The Left Right Game
The Left Right Game
Tessa Thompson stars as an idealistic young journalist trying to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game. The journey takes her into a supernatural world that she and the other members of the expedition can neither handle nor survive. The Left Right Game Premieres Monday, March 23rd, with new episodes releasing weekly through May 25th. Subscribe today wherever you find your favorite podcasts and visit for more information.
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A great experience
The voice acting here is top notch. My favorite is W. Earl Brown as Rob. I believe every word he says. Tessa and Amel do a great job as well. The honesty of the voice cast draws you in to the world and makes you care about them. The story pulls you in and keeps on delivering new twists and turns ( no pun intended ). The sound is so well engineered it’s worth it on its own. Really a fun listen.
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Natty Robinovich
Left/right reddit post to podcast
So, this story is one of my all time favorites that I have read on reddit. I was so invested in this story I felt like I was apart of the caravan that played the left and right game. This story affected me, I knew it wasn’t real but I wanted to be... The story was extremely well written on the reddit thread, that being said the story is almost exactly the same story that you will read on the reddit post. Although, I will say that the podcast doesn’t do a great job in explaining what is happening just the sound effects so you are kinda left in the dark to what is happening which can be sorta cringy since you want to know what’s happening. I knew what was happening so it wasn’t as disappointing for me, but if I never read the reddit post, I would be kind of upset to not know what was happening... The beginning and end is sorta the podcasts twist on it but the acting is great. I wanted to slap blue jay so bad and they did a good job making you dislike her lol! I really like Tessa Thompson too, she is an absolutely great actor (shout out - west world!) and did a fantastic job being Alice/Bristol - :-)
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VERY disappointing ending...
All the way through the first 3/4 of this story I would have given it TEN out of five stars if possible. Then all of a sudden the storyline becomes a bit confusing, a bit jumbled, maybe even a bit rushed. And in the final episode as the story wrapped itself up I was just completely disappointed. I would still absolutely give it a listen if you’re into horror audio drama podcasts, as it was phenomenal through the first two acts, but the ending will most likely leave you clamoring for something more. It’s a shame, they could have taken so many other routes for the ending...
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mostly echoing everyone else
such a great start. amazing, rly drew me in, everything was so so good. episode 3 was actually kind of horrifying. but the ending was sosososososo confusing. and the bits where it was only sound effects? no idea what was happening. the cast and acting were amazing, same with the sound design. but the end was too much of a let down to rly rly appreciated it.
jesus help pls
Started out with a bang ended with a fizzle.
Loved the beginning and the middle, but the end - ugh. No clue what actually happened. If this had been a book I’d have thrown it across the room but I’m not throwing my iPhone, Edith, across the room for nothing. Can we get a do over?
red foz
Great Eerie Story!
Great dramatic podcast for anyone who enjoyed The Southern Reach trilogy books or Lost television show! Excellent production values and acting. Got me hooked in the very first episode! Worth your time!
Loved It!
I absolutely loved this podcast! It did get a little confusing at times, but other than that is was fantastic!
Great Podcast
The ending left a bit to be desired, but it was otherwise a great story!
Worth a listen!
The beginning was awesome and definitely drew me in but then the story and sounds got hard to decipher, plus the ending was confusing and left a lot to be desired. On the other hand, I could listen to Tessa Thompson read a Cheesecake Factory menu. Her voice is mesmerizing!
Best sound effects in a podcast
Sound effects A+++ Voice Acting A++ Story B+ I’ve listened to A LOT of podcasts over the years. A LOT. There are many variables that contribute to a great podcast, voice acting, story line, sound effects, and recording quality. I’m going to rate this podcast as one of the best I’ve listened to so far because of the acting and the sound effects. The voice acting is excellent, which is not unexpected, considering the actresses and actors we have here. Tessa Thompson was absolutely lovely with her dulcet voice. The story was captivating and I was totally invested in it, although there were several times when it was confusing. The ending was not exactly what I expected, very ambiguous and a bit of a let down. Overall though, I enjoyed it. Listen, the immersive sound effects from Sonos was AMAZING. I can’t go back now. Could not ruin the podcast for me despite its few drawbacks. AMAZING.
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Ambiguous ending is a cop out
I’m just over these shows that don’t know how to wrap it up with a decent ending. There are definitely places in episodes where the listener has no clue what’s going on. The corresponding sound effects are not telling enough to lead a person to understand what’s happening. The show has high production value, but the actual storytelling leaves the listener with too many “fill in the blanks” with creepy, weird, sometimes gross sound effects. Interesting story, though, and I was still with it until the end...and then the ending was a huge let down. It’s annoying that so many people give this five stars. They must be “new” and give zero weight to the value of having the guts to complete a story with a finite ending. If there’s a season 2 in the works I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.
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Excellent storytelling. The sound immersion was novel, sometimes confusing, but this was overall very compelling.
The entire story has a deeper meaning to it. The ending felt so familiar, as if it was everything life would say if it could say. Each character had a meaning and they all stood for something big within the journey, they all gave a piece to a bigger meaning. I appreciated listening to this podcast and overall gaining so much from it. The writer is so amazing!
