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Out of Touch
Tyson really exposed Joe’s depth. Poor Joe, there’s not much to him.
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Austin move showing itself
I like how Jaime’s politics are shining through now. If it’s Anti-Trump he can pull it up and read/ play no issue. If it’s showing that someone exaggerated an anti-Trump position...suddenly they “don’t own that material” and they could get in trouble.
Tim Kennedy - Patriot
The discussion about Hawaiian shirt now being tied to white supremacy per the Wall Street Journal is funny, crazy and unbelievable. Had no idea the looks I get while walking my dog wearing a Hawaiian shirt is because people think I’m a white supremest. In reality, the cool pattern of the shirts conceal my gun better. The knowledge of geopolitics that Tim shared was insightful and yes, thought provoking. He’s got a great sense of humor and one hell of a Patriot. His military service, Sheepdog Response and knowledge is much appreciated and needed.
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I think that money went to his head... or something.. I was a fan for years.... but not anymore...
Can you turn the volume up a little?
It may just be me but the newer episodes are hard to hear on Bluetooth. Ron white sounded like he was broadcasting live from a submarine.
rogan is all about $
as soon as there might be a wealth tax, guys like rogan dip out - they totally think they have independently earned every dime; overlooking that unless people back him up, invest their time n coin, he has fk all he is this gen’s Maher
Stop cutting off Duncan Trussell
Seriously dude. Let the man talk.
Always fun listening to all the different guests. Crazy topics and insane views. My kind of weird lol
Wiley Coyote II
Audio is low
Low audio
Was starting to like Texas, until I listened to TIM KENNEDY
I can’t figure out if Tim Kennedy’s blindness is willful or just ignorance. Just WOW. Welcome to Texas???
mmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. no
mcfunny by your opinion on video games is mcwrong
Was terrific in the beginning
I use to love JRE when it was all about having conversations with cool people. Lately it’s turned into alt right propaganda, at this level you can’t keep defending yourself with “don’t listen to me, I’m just a comedian”. Too much time is spent trying to influence people to use that excuse for not researching things.
Piece of childish garbage
If you listen to Joe Rogan and enjoy it, I can guarantee a few things. 1) you’re a White man with a small penis 2) you support Orange Hitler 3) you have never read a book in your life 4) you graduated 743/744 in your class when #744 actually died before graduation
Joe Rogans experience
Joe rogans experience is a very enjoyable show
Great except.....
One of my favorite podcasts! Except when I’m Michael rapaport is on
New Studio/Worse Sound!
Hey Jamie bump up the Master volume when you upload these new ones on Apple. Went from being one of the louder EQ’d ones to the sofest! I work in a loud work environment all day with one Skullcandy Indy earbud in and since the move to Texas I can’t even listen to your show now unless isolated in a quiet room 👎🏼
Audio issues
Great Podcast, but audio is muted since moving to Houston
I love Ron White but seriously!
Roblox star reviem star
Number one for a reason!
Lucid, civilized discussion is the rarest form of communication since the internet anonymity destroyed cordial discourse. Joe has proven intellectual curiosity is a fundamental need of people world wide by sharing his thirst for knowledge. The fact he does this while remaining true to his comedic nature is pure genius!!
Welcome to TX!
Welcome Joe & Young Jamie to ATX! Try out Rudy’s BBQ :) You will love!
Alt right propaganda
Bad reporting, boring commentary, really only popular with dumb guys who think they sound smart when they repeat Rogan’s catchphrases.
I have had to turn the volume up to full on both my vehicles in order to hear the last 4-5 episodes, I can barely hear Ron White. Can you record the episodes louder?
Love it
Keep it up man, love the show!
jwebb12 storm
Can u turn up the audio some
I always enjoy Joe’s Podcasts!
Joe brings people with credentials on his show so you know you can really learn something anytime you listen. He brings people from both sides of the political spectrum onto his show & when he disagrees with them, it’s civil. Which is rare and it’s a great thing to see. Love this podcast.
You had me at hello...
Big shout out to Joe and the team at the JRE. I’m turning 41 next week and I’m so truly happy there’s someone like you that I can model myself after in some ways. You’re listening and communication with your friends on the show is inspiring. It’s what I needed. I listen to you and hear how you inspire and educate. Thanks you. My favorite episodes so far that I’ve actually downloaded to listen to all the time. Kevin Hart - such a Rad Cast #1278 Mike Tyson - good luck champ. Bill “MF” Burr - this guy is another great inspiration. It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who struggles with anger the way you do. I’m working on it and I’m glad you are too. I never thought when I was younger I’d be so inspired by old farts, ...(my attempt to make JR laugh). Dude 41 is is creeping and I’m a true Gen-X’er, thank you for showing me the positive over the negative. JAH BLESS!
