The Kolchak Tapes
The Kolchak Tapes
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“The Night Stalker” AKA “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” is a seminal show that has lead to an entire subgenre of entertainment, “The Paranormal Investigator.” From “Scooby Doo” to “Supernatural” (and beyond), the paranormal investigator came to prominence with “The X-Files” but this show and many others owe a debt to the man in the blue suit, Carl Kolchak.
Kendall R. Phillips on Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Professor Kendall R. Phillips discusses his work, focusing on his latest book, Kolchak: The Night Stalker from Wayne State University's TV Milestones series. The book discusses the origins and impact of the short-lived TV series and its landmark TV movies. Get your copy today at
Sep 8, 2022
32 min
The Final Episode
Chris and Mike wrap up The Kolchak Tapes with their special guest Richard Hatem. The three discuss the unmade Night Stalker episodes, "Eve of Terror," "Get of Belial," and "The Executioners" as well as a Marvel Comic parody of Kolchak from "ARRGH!" Thanks again to everyone for listening and coming with us on this three year journey.
Dec 21, 2019
1 hr 6 min
The Sentry (1975)
We discuss the last filmed episode of Kolchak The Night Stalker, The Sentry. It's a tale of a lizard man who lives deep in the recesses of the earth that causes havoc (and death) at a massive data warehouse.
Nov 24, 2019
23 min
Ascendant + The M Word
We wrap up talking about The Night Stalker (2005) with a discussion of two scripts for the show that were scrapped -- Ascendant and The M Word. However, The M Word would gain new life when it was re-adapted for the X-Files reboot as Mulder & Scully Meet the Weremonster. Mike and Chris talk about the changes between the original draft and the X-Files version.
Nov 4, 2019
47 min
The Youth Killer (1975)
On the penultimate episode of The Night Stalker, Carl takes on Helen of Troy (Cathy Lee Crosby) who has stayed alive all this time by stealing the vivacity of young hot single people. Carl is helped by his old friend Gordy the Ghoul (John Fiedler) and cabbie Kaz (George Savalas).
Sep 28, 2019
34 min
The Knightly Murders (1975)
Richard Hatem joins us again to discuss The Knightly Murders (1975) in which an animated suit of armor menaces those who want to form a "historical discotheque". Could it be that Hans Conried is behind it? And how did Kolchak end up in the loony bin? (Or did he?)
Aug 25, 2019
47 min
What's the Frequency, Kolchak? (2006)
Richard Hatem returns to The Kolchak Tapes to talk about the last episode of the Kolchak reboot that "aired". Written by Vince Gilligan, this is Mike's favorite episode of the Kolchak reboot as it includes some effective scares and even has Stuart Townsend showing some emotions in one scene.
Jul 19, 2019
1 hr
Legacy of Terror (1975)
Nanautzin, an Aztec god, needs to be sated every 52 years with five human sacrifices. In 1975 it was up to Carl Kolchak to end the cycle of violence by stopping the final sacrifice of Pepe (Erik Estrada).Chris Stachiw and Mike White also discuss the bizarre mash-up of "Legacy of Terror" and "Demon in Lace" called "The Demon and the Mummy" which unsuccessfully marries the two episodes.
Jun 21, 2019
37 min
Demon in Lace (1975)
When a series of mysterious deaths take place at a college campus, Carl uncovers the true nature of the crimes -- a Mesopotamian succubus is seeking revenge for the translation of an ancient stone tablet.
May 19, 2019
27 min
Timeless (2006)
The penultimate episode of "Night Stalker" was one of a handful dumped onto iTunes in 2006. In this episode we get the return of Titus Berry (played by Stephen Tobolowsky here and Wally Cox in The Night Strangler) as Carl and the Scooby gang chase down a "vampire" who eats three pituitary glands every 35 years in order to extend her life.
Mar 30, 2019
27 min
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