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Katie Halper
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Excellent guests
Fine interviewer
Alfred W K
I love what you do
Katie I have listened to you these past 6 months and I love what you do on your podcasts and introducing me to so many fascinating human beings! Thank you and keep being you I really appreciate it and you have taught me a lot about so many issues these past few months.
Blue Huron
Katie is killing the pod game
Great content and analysis from one of the left’s most prominent voices
Excellent Show
Great show! Goes in depth with guests that have deep knowledge of issues around the world. This show provides much more real information than the corporate guided propaganda that passes as “news” these days.
Medea fails to live what she says
Medea is not attending the Rage Against the War rally in DC…her refusal drives a wedge, instead of joining the masses on that issue. Just like the 1% wants. Too bad. Code Pink is invalid now, they should be at the rally😢
I listened to Katie with the inestimable Matt Taibbi on the Useful Idiots podcast. It is always so disheartening to hear Americans from privileged backgrounds (like Katie) who are self-hating Jews.
In a nation where the latest “ thing” is decriminalizing nearly everything because nobody can handle personal responsibility anymore.. Katie rushes in to the middle of the cultural war and rips a giant belly fart.. stinking up the entire topic with hookers.. nice job dummy
The Best
Katie is a true truth-seeker and truth-speaker. Katie speaks truth-to-power regardless of political affiliation.
Katie’s show does not hold back
Katie allows the voices of the oppressed to be heard.
Never talk to the police
always great
Always great, thanks for your work. 🙌 Pls no more b*ll m*her clips though? 🙏
A must listen to for folks on the left
Amazing host with a very sharp analysis. Amazing interviewees. A TRUE COMRADE 🌞
esperanza h.
She’s amazing
I’m Palestinian. I was born there. However, I grew up and live in America. I can’t go back to Palestine. It’s a dream of mine. Katie is an inspiration to me and she supports human rights despite the the context. She’s also had her personal life affected by the stance she has taken. Katie. Ur amazing.
Love this show!
Tysm for speaking up for yourself and for all of us! The Hill and rising lost a huge asset! We love you!
Keemish squeamish
The repeal of Roe v Wade is actually the Dems fault. Christian Nationalism is also the Dems fault. Voting restriction laws and racial guessed it, Dems bad
Ben Fleissner
Awesome Podcast
She is smart, funny and most importantly she lets her guests get their points of view across. She doesn’t interrupt them and try to bait them into an argument like %90 of the political podcasts.
Advocates killing cats
She thinks that’s funny. I don’t. Plus her voice did grating.
Love it
Doesn’t matter what political side you think you’re on, this show is legit…
K Halper Five Stars
I clean vacation rentals and when I see Katie Halper show in my feed my work is easier. Great politics combined with her crazy good humor and very interesting guests. Btw, tip the worker who cleans up after you when on vacation. Also, lift the lid and give it a little looksy, wipe if needed. Katie Halper, you are the best!
Dangerous speech found here!
To counter shrinking first amendment
In the US’s ever dwindling roll to allow free speech, this show will include alternative perspectives that Democracy Now used to provide. We live in an increasingly unipolar world perspective funded by the 1%ers!
2/15 show on Steven Donziger
Of the MANY questions concerning the persecution of Mr Donziger: WHO ARE THE PEOPLE who made the decision to have him disbarred, refusing him a hearing in which he could present his case? I’m interested in an itemized list, with the political/business histories of each person.
Release Steven Donziger
Being a mensch as ever....
KH is the real deal. Deep dives into the most critical stories of our time with great guests who all contribute and make The Katie Halper Show, a Smart Listen.
Pro Trucker Az.
Great work
Katie halper has good takes that are funny
jack tinkler
Funny, Smart & Real
If you think just feeding scripts to a woman will make Establishment propaganda palatable, you’ll hate this show.
Martial Arts Student
This episode packed a PUNCH!
Schumer, Nadler, and Kirste n what’s her name. Corporate walking garbage cans. Love your wise and wonderful heart Katie. Will make those calls. Will stumble through it cause it’s the right thing to do. Theresa
Mary Rose Cefalu
Give up podcasting Katie
You are pulling your brilliant cohost down. Unsubscribed.
Need a intelligent debate on vaccines ivermectin
I’ve listen d to numerous MD’s including a former VP for Phizer. on Gary Null’s show state Ivermectin works & the vaccine have caused blood clots. RFK jr who’s won major lawsuits to protect the environment has been vaccine critic, like to see both sides. You don’t mention Sweden which didn’t vaccinia near normal flu levels. it’s impossible for us to understand Without a debate between MD ‘s then a fact check review using Pubmed.
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Big pharma bad…
You guys on the podcast are rich, able bodied people, us poor people have to let the antivaxers take all of the ICU beds now, all elective surgeries are postponed in my county. And I hear you chuckle heads just laughing at our situation where it has been maga 24/7 for the last 5years and those idiots tell me I am scared because I wear a mask, that I am scared to die. They say if it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go. I have to live amongst these maga idiots, you don’t. You guys are out of touch with people who make less than 16,000 a year.
