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Cut to the chase
This podcast is always very informative and they get to the subject directly- not too much fluff. I love it. I always learn something. The picks are also great!
Amazing Podcast.
Thank you guys, super helpful stuff! Very informative :)
Great value
I love you guys. Very informative.
Marek Hrusovsky
Very good
I'm really glad I found this podcast. I live in a part of the country that has few technical talks or groups. This show fills that void and does it well. Sometimes they get off on tangents or start talking over each other but with 4 people that's bound to happen. All in all pretty awesome though. The back-end episode answered a ton of my lingering questions.
Great Podcast
I hadn't really found a podcast that I really liked for iOS/Obj-C/Mac Development stuff until this one. I was a fan of Ben's work on TekPub and NSScreencast and found this because of him. I'm only 4 episodes in, but I look forward to getting in the car to listen to it every day. Definitely check it out!
Great Show!
A joy to listen to. I've been a fan of Charles Max Wood's podcasts for dome time and an iOS developer do this is the perfect show for me. Very informative, very interesting. Can't wait for the next episode.
Great Start!
I subscribed to iPhreaks because of the quality of the other podcasts that Charles Max Wood produces and hosts. iPhreaks has a similar format as Ruby Rogues and The Ruby Freelancer podcasts. Even as a seasoned iOS developer I've gotten something out of each of the shows so far. Also love the picks at the end. I'm looking forward to new episodes as the iPhreaks team delve into world of developing software for iOS devices.
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