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Well-researched and timely
This is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates history and quality scholarship!
Stella PhD
It started out Interesting, but….
Extreme liberal bias and apparently no self awareness.
GREAT second season!
This second season was FANTASTIC . The themes and connections between episodes were so more apparent than the first season. Great structure, and great stories! Can’t believe I have never heard of “Axis Sally….” First season seemed a little messy, with some episodes not seeming to fit the narrative. This season however, everything made total sense and everything fit. Congrats on a wonderful season, can wait for season 3!
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I love the show but…
I love the show but PLEASE, PLEASE have some sort of small gap or indication when an ad is going to start. The topics are heavy sometimes and it’s really creepy to snap from discussing the iron lung to “DO YOU WANT SUPERPOWERS? Zip recruiter…” without even a moment to let the heavy stuff sit. It puts equal weight on the advertisement which is just NOT true. It destroys the tone of the episodes and honestly is really grating as I keep going through the season. Just a “more after the break” would be necessary and would make the experience much more enjoyable.
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Curious Gwen
Great Start, strange ending.
I enjoyed the first season and looked forward to the second season. I love history but as we move toward the end of season 2 you could feel the focused shift to her need to vent on conservatives and her personal dislike for Rush and Trump. I’m not a fan of these guys at all but I feel a price of the “doubt” puzzle is missing and few guys shaping all of the conservative thought is too simple (Or maybe it can be, i don’t understand how they think). I came for history and instead it got like a lesson in the pearls of giving conservatives technology. It was a good listen through season one; some of two. She brought in experts on things (many of who I looked up and started reading. You can tell she is trying to keep a open mind to the history as it comes; but her bias is to up front and I’m going to have to find a different history podcast to listen to; this podcast did not met it’s learning objective.
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Ghost card
Wanted to like this but
…the extreme liberal bias and playing fast and loose with history and facts made it too hard to. Too bad. Pushkin should drop this one.
Great show weird jump cuts
This show is great the topic is poignant and timeless. Absolutely love it. But there are weird jump cuts and parts that repeat because of them. It only happens with this show I don’t know why. It’s also not an app error. It’s shows it’s playing straight through and was posted that way
Philosophy JR.
I love the two of you (Jill and Malcolm). No need to repeat things. If they don’t get it the first time fucum…
Wish there were more episodes!
Love this podcast and I cannot wait for the next season!
Small stories explaining the big picture
Although I thought season 1 was slow to start, the goal of each episode is to explain the sentiment of the time with an interesting story of an era. In season 2 the team really hit their stride finding relevant situations in our past to explain the whole story of how our culture and politics ended up where we are now.
As a lover of history I very much enjoy being exposed to the discrepancies in the history I learned in my youth. It’s wonderful that today we are rewriting history to include voices that were deliberately excluded in the past.
How is this a search for truth?
Jill Lepore is an excellent storyteller and I mostly enjoyed the first season. But during the second season she went of the rails. She wants to find out "Who Killed Truth," and "Why do we Doubt?". but in the second season her biases were front and center in almost every episode. It's easy to find who killed truth if you start with a set of assumptions that you are unwilling to question. I couldn't get through the last episode of the series, and just cancelled the podcast subscription.
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Oscar Gordon
Thanks for the memories?
I spent a great deal of time driving as part of my job during the late ‘80s and the ‘90s. “Hush Rush” brought back the sinking feeling I experienced listening to many hours of talk radio. My wife wondered why I put myself through it. But it was hard not to listen to the spectacle of a great swath of people being taken to the cleaners as Limbaugh doled out doses of the cheapest sort of appeasement. What a dead end was ahead!
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Citizen 17
Interesting Digestible Information
Jill Lepore provides depth and insight on the origins of disinformation. The presentation is factual and digestible as opposed to a dry university lecture. Thanks and please keep the podcast going.
For a professed historian you are very closed minded and slanted in your view of history! You choose corroborators who share your world view and NEVER seek a descending opinion... What are you afraid of.... being wrong?
Oh wow! This is SOOO good!
Hooray to the 2nd season! Absolutely beautifully done and so well researched - I’m incredibly impressed and thankful for the lens on how we got to this crazy spot we are in now.
Vegan jmp
A really great show with a great host. Thought provoking and interesting.