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Lucy Westerna
Hypocrite of the highest order
I’ve heard Halper joke about cannibalism, necrophilia and shark genocide, but Jimmy Kimmel joking about not giving beds to anti-vaxxers on his comedy show is “unethical” now? You’re no different than Hamburg or Maddie: just another hypocrite.
Youmg Sandwich
No Bogarts here…really super podcast
I’m particular, a picky eater since childhood, a vegetarian since first reading Diet for a Small Planet (1974) I'll put down a book almost as soon as the prose doesn't ring true. ? So why when claiming to be so finicky(hardly scratched the surface)am I so open to hear the full range of progressive opinions. It must be there is worth in having a wide range of knowledge and perspective. One that grows from hearing ideas and sharing, at least for a moment the judgements and insights they convey. Katie’s 2 most recent guests are prime examples of just how profound this is for me. I’m fortunate to live adjacent to a wilderness area and 18 miles from the nearest town of consequence. Living vicariously is enriched by the kind of content I’ve found here. I watched both Harvard Students for Bernie segments after being inspired by the Phillip Agnew interview. Phillip impressed me even more over the course of those exchanges. Margaret Kimberly adds such depth and analysis to the historical record. I can only praise its resistance to false narrative and the liberating caution it offers. I recommend this PC as a good point to connect with the vital flow of people, ideas and current topics. Thanks Katie
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Great interviews
Very thoughtful commentator and great interviews with guests
Fair Views
Truth about Truth & that’s all that matters.
Literally the best show right now
Just amazing
Thank you Katie for keeping the important space between progressive convictions and electoral realities. I am so sorry that space is one with so few rational allies, but it is the most important space for progress’s. It always has been. You are part of the solution.
5 stars
Love this show
fudge dragon
the pop art cover was off putting but...
I’m glad I’ve started listening to Katie’s Show; it’s a great supplement to my leftist comedy playlist. howeverrrr, in my humble Black opinion, i think u should change the podcast cover art, Katie. a white face is just not the kind of iconography that pulls me in to these analyses, even if it’s the beautiful white face of a great host! review written in solidarity & love
Long time listener
Been listening to Katie for years. One of the only political podcasters worth listening to.
Excellent show!
Katie’s show is not only humorous, insightful, and full of excellent journalism, Katie is drop dead melt into the ground gorgeous. Highly recommend.
c.s. vance
She good
Hateful troll trash
Big hard pass. Don’t need more hateful garbage.
Who are you and why did you steal my last name?
Level and respected
Great show, excellent guests—welcome relief from typical cable news.. keep up the good work Katy!!
Good but could be better
Episode with Nathan Robinson was a disaster. I love Katie but she was doing this bit about putting him on trial that prevented a discussion that could have been interesting. Ben burgis literally had to butt in to make one quick point before leaving. I would love for a little bit more structure like ok jokes for 10 minutes but then somebody signal to Katie so that she can transition to substantive discussion.
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Katie offers nuance and perspective throughout her show, calling bluffs when she sees them and holding journalists,the media,pundits etc. accountable. She has choice guests and co-hosts. We need more shows like this. Oh and she’s hilariously clever
Asks great questions
Halper is a casually awesome and agile thinker who manages to treat this maddening stuff with both depth and levity.
Katie Halper is the most intelligent left commentator on the scene
I began watching Katie with Matt Taibbi on Useful Idiots and now I'm a patron of her show. She reminds me of my best friend in high school (sense of humor and brilliance.) She is the daughter I never had and gives me hope that her generation will save the human race. My generation utterly failed to do that, even after being given ample opportunity. I share her prejudice against sharks and her fondness for ridiculous penis stories. But mostly I shared her worldview. Unbridled authoritarian capitalism is destroying the world. Bernie Sanders and other progressives are fighting for equal distribution of wealth and justice for the poor and victims of racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, anti-Islam anti-LGBTQ and all the other venomous "isms" that have dominated Trump's America. The working class must rise again! My second favorite YouTube political channel is Richard Wolff, who explains socialism in simple terms and holds forth with eloquence and passion. He had a sense of humor but he's not as funny as Katie. If you want humor and levity served up with your bad news, Katie is the best!
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Words are just made up and meaningless please stop
I really hated the is trumpism fascism episode it was like sitting through a meredith monk concert But a meredith monk concert is less pretentious because no one thinks the sounds coming out of their mouths have meaning It made me wish for 0% comprehension of the English language I really can’t overstate how much i hated this episode And how stupid it was Please please please no more academics
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Emery Rouette
Three Thumbs Up
Thank you for reporting.
Great as always
Very informative—would love to see Zephyr Teachout and Cathy O’Neil/mathbabe on this show together sometime
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