The Joe Robert Show
The Joe Robert Show
Joe Robert
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Great interviews and great guests!
Joe is knowledgeable about all facets of crypto land and gets a variety of engaging guests. Questions are thoughtful and hone in on what makes the projects unique and poised for long term success. Highly recommend this podcast for anyone in the world of crypto investing!
A couple great podcasts I’ve heard referencing crypto currency. I’ve had a lot of questions on it and this show help cleared them up.
Nick Scinto
Great financial tips
Always good takeaways. I have learned many useful tips from Joe and his guests around tax planning, buying notes and investing in multi family real estate. This podcast has increased my financial IQ!
Diamond Drew
Very Informative!!
Great source of information and easy to follow!
JWhite-Dallas, Texas
Great podcast if you want to insight and to learn from successful people. Definitely recommend
Out of the Box Thinking!
I appreciate the variety of guests that Joe interviews, and alternatives to the belief that wealth can only be accumulated through the stock market. His topics offer numerous successful investment ideas. Well done!
Kathryn, Boise
Great info
Great information provided to the audience. Keep up the great work!
Great podcast
Super helpful info and very entertaining. Great money advice on investing.
Great information!
Joe makes information about finances and investing accessible and easy to understand to the “average joe” I definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a different take on what to do with their money, you surely will not be disappointed!
I’ve known Joe since 2007 and his drive and motivation to fill his mind with this kind of information has always been evident. Different than most entrepreneurs he has always shared what he learns to help everyone around him. He’s a great mind and I’m grateful to have relevant, useable information, especially in these strange times. ...Brilliant Thanks Joe
What's not to like!?
What's not to like about conversations with real estate investing and investors? I love it.
Eric van Dalen
Super Informative!
This helps my time in sharpening my mind while working on my investments at the same time. It's great to add new fresh knowledge to your belt. What I find it engaging is his ability to pitch it and it doesn't sound preachy or dull!
Joe Wishful Thinking
Great Information
Very insightful and knowledgeable especially in the ever changing environment of 2020.
Awesome Pod Cast
I really enjoy listening to Joe’s Pod Cast. He has great info that absolutely translates into the real estate investment world. I look forward to listening to more of his shows. Keep up the good work!
Green Tec
Great content
Always great content by Joe with useful takeaways. This is a great opportunity to learn about unorthodox investment methodology!
I love it
Great place to learn about real estate. Joe is a great communicator, I'm excited to listen to new episodes.
Iura Telezhynskyi
Very informative
Calming to listen to and answers questions that can be understood and digests easily to listeners.
Great Information
I had the pleasure of doing real estate with Joe at different firms and he's always been positive, and open to creating a win-win situation. It's great Joe that you've launched this platform to continue bring ing value to the industry. Looking forward to future Podcasts!
Great Insight
Joe’s been great to listen to as I’m learning about real estate note and mortgage investing. Super helpful insight, and entertaining.
Great content, thoughtful questions, and practical advice!
Joe asks great questions that have practical, real-life applications for us investors while also keeping each episode thoroughly entertaining. He brings on guests who are knowledgeable and have ground-level experience. Great podcast overall!
Excellent financial podcast
The host, Joe Robert brings us relevant interviews with top performing experts in the field of finance and investing. Excellent educational and entertaining content, highly recommended!
Super Information
The Joe Robert Show is an informative, great show. There is a vast array of information to learn. If investing is your thing, tune in to Joe's show, and you will learn about many types of investing from real estate to stiocks to notes. All of the information you need is right here. Tune In!!!
Land Couple
Great content and insights
Joe and his guests provide some great insight into investing, minimizing taxes and entrepreneurship. You should take the time to listen to his podcasts; you’ll be sure to learn a few things.
Ebert G
Seriously Top Notch Content!
The Joe Robert Show is the real deal. There are many business podcasts out there, but it is a challenge to find those that provide truly valuable information. The content and stories in these interviews are not only entertaining, but provide unique perspectives and advice - something that isn’t easy to find!
name not provided
Great Content!
Joe provides a variety of interviews and informational content on how to grow and preserve your wealth.
Wealth of Knowledge
I know Joe for a few years now. Of people to start a podcast this is the guy who needs to be doing one. One of the smartest people around. Can’t wait for the next episodes.
Mahir A
Captivating and Informational
Joe has a great way of holding your attention with the questions that he asks and the rapport he has with the people he interviews. As someone who isn’t too savvy with this area of finance, I’ve learned a lot of useful information and look forward to new episodes so I can continue my financial growth!
Great resource!
Always something to learn each time, keep it up!
Value packed
Being a non-wall street guy. Having a place like this is awesome. It’s in my library. Put it in yours too!
Great interviews
Joe Roberts is a great educator. His knowlege and the guest he has on always teach me something that I can use in my own business or investing. I highly recommend this podcast.
Hoosier Boomer
Good Insight and Helpful Information
Joe is covering important topics with practical advice for all small business folks and entrepreneurs. This is a great opportunity to learn about alternative investments and how to go about making them happen for yourself.
RTP Focus
Fantastic Podcast
Joe is a great interviewer and asks very insightful questions. The podcast provides useful knowledge and inspiration. I binged listened to every podcast and learned a ton. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.
Love this show!
This show is a must for any serious investor. So glad I found it!!!
J Scott (123Flip)
Good content and delivery
Joe has a ton of experience and it shows in the content!
Highly recommended
Great podcast, lots of value. Keep up the good work.
Love the content!!!
Joe does a great job of getting into details on how to manage and save on taxes as an entrepreneur. I can’t recommend his show highly enough! Listen to the experts he has brought on and soak in the details
Paul Lizell
Very useful and practical content
Joe really shows his expertise and the ability to get insightful information from his invitees. Give yourself a chance to learn something new today by listening to the show. You won’t regret it.
Joe is the man!
Love this podcast and Joe’s insight. He’s a longtime friend and I was pumped to see he decided to do a podcast. Joe’s success, intelligence and work ethic are going to make this podcast even better. I’m looking forward to hearing Joe’s future guests.
Evan Marz
Knowledgeable and helpful
This show is a must for those looking to improve and diversify investments. That makes this podcast something people need to put on their schedules because we can always use this great information in our lives!
Puerto Rico Taxes/ Investment
Great content by Joe, thanks for your podcast. By the way, if you've not considered Puerto Rico for Real Estate investment, this is the time.
Puerto Rico Colectivo
Must listen!!!
Man, absolutely amazing content here. So much to learn from this podcast, I wouldn’t miss it.
TAB Tribe
Great financial show
I love this show, I’ve struggled with building wealth and this is a great way to learn about that!
Colin Waitzman
Fabulous information
Pure value if you are looking to preserve your wealth and prosper in way only Joe can show you. A must listen! BABAM!💥
Elevate Others
Love it!
Super amazing podcast with the best host! Highly recommended!
Professional insight
Great learning and hearing insight from Professionals in the field. Learning what they have been through and where they think it is going. Very helpful.
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