The amount of misinformation in this episode meant I couldn’t get all the way through it. When I was young I was a progressive but the more I learned about economics the more right wing I became. I learned that all the economics taught to me in public school was disproved before I was born. I only made it at FEMA for a month because that’s how long it took me to figure out a lot of my job was lying to the public. I became radicalized when the public schools repeatedly told me if my kid wasn’t doing well in school it was because I sucked and there was nothing they could do for me. There is a real reason for anger out there. Shows like yours make it worse.
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cypress liz h
This entire second season has been incredible, but this last episode was especially powerful and insightful. Great connections between throughlines and blips in history that emerge with the stunning clarity of epiphanies—apt title! Thank you, Dr. Lenore and podcast team.
I liked it until I didn’t
First season was decent, I felt like it was pretty clean, benign, not leaning right or left. And I found the history fascinating. But this last episode kinda sealed the end for me, mostly because I am an adult now, I remember the things she’s talking about and I don’t remember them the way she’s presented them. I confess it makes me doubt her perspective and interpretation of all the other episodes I’ve listened to. Is it possible that neither right or left is the ultimate enemy? Is it possible that there are conservatives that are good and patriotic and right, AND leftists that are the same? Why does it have to be totally focused on right-wingers when left-wingers have done and are doing THE. SAME. THING. The Last Archive has turned a corner and taken a side…and unfortunately it’s not mine. Miss you Rush 😢
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Crooks crew
Pronounce the names correctly!
I just listened to episode 3, "The Invisible Lady." It was excellent. Lepore made unexpected and illuminating connections between disparate events, and used them to reach convincing conclusions. Plus, I learned something about my local history when she drew a connection between the 1896 funeral of Louisa Bayard in Wilmington, Delaware, and the legal theory of the right to privacy. But that's also the source of my one, possibly nit-picky, complaint: I've lived in Wilmington all my life, attended Bayard Junior High School for three years, spent some time as an employee of the law firm of Bayard, Handelman & Murdoch. The Bayard name is well known in this state and it's pronounced BY-erd. Not BAY-ard or bay-ARD. I think details like that matter.
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Rhetoric pretending to be history
Despite being cleverly marketed as a serious and/or unbiased podcast, it’s just another veiled attempt at revisionist history. The host is dishonest, the content is overdramatized, the sound effects are gimmicky, the pace is too slow (almost as if she thinks listeners can’t keep up) and the presentation is bland. There is some good factual information but it’s buried in rhetorical fluff and slanted opinions. This show is NOT earnest, well researched history. More like half-truths and spin. Not worth the time.
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Amazing Pushkin
It’s nice to know that using your brain is alive and well at Pushkin. Jill Lepore’s The Last Archive is simply fascinating and entertaining. And I feel like I walk away a lot smarter after every episode. And I feel this way with all of the Pushkin podcasts. I’ve turned on so many friends to to the house that Malcolm built. Keep up the great work everyone!
Simply Oustanding
Critical thinking at its best.
So Good!
Loving this - excellent, compelling stories. More please...
It’s funny how she want to be the provaier of truth and giving her own points of views without much evidence. She does exactly what she is trying to argue against. This show is not thought provoking and and hard to listen to. It is all over the place
Here is a show that touts a contextual view of events to combat a post truth world. The context? The political agenda they want to put forward. These people can’t help themselves, but to repaint history in any way that helps out their own desired outcomes. I can’t blame the effort, but to sell this as unbiased is laughable.
atropos twitch
My fave Pushkin Industries podcast
We’re lucky to have someone like Jill Lepore take us through a variety of historical curios in order to show us that while many things change human behavior often stays the same.
Great show
Fascinating take on unusual and relevant topics. Very well done.
Great show
Laporte does a great job creating compelling episodes that together form a great ark across each season
Terrible Commercial
I love this podcast, HATE the Mini commercial, sounds like AM radio in the 50s.
One of the finest podcasts available
I listen to a great many podcasts. The Last Archive is one the most intelligent, most compelling, and most enjoyable. I wish I could give it 6 stars.
Right when you get into the groove they kill you with ads
Fascinating and Remarkable
I would like to print every episode of this podcast and hang every page on my wall! Jill is so intelligent and thoughtful and she does a great job of exploring complicated topics with a deep dive into a specific phenomenon. 10/10 love this pod!
