The It's Got Star Trek Podcast
The It's Got Star Trek Podcast
The It's Got Star Trek Podcast
The It's Got Star Trek podcast offers a weekly, irreverent, and in-depth dive into all the various corners of the Star Trek franchise.
#36 – The Most (and Least) Funny Attempts at Humor in Star Trek
Join your jocular hosts as they discuss audience nominations for the most and least funny attempts at humor in the Star Trek franchise. Beware some mild spoilers for the Original Series, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Short Treks, and Picard! Thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughts, except for the one racist fellow (pro-tip: if […]
Aug 1
2 hr 23 min
#35 – ‘One of Our Planets Is Missing’ & ‘The Lorelei Signal’ TAS S1E03 & 04
Spock chats with a cloud and Uhura saves the day. Join your cartoonish hosts as they revel in the camp and creativity of the first animated Trek series, discuss the pluses and minuses of the animated format, and analyze the struggle between feminist and patriarchal messaging in old school Trek. Next week: In preparation for […]
Jul 25
1 hr 55 min
#34 – ‘Phantasms’ TNG S7E06
Data saves the day by stabbing Troi. Join your dreamy hosts as they debate the merits of Freudian psychoanalysis, discuss Patrick Stewart’s deft direction, and try to guess the flavor of cellular peptide cake (with mint frosting). Next week: Kirk and crew encounter scary clouds and even scarier women in ‘One of Our Planets Is […]
Jul 18
2 hr
#33 – ‘Wink of an Eye’ TOS S3E11
A fast lass covets Kirk’s “space seed” while Spock saves the day with a little inspiration from Dark Helmet. Join your easily-confused hosts as they discuss the threshold for immoral action when your entire species is in danger, lament the general slip in writing-quality during TOS’ third season, and inquire as to precisely how long […]
Jul 11
1 hr 36 min
#32 – ‘Desert Crossing’ Enterprise S1E24
Archer teaches Trip the importance of full bellies and sweaty backs when navigating novel foreign policy scenarios. Join your mildly-aroused hosts as they discuss the seeds of the Prime Directive, the dicey nature of first contact with divided societies, and how far we’ve advanced over the past 18 years of Western society with regard to […]
Jul 4
2 hr 5 min
#31 – ‘Blink of an Eye’ Voyager S6E12
Janeway and the gang goof up a planet, but everything works out in the end. Join your time-zone-agnostic hosts as they discuss the often tricky-to-navigate chasm between the ideal of the Prime Directive and the practical realities faced by Starfleet crews, the problem of fiction relying on disproven tropes about cultural evolution, and the fact […]
Jun 27
2 hr 1 min
#30 – ‘Frame of Mind’ TNG S6E21
Commander Riker has a particularly bad week. Join your totally-not-insane hosts as they consider the ramifications of not trusting your own brain, the positives and negatives of episodic storytelling, and the inherent contradiction of spiny lobefish. Next week: We fast-forward through cultural evolution in ‘Blink of an Eye’ – episode 12 of Star Trek: Voyager’s […]
Jun 20
1 hr 43 min
#29 – ‘Cause and Effect’ TNG S5E18
Dr. Crusher saves the day using poker, deduction, and fragile stemware. Join your thrupling hosts as they discuss the curious mechanics of looping through time, the value of unwavering trust in your senior staff, and exactly how long a way it is to the bottom of the warp core. Next week: We root for Commander […]
Jun 13
1 hr 39 min
#28 – ‘Past Tense (Parts I & II)’ DS9 S6E11&12
Sisko, Dax, and Bashir get a taste of our potential future when they travel back in time and witness the culmination of centuries of inequitable public policy. Join your increasingly radicalized hosts as they discuss the social, political, and cultural drivers of oppression, the danger of willful ignorance, and the value of fiction for inspiring […]
Jun 6
2 hr 8 min
#27 – ‘In the Pale Moonlight’ DS9 S6E19
Captain Sisko teams up with Garak to troll the Romulans. Join your morally-conflicted hosts as they discuss the ethical complexities of galactic warfare, the brilliance of Avery Brooks and Andrew Robinson, and the creepiness of one Mr. Grathon Tolar on this, the 27th episode of It’s Got Star Trek! Also, we announce the winners of […]
May 30
2 hr
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