The J. Agenda
The J. Agenda
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Lifestyle podcast that dances between muscle, melancholy, motive and mystery. Conceptually authentic and free-formed, The J. Agenda, bridges elements of inspiration, imagination, and wit. It is this refreshing blend of ingredients, that creates an experience characterized as, a melting pot of contemporary, podcast superiority. Crafted to charm and chastise your (sub)conscious.Hosted by Thomas J. | Twitter & IG: @ThomasJ_
The Jealousy, Pt 1
Jeal • ous 1. (adj.) feeling or showing envy of someone of their achievements and advantages. jea• lous •y2. (n) the state or feeling of being jealous.Be careful how people joke with you. Most people you know, throw jealousy, hate and shade all with a smile and laugh. In Chapter 4, you'll see how jealousy can be good or bad, how it reads across or is read by you or other people. Scenarios that have happened where people can feel jealousy and a brief intro, so to speak, into Pt, 2. Maybe you've been jealous of the way things could have been, instead of living in the present. Welcome back.
Oct 5, 2017
8 min
The Jinx
jinx: 1. (n) a person or thing that brings bad luck. 2. (v) bring bad luck to; cast an evil spell on. Do you believe in jinxes? In Chapter 3, you will be introduced to the origin of jinx and what the word means in several different contexts. Be ready to understand how jinxes work and how to avoid them. Ready?
Aug 24, 2017
15 min
The Judgment
judg • ment: 1. (adj). having or displaying an excessively critical point of view; the ability to make considered decisions2. (n). act of judging; reason; opinion formed sentence.It’s Judgment Day. Despite our best effort, we all judge others. It might be over small things, or bigger issues. In chapter 2, you’ll explore the reasons why people judge, discrimination vs. discernment and broken stereotypes. We’ll examine how the action of judging affects both internally, and externally. All rise! Hit play, Judge Thomas J. has a few things to say.
Aug 10, 2017
19 min
The Jump Off
jump • off: (v) to begin.Is this thing on? Introducing The J. Agenda... in Chapter 1, you delve into a world of opportunity. The Jump off signifies the start of something new. Host, Thomas J., aligns himself with your psyche, counterbalancing optimism and practicality. Get ready, it's your time.
Jul 26, 2017
18 min