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Tech CEOs Defend Their Efforts to Police Online Content
Lawmakers questioned the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter over how they shape discourse online. WSJ's Robert McMillan explains why a recent New York Post story about Hunter Biden put the CEOs in the hot seat.
Oct 28
19 min
Trump Versus Biden on the Economy
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are approaching a key issue - the economy - in different ways. WSJ's Jon Hilsenrath looks at President Trump's economic record and talks us through both candidates' economic plans.
Oct 27
21 min
Waiting Up Late for Wisconsin
With a historic number of mail-in ballots in Wisconsin this year, it may take a while before we know who's won the state and, perhaps, the presidency itself. We talk with Wisconsin's chief elections official about how she's preparing.
Oct 26
13 min
Quibi's Quick Collapse
The streaming platform Quibi broke onto the scene earlier this year with tons of cash and a Hollywood visionary at the helm. Six months later, the company is shutting down. WSJ's Benjamin Mullin talks through the high hopes for Quibi and the platform's dramatic fall from grace.
Oct 23
19 min
A Billionaire's Plan for Mass Covid Testing
Tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Graham Weston caught Covid from an asymptomatic carrier. Now, he's embarking on a mission to control the virus through cheap, widespread testing - starting off in one Texas town. WSJ's Rob Copeland explains the experiment.
Oct 22
21 min
Inside One NBA Team's Decision to Turn Its Arena Into a Poll Site
The Atlanta Hawks decided to turn their basketball arena into a voting site in response to the George Floyd protests. CEO Steve Koonin talks about what went into that transformation and what it means for a private company to get involved in an election.
Oct 21
17 min
The Government Sues Google
The Department of Justice filed a landmark antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of maintaining an illegal monopoly in online search. WSJ's Brent Kendall explains what's at stake.
Oct 20
17 min
A String of Scandals, the Same Auditor
Several recent corporate financial scandals have had one thing in common: the main companies involved were all audited by Ernst & Young. WSJ's Ken Brown explains how problems at one of the world's largest accounting firms might signal issues for the wider world of auditing.
Oct 19
17 min
Melinda Gates on What Covid Has Exposed
Melinda Gates has been involved in distributing hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. Kate talks with her about how now, she's focused on the coronavirus and the inequities the virus has revealed. To hear our full interview with Melinda Gates, you can join the WSJ Tech Live Conference at
Oct 16
17 min
Why an Atlanta Rap Mogul Is Starting a Bank
Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently launched a digital bank to serve communities of color. He explains why he started the bank and why Black banks are so important in closing the racial wealth gap.
Oct 15
17 min
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