Don’t know what’s happening
This is real good but when crazy things start to happen like fights or people are in danger etc. You hear the sound but don’t know what’s happening. There is no narrator of some sort describing what’s going on.
This is was awesome story! I was hooked from the start! Then as the story continued I got more and more confused. I was unable to tell where the characters were. The story was amazing and the ending just did not do it for me. Over all, a great story.
I. Lindquist
Enthralling and amazing
I love the sound and the characters were really well done. They were very believable and real. The ending was a little confusing but satisfying.
Ending Ruined This
I was locked into this podcast, but the final episodes just didn’t do it for me. The ending especially was a bit disappointing. At one point was I listing to A Quiet Place? Just could have been better.
Started strong but...
The Left Right Game started well. Characters were easy to identify, the story was interesting and pretty easy to follow. The sounds were also easily put into context and identified. But, around episode 6 or 7, the story becomes convoluted and the sounds begin to be less identifiable. The whole thing just gradually makes less and less sense until the final episode. The final episode is just a mess. The main character starts having conversations with unexplained voices and the sound effects are barely identifiable. At one point maybe she was digging, but I’m really not sure why. All in all, knowing what I do now, I certainly wouldn’t repeat this experience.
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Well done, but confusing ending
First of all, the sound design on this show is amazing. You need to listen with headphones, because it’s definitely a 3D experience. The story is fascinating and exciting, and the characters are believable and engaging. I couldn’t wait to hear what was happening with Alice and her fellow travelers, or with Tom and his quest. My only complaint is that the ending was a little confusing and abrupt.
Does any other exist
As far as I can tell there exist only two great and one good HORROR/SCI FI non anthology podcast. The Best is this RT/L, followed by Blackout then Borraska ( misspelled ). Yes I listed horror because that’s my true love. The only recommendations are okay but none are better than this. This is great but it’s short and for as great as it is should not be the best. If anyone knows any true great recommendations please list them in comments. Don’t bother with any by the same company or show up in the immediate recommendations or anthologies as I’ve already tried them ALL and meh. Is there any long form horror this good or better?
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Sorry, but if I want to listen to Phoebe Judge I’ll listen to Criminal. I don’t know if the “Alice” actor actually sounds like her or is trying too hard to sound like her, either way, too distracting.
Great until it wasn’t
The plot was great until progress was made down the road and the whole experience became more about sound effects than it did narrative. By episode 10, I was lost. Great, until it wasn’t.
Awesome concept that falls flat
This was a cool concept. I was fully immersed in the story for 5-6 episodes then the writers took a left or was it a right. Any case they could use mire description in the audio. Too many times there was a crash or eerie noise that wasn’t explained. The ending was a total let down. Hopefully, QCode does a better job with the next one. Please put your sound credits at the end or beginning of the podcast. It takes the listener out of the experience when there’s a pause in the action.
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duane sanchez
Disturbing and engaging with an allegorical twist
Listen carefully. If you like philosophical fiction and know that’s what you’re in for it’s much more meaningful and satisfying. You’ll have to slog through some of it. But it’s worth it. I had to delisted to the last two episodes to put it all together.
I think it started really strong, but the last episodes got to be a little confusing! However when you binge the entire series (like I did) you barely notice!
Stayed up all night and binged it
Loved it. But thought the end was confusing. I have some storytelling quibbles with the audio design. Like, I don’t want to learn that you lost an arm ten minutes later and be confused.
Climaxed too early
This is a creative journey that has you by the edge of your seat for a while. I thought the rushed deaths happened a little too closely together without much closure between each so we don’t get a chance to become invested in those characters. We do get invested in Alice, Tom, and Rob. But Tom seems to turn his life upside down to find Alice and Alice doesn’t even seem to give one thought about Tom. The sound effects are the ultimate best, but confusing at times. Like when Tom is at Alice’s parent’s house I don’t understand the white noise. And when Tom is playing the left/right game I couldn’t barely hear the audio recording of Alice he was listening to and I didn’t understand the thump sound of like a body being put somewhere? It’s probably evident to the creators that wrote it, but not so much to the listener, even when they reposted multiple times. So I think I’ll tune in for the next season because of the mystery, but the last episode of two didn’t really give me a reason except for hoping that Alice, Tom, and Rob meet up again. I don’t really care about the other characters or the game because the writing didn’t allow me to invest in them. This has the potential to become a really powerful story.
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Delightfully creepy
Post-Script: I still very much enjoyed this podcast to the end. BUT I’d recommend that the production and writing team consider an omniscient narrator for some of these scenes. There were several scenes in the last few episodes where I simply did not know what was happening. Slithering, scratching, WHOOSH! It sounds great but it doesn’t do much to paint a clear picture in the listener’s mind. Still, BRAVO and thank you for an enjoyable ride 😉. Original review: And so well-produced and excellently acted that I literally danced a jig when the second episode went full on creeeeepy. Great distraction these days.
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Great pod
Will there be a second season
Yug fan 817
Draws you in
This podcast is one of my favorites. The voice acting is fabulous and the story draws you in completely. I find myself loving certain characters and hating others, totally absorbed in what will happen next. For lovers of fantasy stories, this is a must.
