The Learning Path Podcast
The Learning Path Podcast
Jennie Nelson
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Life hacks to who you want to be
I love Jennie’s gentle voice and wisdom! She has so many practical and helpful bits of advice that can be applied to daily life - things that can enhance life and relationships. I also love that they’re usually short and sweet. This podcast is refreshing, helpful, delightful and wise.
Great podcast!
I am so glad I discovered this podcast. Jennie does a wonderful job of taking foundational goals and principles of homeschool life and breaking it down into practical suggestions. Her bite-size podcasts are quick and easy to listen to, and I am already implementing strategies to improve our days.
Short, Practical, and Encouraging
This has been an encouragement to me with its quick, practical tips. Jenny is warm and seems to know just what homeschool moms need to hear. Well worth listening to!
Short and sweet
I love Jenny’s heart, honest advice, and encouragement for homeschooling and mothering. As a mother of engineering minded boys and a girl , I can relate to so much of what she says.
Great Philosophy and Very Helful
I love Jennie's philosophy on homeschool and life. And her podcasts are very helpful and practical in nature. Love it!
Practical, seasoned, wise, and compassionate
How blessed and lucky are we who get to hear encouragement and wisdom from someone who mothers well and seeks balance in her own life, as well as answering the call of God in leadership and teaching. Thank you, Jennie!