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The KLN Podcast
The KLN Podcast
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30: Seasons Change
We are wrapping up Season 1 of the KLN Podcast! Come listen to what were some of my favorite episodes, and what I’d like to leave you with as we end this first journey together.
Aug 3
8 min
29: Time to Confront
There’s no getting around it. At some point you will have to confront someone…. feeling a little nauseous about that? Come listen and let me explain why that feeling is okay.
Jul 27
9 min
28: Not all Women are the Same
Do you sometimes hear the latest and greatest personal development for women and it doesn’t quite relate to you? I’m here to tell you that okay, and here’s why.
Jul 20
11 min
27: Good to Great Leadership
Good leaders are a dime a dozen. Great leaders…. they are world changers. I want the great. I want to learn how to be one heck of a great leader. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way, and I’m sharing a few things I’ve learned on the journey.
Jun 22
12 min
26: Let’s Talk About Sex
Well, that was a little uncomfortable. Sex. It’s complicated and somewhat embarrassing to talk about, but it’s a really important part of our lives. A healthy sex life is a huge part of having a healthy marriage.
Jun 15
17 min
25: Black and White
I decided to tackle this topic. I’m not sure if I actually tackled it, but I spent time digging deep inside of myself to see where my blind spots might be, and how I can bring them to light within our home.
Jun 8
14 min
24: Value in the Struggle
Have you ever struggled your way through something? Let me share with you about my “not so pretty” race I just finished and what I learned from doing it.
Jun 1
21 min
23: 15 years & 5 lessons
Parenting is hard and wonderful at every stage. When I look back over the last 15 years of being a mom, here are the 5 things I would tell you are my best pieces of advice.
May 11
17 min
22: So someone hurt you…
We all have something in common. Someone has hurt, and someone has hurt me. How do we move past it? What the first step in finding health again? Take a listen to what I dealt with just this week.
May 4
10 min
21: Decisions, decisions…
Does making a decision completely stress you out? Are you terrified it will be the wrong one? Here’s the check list I use when I have to make a big one.
Apr 27
12 min
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