The Left Right Game
The Left Right Game
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Ending was meh…
Interesting story but the ending didn’t wrap up the loose ends very well.
fellow walker
Dope podcast but....
That ending was very unfulfilling. It was a great story too. I feel like the story itself could continue with Tom finding Alice or even his own deeper meaning but it fell very flat at the end. I’m a huge fan of Tessa and Aml. I was into it the entire time and it took me on a great ride but that ending left so many unanswered questions and zero triumph or anything to feel but utter despair and if I could write an ending to this I know it would be far more satisfying than that.
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guy guyingson
good until
it was so interesting until the gross eating animal thing. too many mouths noises for someone with misophonia 🥵
Amazing concept, poor execution of format
It feels like the makers of the podcast focused more on sound effects than actually portraying what is happening in the scenes if all I hear is squishing meat sounds and someone saying “oh no” I don’t know what is happening they could be getting eaten alive or really devouring the last sloppy joe and I couldn’t tell.
My favorite podcast ever!!! I didn’t want it to end . I was so sad 🥺
Bad ending
Intriguing story, but the ending fizzled out and was unsatisfactory
Would be a 5 star but one of the episodes is missing :(
Overall good
Quality podcast with a great start and good start. Had a little too much going on to have no visuals
Good listen..
This was a good listen but there was so much happening that I wish I could have seen because I wasn’t sure what was going on. Would make a decent miniseries or movie.
Super great! I’ve loved this one
The only thing that bugged me. Is when the “Deer” runs out in the road and then suddenly there are elk calls. Those animals do sound different....
Enjoyable, scary
This was an enjoyable listen, very scary.
Still creeps me out
I enjoyed this immensely!
Wizard Oest
Don't bother honestly
This was a great endeavor to begin. That being said, the producers abandoned this podcast entirely and now use it solely to solicit. RIP.
Words can’t describe
Never reviewed a podcast before but this is worth it. The audio quality and engagement is beyond this world. It’s entertaining driving or in headphones. The story is fantastic. Just listen and thank me later.
Interesting story but confusing to follow
I wanted so much to love this. I think majority of the voice actors & the idea of the story are great, however, the producers definitely could have spent more time working on the story line itself/clearing up key points to make the whole thing easier for the listener to understand. For example, I’ve replayed certain episodes several times and I still don’t fully understand Alice’s story.
Took some confusing turns in the end
I was glued to this podcast for the first half or so and then at the end I got lost. I usually love plots that are a challenge to follow but with this one I had a hard time following in the end. Really clever ideas. Imaginative sound design. Worth listening to regardless.
Gma Pony
One of the best podcast I’ve heard so far. The sound is brilliant and it makes you feel like you are actually there. Listen to it on A home speaker with a lot of bass and you really feel it! And a great story too!
Really good
My son said I should listen and take a break from my usual true crime podcasts, and I was hesitant, as I have had a hard time getting into fictional podcast stories. This one was different, and pulled me in right away. I would definitely recommend, tho I do agree, the end was weird but I have my theories on that too, lol.
Sci fi horror road trip
Cool premise about a woman who explores a paranormal vicious world while a friend goes looking for her. Some cool ideas conveyed and interesting characters. The ending was unsatisfying and the sounds used to convey action, while creepy, gave me little idea about what was happening. I felt annoyed rather than impressed or horrified whenever this happened. It just makes me think the writers/producers don’t know what is going on and are filling in weird ambiguous sounds anytime someone dies.
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Unpopular opinion
I found the episodes where the sounds tell the story to be the scariest. I couldn’t keep my imagination from running wild, particularly when the characters had trouble describing what was happening to them. It made it so much scarier and immersive.
Interesting and a touch confusing
I enjoyed it as a whole. The friend of the main character was kind of an idiot but was necessary for the story progression. The end was a little confusing.
I enjoyed this podcast. There were moments where I had no clue what was going on. So many people died, I genuinely have no clue how. Just maybe for future podcasts, you all give more detail to “action scenes” via audio.
Best story ever made
My sister and I find ourselves coming back to this podcast time and time again, the easy this one is written is so amazing. You laugh, you cry, you get mad and you get sad, all the markings of an amazing tale. I am confident I will never find another story that compares to this story. Great work!
Embarrassingly clueless writing
Journalist: “Wow. You were in [the war in] Vietnam? How was that for you?” I really hope the ignorance displayed in this question says more about podcast writing than it does about journalism.
