The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.
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tRump town hall decision
Was one of my favorites. I’m old. Retired. Covid and tRump fatigued and looking for people and advertisers to punish. Rewarding tRump was not meant to get us more information - it was pure money. Uninstalling all NBC affiliate apps, podcasts, and writing advertisers.
Savage and sharp as ever!
We all can always count on Lawrence for defending the liberal values! Thank you hometown boy. Dorchester makes the best! Much love from MA.
Best podcast for politics
gray paw
Trump’s taxes
I don’t understand how a person with this much debt got any kind of security clearance to be President of the United States back in 2016? Are there any regulations followed to prevent this? Shouldn’t his security clearance be revoked now & shouldn’t there be a resignation now? Can these questions be answered please!
Best of best
Teacher, thinker, interesting, gently commanding speaker, journalist-commentator with relevant history, gentleman-soldier in the dire battle to save our democratic republic and our hard fought constitutional rule of law. Fight hard, sir, for the alternative is deadly to freedom, and is calamitous to each American, known or unbeknownst to each, whether they are free thinkers or brainwashed (read willfully ignorant). Proud to be with Lawrence as one of the “great unwashed” (in its new sense, although not new to me). Long live Lawrence, long live liberty and justice, long live liberal democracy, and the fragile beauty of the American experiment.
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Kind a gentle man. Love listening to your facts. You always speak plain and truthful to your audience. We don’t get any truth from our commander and chief. Thankfully we have decent news.
Stop the hammering !
Being hit in the head with a hammer is more enjoyable than this excrement
Hopeful Heart
You started the Kind Fund for school desks in Africa. How about doing the same thing here for computers for our kids in the United States who can’t get them. You are a good man- you can do this. 😊
Dora the Uinta-At
Raped my inbox
Don't download yourself onto my phone, old man. There's a reason I didn't do it myself. NO CONSENT
Great Show Always
I love your show! I love your fact finding interviews. I like it when you fact check lies that politicians our doing. Keep up the good work . Most of all I love your attitude!
Just a beautiful American. I love Lawrence!!!
Thank you, Lawrence. You are a treasure in the mold of Cronkite, MacNeil, and Lehrer. Never quit! You’re the best. “ ... are laid bare.” 7/17/20 Get a grammar coach, please (to guest host).
Listening to Larry the pompous blowhard is excruciatingly painful so I stopped. But if insomnia pops up, listening to Larry puts me right to sleep.
Thanks, Lawrence!
Thank you for helping keep us informed through these absurd times. Your show is presented intelligently and full of good info.
Artist Leslie
The Last Word with Mr O’Donnell
Another 5 star host on MSNBC. Mr. O’Donnell has an excellent sense of humor. He has great wit and skill. He is thought provoking and holds his own in the land of giants within the place where his show resides. Someone at MANBC must be a genius. He gets to the point holds on until he gets what wants or decides the interviewee is not worth the effort. The audience knows by then he is absolutely correct. Unfortunately for the poor idiot that dodged the questions so do they.
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The last word?
Oh, great! This means he’s shutting up now, right? Thank God!
Lawrence lied
I was a huge fan of Lawrence O’Donnell for the past couple of years. That changed on Monday 6/15/2020 when he lied about the police encounter with Rayshard Brooks. Now I just see him as a liar and no better than Trump. Very disappointing.
Stop the ads for other podcasts!
I will avoid Chris Hayes' podcast for no other reason than he annoys me every time he interrupts TRMS or Last Word.
Karoops cutmeoff
I am voting Biden. Someone who has respect for others. I would never vote for DS( DT). The most racist person.
May 14 episode
I am voting for joe Biden even though I find him repulsive I watched this particular episode and was disgusted at the tailor made pandering questions and responses. This was not reporting this was propaganda. Additionally, having Stacey Abrams on with Joe Biden did not change my opinion of him. Stacey Abrams is doing incredibly important and good work. Her presence seemed like an obvious ploy to prop up Joe Biden. And, maybe it worked on some people. Not me and likely not others that understand social manipulation. The American people deserve honesty and Good reporting. Sadly, MSNBC continues to pander to moderate Democrats If your looking to help Biden win over Bernie supporters- start with being honest and ask Biden hard questions instead of spoon feeding him easy ones and not questioning his responses The American people do not need to like Biden to vote for him They just need to recognize that the other option is unthinkable if we want to live in a Democracy.
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So knowledgeable and experienced. Always enjoyable and enlightening. Thank you for always bringing sanity back in my day. Hope you have many more town halls!!
It’s All Velshi, so it must be a standard Friday night on the “Lawrence O’Donnell” show!
Foggy N. Ocean
Does anyone realize how noticeable rustling paper and scribbling is? It’s incredibly distracting, especially when your guests are speaking. It’s like they’re speaking the. somebody just starts speaking over them. FOR THE LOVE OF THE LISTENING PUBLIC, PLEEEEEASE! STOP!!!