Commercials are distracting
There are so many commercials, without a clear transition to them, that I can’t stay focused on the content. This is really annoying..
Wide Awake and Dreaming
Great show but too many ads sprinkled throughout
The ads break up the show too much and you lose the flow of this interesting show.
Listen to this - You’ll be glad you did
Jill Lapore’s vocal storytelling is even better than her writing. While she was able to make Constitutional History come alive off the page, her vocal performance is outstanding, making her the Kristen Chenowith of historians. The entire conceit of the Last Archive works wonderfully and she adapts it perfectly to each episode, building her argument, showing her great skill as a lecturer, but recognizing the intimate power of this particular medium.
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Jasper Bowtie
Nothing but christian supremacy masquerading as journalism
The host professes religious nonsense as materially equal to the efforts to equalize and advance US laws and culture. Statements given as fact include, you have to believe to doubt. And that culture wars don’t progress truth. Fighting for ideals such as LGTBQ+ rights are unquestionably right. To even entertain the notion that backwards facing religious zealots are just the other side of a belief in equality are disguising. I am forever disappointed Malcolm Gladwell lended his amazing intellectual critique and recognition to such propaganda.
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Storytelling at its Most Entertaining
I love this podcast where the esoteric is made accessible and fun. The stories are very entertaining and thought provoking told in a very old-fashiony way. It reminds me of car trips as a kid listening to old radio shows like Flash Gordon and Captain Midnight with over-the-top stage acting voices and sound effects. Lapore’s obvious imagination, love for history and story telling is evident. This show is like finding a secret attic filled with scrapbooks and old letters that unravel the mystery of their owner.
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gtobynyyulybymx yvvlryf by
1- Entertaining & 2- Educational
This is Entertaining, which is just about the #1 thing I’m looking for on here, lol. #2 is Educational & it meets that aspect as well
Fluffster Normalpaws
Season Two? I’m glad it’s here.
I enjoyed the first season. I remember waiting for a new episode each Thursday. I wonder if it’s going to take too long for the second season. 5/11/2021- The second season is just as good as the previous one. I like everything about it. Thanks you!
So glad for a second season😎🖖
When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the next episode of Dragnet or Big John And Sparky. I have that same anticipation for Jill’s next podcast. Doing a good podcast is hard but Jill nails it EVERY time.😎🖖 Tom Hoffman
This is very good information that’s been well researched. I really enjoyed season one, and I am so excited season two is here and just as good. I can’t wait to hear more. It really makes you think about how we take information and how we use said information.
Made me re-examine...
I’m pretty far left on the spectrum, but the monkey business episode made me look at my own biases against those on the right.
Essential Listening
This podcast has everything: it is funny, brilliantly crafted, informative, touching, thought provoking, and pertinent. Jill Lapore makes a convincing proof for the William Faulkner proposition, “The past is never dead. It is not even past.”
Frances Morgan
The first time I ever came across Jill Lepore was on the Stay Tuned with Preet podcast and I was immediately a fan! Sure I already had an insatiable love for history, but Jill Lepore breathes new life to stories and facts that might otherwise fall flat. Her excitement is infectious and makes you want to follow her wherever she goes to make sure you get to explore with her. Every episode is like a new treasure hunt exploration with your favorite historian superhero! I am loving it!
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Polio episode outstanding
The whole series has been enjoyable, but the episode Cell Strain, about Polio, the vaccine, and the problems with distribution, is one of the best. It gives so much context to where we are now and illustrates that what we are going through is not so different from the past. Which, in a way is a comfort. We can survive this.
Top Marks
Entertaing, thought provoking, charming, quaint, modern and ultimately optimistic. Professor Lepore is a gem! Can’t wait for the new season.
Good storytelling, extremely intelligent
I love the book “These Truths” and the podcast brings a lot of the stories from that book and some of Professor Lepore’s other scholarship to life. The podcast is also much better produced than the audible audiobook of “These Truths” where the wild swings in volume, cadence and sound engineering made it very difficult to listen to.
Super podcast
If you like history, subscribe! These are exceptionally well done and provide an interesting perspective.
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