Really great story! The thought that was put into its creation is amazing! And the listening experience was wonderful! At many points, one is forced to use their imagination when hearing some of the sounds heard on “the road”, and I wish I could see what every listener imagined!!!
Interesting story, not the best format
There are several parts of the audio story where the sound effects do not make clear what is going on and there is no accompanying narration, so you’re left just not following at all what’s happening. I had to go to the r/nosleep Reddit thread that this podcast basically 100% drew from to read text to get clarity. Otherwise this was a fun podcast with a really engaging horror story.
I read this story on r/nosleep a few years back and I have not been able to get it out of my head since. It was the most captivating, original story I have ever read on that forum. I’ve yet to find another that has left such a lasting impression on me. I just about screamed when I discovered this, I’m so fricking excited, the production is wonderful, they definitely gave this story the drama and suspense that it deserves.
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The Left Right Game is an imaginative tale of fantasy and fiction juxtaposing two worlds that symbolize the human desire to understand an incomprehensible truth. Ethereal and gritty, the bases of logic are bent beyond human conception as characters traverse from one world to another facing the unknown armed with little to navigate themselves but their own endless, compulsive curiosity. Superbly crafted, acted and engineered, this pod is a different class of audio fiction.
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So good, but yet I’m a little confused. Some parts had me wondering what the heck was going on, is this supposed to be made into a tv show or the other way around? Great story though!
Lily Danger!
I love these series they are fun and enjoyable! Can’t wait to find another!!
Halfway There...
Not sure what the cringey phone sex voice was all about but that aside the story was good until a little halfway and then it was ....
Could have been better
I don’t know why I bother why I listening to QCode podcasts. The audio was fantastic and the story like was interesting but the ending was unsatisfying. It appeared as though the writer wrote his way into a corner and couldn’t get out so he gave up. The last few episodes were nonsense.
Listen up 2
Good beginning but gets confusing
Much like other reviewers I was hooked at the beginning but halfway/three-quarters of the way through I was lost. There were scenes with minimal narration and tons of sounds for the audio immersion facet of the production. These sounds meant nothing to me - smack, plop, gurgle, thwap, kerplunk, scream, footsteps in the woods, some yelling, gunshot, more footsteps. A few episodes later it sounded like the narrator lost a limb bc it referred to her phantom limb...when did that happen?!? Was the kerplunk and the gurgle her losing her limb? Who knows - it never got explained. For all the work they did on the immersive audio experience, they should have done an equal amount of work on the storyline and narration. I was so lost at the end I had to look on forums and most of the people there were just as confused as me!
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I found a recording descrepency
I’m not hitting on the podcast for quality I love the story just wanted to let you guys know not that on episode 9 at exactly 6:53 you hear car key twice, first from the guy that said it and the speaker from the girl trying to sync up with the lines and i guess it was to close to cut it out or you just missed it. Just trying to help! :)
nott yours
Echoing what others said
I really loved it but it was hard to understand what was going on during some sequences. The fact that I still gave it five stars is a testament to how good every other aspect is.
Amazing story, original is better
So don’t get me wrong this story is really incredible and hooked me straight from the start. But when certain things start to happen, things that this podcast should probably have content warnings about, I started to get lost when I could only hear them and hear the characters screaming in peril. I got to about episode 5 before I switched over to the original reddit story because with the written description, I actually know what’s happening, I don’t just have to guess (and I also don’t have to listen to incredibly traumatic sound effects with little to no warning)
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It’s actually good, it seriously...
...would it kill people to just explain what is going on? I don’t mean, spoon feed us the answers or write ahead of “plotholes,” I mean why is anyone doing this game? What’s the prize? What usually happens, because the guide told them that all that death and destruction isn’t the norm. And yes, why does it exist? What’s it’s purpose? Who’s in charge of this game? I hope there’s a S02 to go more into this, even though everyone is dead and it just sounds like another poor idiot is about to die.
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rosa manzo
A great experience
The voice acting here is top notch. My favorite is W. Earl Brown as Rob. I believe every word he says. Tessa and Amel do a great job as well. The honesty of the voice cast draws you in to the world and makes you care about them. The story pulls you in and keeps on delivering new twists and turns ( no pun intended ). The sound is so well engineered it’s worth it on its own. Really a fun listen.