Mike Dreyden
Lawrence’s show I listen to in the UK but Katie Tur is an annoying
I Iisten to it in the UK. Lawrence is great but this Katie Tur is an annoying distraction. If she is selling anything even chocolate I would make a point of not buying it. Give us pure up to date 100% Lawrence !! And to add to this: Since I still listen in the UK and can’t travel back to the USA due to Coronavirus, it is comforting to listen to Lawrence as he is the voice of hope that maybe people will listen to and be encouraged to end the insanity and vote us out of the desert madness.
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The UK USA listeners
Dr Mukergee forgot to address that the covid 19 virus is 1 micron which is too small to be stopped by a simple mask. I respectfully ask that you reconsider and to apply above average and rigorous standards to your medical guests. And I say this about all the shows. Having to fill air time is not a good enough standard. And I am confident you understand what I am saying, however clumsily, since you are such a rigorous communicator yourself. Three stars today, but Still my favorite. Thanks for reading to the end.
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Unsung Heroes
Please take 1 minute/day to mention 5-6 healthcare Workers by name. Do this every day as they sacrifice their lives to save others. These unsung heroes deserve recognition. Thanks!
Love all MSNBC podcast only problem is you don’t upload at a regular set time I end up waiting and checking for it
No updates
I’m going to delete it from my list. It’s been weeks and no new shows. Very disappointed with this.
Great show
So glad to be able to listen to Lawrence’s show.
Ad placement
I love that I can listen when I miss the show. However, the ads constantly interpreting in the middle of conversations is not working. Fine, have commercials, but use the breaks that were on TV.
Many thanks Mr. O’Donnell for your LAST WORD on what will become a historical day, 12/18/2019, in our country with the impeachment of Donald J Trump. You reminded me what Democracy means.
I like these podcasts, but I’m boycotting.
I’m boycotting MSNBC over their coverage of Bernie Sanders. Either MSNBC gives negative coverage or none at all to Bernie.
Paul Chicago Music Teacher
Why is the delivery of this podcast so inconsistent?!! Very annoying.
real serious
STOP saying "quid pro pro." It's "extortion."
Just stop it with the euphimisms. The American public doesn't understand Latin. Call it what it is: "Extortion." Use words that the average American understands.
I like Katie Tur.
She’s great. Get reporter.
Usually a 5, but what’s up? Today’s
Title but yesterday’s episode! And today’s episode sounds so good. Major bummer.
What a blowhard
This show is just a repackaging of the news from earlier shows, wrapped in overwrought outrage and cheap attempts at emotional manipulation. Maximum boomer lameness. The other MSNBC shows are far better.
The few that don’t like
I like all the episodes except the ones with guest hosts, especially Katy Tur
It’s OK
The show is a watered down less energetic version of the Rachel Maddow show....Lawrence also breathes really loud.
Ari M, Chris H, R Maddow & Lawrence O great reporters!
I love this podcast, specifically today’s Thursday 10-10-19! Great great news. Some justice finally!
Rachel & Lawrence sAre m favorites!
Great podcast. Highly recommend. Love Lawrence!!
I LOVE Lawrance
I never miss an episode but if I do I stream his podcast. Also side note - I love how he always ties in History to the show
Honest, Ethical, Clear, Intellectually Satisfying
Lawrence helps us understand the news with depth and clarity. He is an unsung hero during this historical time in American history.
Otherwise unobjectionable
Can you please get rid of Chris Hayes’ promotional clip for “ Why is this Happening” that runs at the end of your show? It’s the same, fingers on chalk board, clip he’s been using for over a year and it really wears thin, especially since I listen to several msnbc podcasts daily
The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
Must watch or listen!! Lawrence is one of my all time favorites at explaining politics and current events - and always he leads with compassion and empathy.
❤️ Lawrence!
I would love to see more of Lawrence all over MSNBC! Especially after the debates. He is humble, thoughtful, well versed, truthful and a advocate for justice for all. His books: Deadly Force & Playing With Fire are a must read. Clearly I am a fan! ❤️
Just wondering why there’s a spanish language commercial on this podcast?
The Smartest Guy In The Room!
Lawrence O’Donnell is far and away the most intelligent voice on television. Okay, maybe tied with Rachel Maddow. My favorite part of any podcast is their two minutes of banter as Lawrence’s show starts.
Wake Up
It’s bad enough that every show on msnbc is exactly the same with just a different host. But after 3 years to keep saying “trump lied” and pretending to be shocked is getting old.
Make it plain podcast referral
Unable to locate Mark’s podcast Lawrence mentioned 7/15? There are others with same title. More info please. Love this show!
Sandy McP
Ali Velshi is a great host
This time slot would be a great one for his show. Time to go Lawrence.
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