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Fix audio
I used to love the show but since the switch to the new place the audio sounds a lot more muted specially people that don’t talk loud like mike or Ron white.
What’s up with the audio?
Seems like the sound is all over the place in Austin...🥺😫
Ep 1530 With Duncan
Wow, longest podcast I’ve ever listened, and it was a banger! Joe and Duncan need to make that weekly podcast a reality yesterday.
Not a good start!
What’s up, Joe? You sound maniacal. Lay off the sauce before your show. Let Adam Curry speak! That 100 mil contract has gone to your head. Man, I loved JRE.... until it went to Spotify. Something has changed and not for the better.
No Adam curry
Not a good listen in my opinion, “the podfather” just irritated me over and over.
jeremiah fortier
Joe pawn
Joe Rogan is a pawn stop cutting off Adam curry let him tell us about the digital currency... every time he spoke about he gets cut off 30sec later....rogan is illuminati ...they got to him
Adam Curry
This would have been a great episode, however, Joe continually interrupted Adam throughout. It was nice that Adam Curry was polite and happened to keep his thoughts on track, but this was a very frustrating episode to listen to with all of the nonsense from Joe while Adam was talking.
Paulo K
Joe needs to stop interrupting his guests.
The episode with Adam Curry was the worst episode in JRE history and only one I couldn’t complete. I gave up after Joe interrupted Adam for the Hundredth time. Adam couldn’t get a word in and whenever he broached an interesting subject Joe cut him off with some banal nonsense. The color scheme of new studio is disorienting. And Jamie you need to pull the cameras back. It’s far too close to Joe and Guests faces. And use the wide camera that captures both of them more during the podcast.
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Love the show but...
Dunno if you just get too wasted but man this curry episode was so frustrating. You wouldn’t let the man finish a thought with your rambling, I hope that’s not the ‘new normal’ for your new studio.
Spotify is anti-American. What were you thinking!?
Will not be downloading Spotify now, or ever. Apple is the king and you were in the throne room. This is not a good move.
Dustin tucson
Great podcast. Five solid stars! Always thought provoking. I love the wide guest variety. I used to listen to Howard Stern and quit the Stern show after finding this free podcast. The last mike Tyson interview was great!
Finally we are “ following the science “
Dr. Soh is right on. Mahalo Re: statue discussions. A country that doesn’t understand their history, has no future
wild bill kamuela
Typical Hollywood BS
Thought I’d try an episode of Rogans experience. Such BS and typical Hollywood. Not everybody does drugs, dude. For you to spew the teach our kids “it’s okay to experiment” BS is not okay. We’re supposed to protect our youth and give them tools for success not failure. I expected better and now I know. Don’t waste your time listening. Same old same old Hollywood.
Bells E
Jre is the ish
Jre is awesome! Cool guests and very interesting varying topics! Enough said.
Mike Tyson
Thank you so much for your hard work. It is inspiring!!! You are appreciated!!!
had to like self
He is honest and himself but that doesn’t mean I like him
All depends on the guest. I cannot list to him all the time. Sometimes his views are just insane and the people he has on. As I said he is himself but I don’t usually like him.
I think Joe should fight Mike Tyson. Watch out for ear biting Joe!
Open minded.
After listening to over 20 Podcast of people I enjoy personally I took a gamble by listening to others that I don’t know or don’t particularly like. Man Miley changed my view on her. Sex sells and she was just making that money. I wouldn’t say my views have changed politically but I think more listening to these people. I just wish he would have an average joe, or a listener in once a month just to interview them. Start a contest Joe, I’ll be the first to go if you invite me on.
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#1. #1QQ. Percent 😄😃😀😀😃😄😂😂🤣🧐👽🙌
F@#k The Fedz
Great podcast
Love the podcast. Can you do an episode on Rick Simpson oil (RSO)
The David Blaine episode tho
Oh my god that episode was so great 😃 David Blaine is awesome and also the episode was interesting and so funny 😂 too I would listen again that’s how episode was so great was oh yay have not listen other episode don’t worry because I will listen more
fun with owen
Miley Cyrus
Miley cyrus.....I’m sorry, but she is hard to relate to even by the most understanding person. She has benefits for her mental health that 99% of people don’t have access to. Head injury? Really? Girl I’m not saying that DIDNT happen, but c’mon. She lives in a very very different reality & there’s no way the average person can relate to her. She seems mostly oblivious to her privilege & benefit of famous parents. You can tell by the way she talks. I just don’t buy her BS
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Nearly 7mins of Ads
The Ads are so... so... so... LONG!
Joshua A. Mangrum
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