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Natty Robinovich
Left/right reddit post to podcast
So, this story is one of my all time favorites that I have read on reddit. I was so invested in this story I felt like I was apart of the caravan that played the left and right game. This story affected me, I knew it wasn’t real but I wanted to be... The story was extremely well written on the reddit thread, that being said the story is almost exactly the same story that you will read on the reddit post. Although, I will say that the podcast doesn’t do a great job in explaining what is happening just the sound effects so you are kinda left in the dark to what is happening which can be sorta cringy since you want to know what’s happening. I knew what was happening so it wasn’t as disappointing for me, but if I never read the reddit post, I would be kind of upset to not know what was happening... The beginning and end is sorta the podcasts twist on it but the acting is great. I wanted to slap blue jay so bad and they did a good job making you dislike her lol! I really like Tessa Thompson too, she is an absolutely great actor (shout out - west world!) and did a fantastic job being Alice/Bristol - :-)
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VERY disappointing ending...
All the way through the first 3/4 of this story I would have given it TEN out of five stars if possible. Then all of a sudden the storyline becomes a bit confusing, a bit jumbled, maybe even a bit rushed. And in the final episode as the story wrapped itself up I was just completely disappointed. I would still absolutely give it a listen if you’re into horror audio drama podcasts, as it was phenomenal through the first two acts, but the ending will most likely leave you clamoring for something more. It’s a shame, they could have taken so many other routes for the ending...
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mostly echoing everyone else
such a great start. amazing, rly drew me in, everything was so so good. episode 3 was actually kind of horrifying. but the ending was sosososososo confusing. and the bits where it was only sound effects? no idea what was happening. the cast and acting were amazing, same with the sound design. but the end was too much of a let down to rly rly appreciated it.
jesus help pls
Started out with a bang ended with a fizzle.
Loved the beginning and the middle, but the end - ugh. No clue what actually happened. If this had been a book I’d have thrown it across the room but I’m not throwing my iPhone, Edith, across the room for nothing. Can we get a do over?
red foz
Great Eerie Story!
Great dramatic podcast for anyone who enjoyed The Southern Reach trilogy books or Lost television show! Excellent production values and acting. Got me hooked in the very first episode! Worth your time!
Loved It!
I absolutely loved this podcast! It did get a little confusing at times, but other than that is was fantastic!
Great Podcast
The ending left a bit to be desired, but it was otherwise a great story!
Worth a listen!
The beginning was awesome and definitely drew me in but then the story and sounds got hard to decipher, plus the ending was confusing and left a lot to be desired. On the other hand, I could listen to Tessa Thompson read a Cheesecake Factory menu. Her voice is mesmerizing!
Best sound effects in a podcast
Sound effects A+++ Voice Acting A++ Story B+ I’ve listened to A LOT of podcasts over the years. A LOT. There are many variables that contribute to a great podcast, voice acting, story line, sound effects, and recording quality. I’m going to rate this podcast as one of the best I’ve listened to so far because of the acting and the sound effects. The voice acting is excellent, which is not unexpected, considering the actresses and actors we have here. Tessa Thompson was absolutely lovely with her dulcet voice. The story was captivating and I was totally invested in it, although there were several times when it was confusing. The ending was not exactly what I expected, very ambiguous and a bit of a let down. Overall though, I enjoyed it. Listen, the immersive sound effects from Sonos was AMAZING. I can’t go back now. Could not ruin the podcast for me despite its few drawbacks. AMAZING.
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Ambiguous ending is a cop out
I’m just over these shows that don’t know how to wrap it up with a decent ending. There are definitely places in episodes where the listener has no clue what’s going on. The corresponding sound effects are not telling enough to lead a person to understand what’s happening. The show has high production value, but the actual storytelling leaves the listener with too many “fill in the blanks” with creepy, weird, sometimes gross sound effects. Interesting story, though, and I was still with it until the end...and then the ending was a huge let down. It’s annoying that so many people give this five stars. They must be “new” and give zero weight to the value of having the guts to complete a story with a finite ending. If there’s a season 2 in the works I’d be delighted to be proven wrong.
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Excellent storytelling. The sound immersion was novel, sometimes confusing, but this was overall very compelling.
The entire story has a deeper meaning to it. The ending felt so familiar, as if it was everything life would say if it could say. Each character had a meaning and they all stood for something big within the journey, they all gave a piece to a bigger meaning. I appreciated listening to this podcast and overall gaining so much from it. The writer is so amazing!
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