep 1
1 hr 12 min
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