Baked Crisp
The first 6-7 episodes were very interesting. But this really falls apart in the last few episodes and turns into an annoying slog. Wish I had quit after episode 7. Wouldn’t really recommend.
Another r/nosleep Story!
Just finished the Borrasca podcast, which was the first NoSleep story that got me into horror writing. Then, I find that my other favorite story, the Left Right Game, is a podcast too!! So excited, this story left me in a daze.
Started strong .....
Started strong, good acting, great sound effects, bad story ending, Feel like I've wasted my time Too many times listen to sound effects and wait for the characters to recp what happened. Maybe listen to some radio dramas from yesteryear to hear how it's done
Ken Ess
Immersive and interesting but falls flat at the end
This podcast, similar to Borrasca, is extremely interesting and immersive throughout most of the show but the ending just lets me down. It’s anticlimactic and didn’t really resolve anything in my mind. The Left Right Game sometimes leaves too much to the imagination by being vague and sometimes confusing. The story is unique though, and still definitely worth the listen.
Great buildup to a flop of a final episode
I binged most of this. The second to last episode I listened to twice and went back to some previous ones so I could fully understand what was happening. It was SO 👏🏼 GOOD 👏🏼. The last episode is so BLAH. Very disappointed. Give a bonus alternate ending that lives up to the hype?!!
Completely hooked up from the opening to the end.
It was an immersive experience full of suspense, and the narrative got me from the beginning. That wasn't my first drama from QCODE and won't be the last.
Thierry Querette
So I just discovered the world of podcasts. I know late to the game but hey better late than never. I have to say I was skeptical at first but man I was wrong this show is incredible , Tessa Thompson is spectacular and her narration of every account truly makes me feel like I’ve been transported into the story itself and makes me feel like I’m apart of it. It’s amazing I can’t recommend this show enough and the sound is just unbelievable. Amazing 💯
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Not for me
I love all Q Code podcasts I have listened to so far, but this one was not for me. It was hard to follow, more sounds than dialogue, so I spent most of the time confused. I stopped halfway through.
This was a joy to listen to. I rarely enjoy radio dramas so much. I prefer stories told like audiobook without sound effects. But the story was compelling enough to draw me in and I ended up liking the sound effects. I'm checking out the other QCode podcasts next.
I was hooked all the way through, ready to give it 5 stars, award worthy. By episode 9 it got so weird I couldn’t understand the plot anymore, and the ending left me thinking “What?”
Incredible sound design masks a mediocre plot
The sounds design in this podcast is incredible. Unfortunately there isn’t enough descriptive/expository dialogue to link the sounds and scenes together. Lots of things are left vague. Things like critical character movements are told just through the sounds of footsteps or car sounds. The ending is typical vague metaphysical crap that signifies this as someone having a super cool idea that ran its course in the first 3 eps with the last eps making less and less sense. I would challenge Q-code to work on telling stories that live up to the quality of their sound design.
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It was really good
I listen to a episode a night I had to find out what happen. I really enjoyed it.
hitandrun me
Incredibly gripping story with great acting! Loveeeeeed this
Dirty Diana
Demi voice acting is monotone. Read with feeling! Stress words, pause as if your thinking. Do something. The other female actor was so much better. Disappointed if this is how it’s going to be.
대한민국을 사랑합니다
Typical q code stuff.
The first few episodes book you like crazy! The middle 6 episodes have nothing really going on in them. And the last episode and ending is so confusing and meaningless that I just wish I could get the time back from listening to this whole series. Audio was kinda cool though.
So Good, but Requires All Your Focus at the End
This podcast is so good and is probably one of my all-time favorites. The final 4 episodes or so really required all my attention because I had to really listen to the sound effects to figure out what was going on, and even then, sometimes the characters were just as confused as I was. The conclusion is really cool but definitely the hardest episode to follow, and I needed to look up the original reddit to start understanding what happened. Even so, there are some lingering questions I’ll be thinking about for a while.
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confusing to follow at times & audio fluctuates too much
listened to this on a road trip in my truck with two other people and we found it hard to follow at times. I wish there was more of a narrative explaining what was going on at times because it seems like they just expect you to figure out what’s going on through the sound effects which can be annoying. many times we had no idea what happened to the characters and we were left to decide on our own (?? Maybe that’s the point??). also, be prepared to change the volume - A LOT. It can be super, SUPER hard to hear at times and then five seconds later your ears are blown out from crazy loud sound effects. other than that cool idea and I think I kinda get where they were trying to go with it but can be annoying. Also, sound effects on episode seven with the deer was definitely not a deer but an if you’re nit picky like me those types of things can be annoying. good listen besides that though.
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Weakest of the bunch
Q code produces great podcasts, this is definitely one of the weaker ones, I just couldn’t get into it. The characters didn’t really make me care about the story.
One of my Favorites!
This podcast kept me listening, intently. From the first episode to the last, it was amazing. Great quality, interesting topic, great actors, and an amazing plot. If you are into fiction podcasts, DEFINITELY give this one a listen!
Stumbled upon this on Instagram and was enthralled at every moment.
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