The Investor Mindset - Name Your Number Show [$]
The Investor Mindset - Name Your Number Show [$]
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Investing in yourself is the biggest ROI to create a more Wealthy Life, Relationship & Business. We bring together the best Business Leaders, Investors, and Mind & Health Experts to learn & grow together. Join millions of growth minded listeners. ABOUT THE HOST Steven Pesavento is on a mission to help others live a better life every day, have fun, and make money. He is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance coach, and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Investing full time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 buildings and transacted $200+ millions in investment real estate. Amazing guests include: Chris Voss, Jay Papasan, Joe Fairless, Mark Manson, Jay Papasan, Kris Krohn, Brandon Turner, John Lee Dumas, Kathy Fettke, Forbes Riley and many others.
NYN E47: Wealth Unveiled: Navigating Real Estate, Business, and Abundance with Nicole Reuth
Join host Steven Pesavento and special guest Nicole Reuth in this episode of Wealth Unveiled. Nicole shares her inspiring journey from a childhood of challenges to becoming one of Colorado's top mortgage brokers. Explore the key takeaways, from overcoming financial hurdles to navigating the emotional roller coaster of market shifts. Gain insights into building an abundance mindset, investing wisely, and crafting a life of freedom.
Jan 30
32 min
NYN E46: Fire Yourself: Mastering Passive Income for Time Freedom with Bronson Hill
Join host Steven Pesavento and guest Bronson Hill in an enlightening conversation on the Investor Mindset Podcast. Bronson shares his journey from a W-2 job to achieving time freedom through multifamily investing and syndication. Explore the key principles of making work optional and generating passive income. Gain insights into Bronson's personal experiences, childhood influences, and the power of cash flow over appreciation. Discover actionable strategies for transitioning from single-family to scalable multifamily investments.
Jan 23
33 min
NYN E45: Private Equity Game: Unlocking Value and Entrepreneurial Opportunities with Andy Hagans
Join host Steven Pesavento in an insightful conversation with guest Andy Hagans as they delve into the world of private equity. Andy, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, shares his journey from building and selling businesses to becoming a player in the private equity space. Discover the strategies, mindset, and key takeaways that can empower you to navigate the private equity game and unlock value in existing businesses.
Jan 16
36 min
NYN E44: Investing in Love: Navigating Marriage, Relationships, and Financial Challenges with Dino Watt
Join host Steven Pesavento as he dives deep into the intricacies of marriage, relationships, and financial challenges with guest Dino Watt. From bankruptcy to building a strong foundation, Dino shares his journey of turning struggles into opportunities. Discover the key insights on communication, attention, and investment strategies for both personal relationships and financial success.
Jan 9
35 min
NYN E43: Unleashing Your Prey Drive: A Blueprint for Success with Coach Michael Burt
Join host Steven Pesavento in a captivating conversation with Coach Michael Burt, where they delve into the art of activating your prey drive for success. Coach Burt, a national champion and real estate mogul, shares insights on how to keep your drive alive over time and outlines a unique perspective on finding success. Explore the key elements of knowledge, skill, desire, and confidence as the foundation for achieving greatness. Discover the secrets to maintaining a relentless pursuit of your goals and learn how to break free from complacency. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or anyone seeking personal growth, this episode is a roadmap to unlocking your true potential.
Jan 2
37 min
NYN E42: Unveiling Your Authentic Drive: A Journey to Joyful Impact with Angie Wisdom
Join host Steven Pesavento on the Investor Mindset Podcast as he delves deep into the transformative journey of his guest, Angie Wisdom. A successful founder of an investment firm turned impactful coach, Angie shares her inspiring story of self-discovery, leaving a secure path, and unveiling her authentic drive for a more joyful and purposeful life. In this episode, you'll discover the key takeaways to navigate your own path, including the importance of self-awareness, breaking free from people-pleasing, and finding a new drive that aligns with your values. Tune in to explore the powerful insights that can reshape your mindset, relationships, and overall success.
Dec 26, 2023
30 min
NYN E41: Pitch Perfect: Unleashing the Power of Persuasion with Forbes Riley
Join host Steven Pesavento as he sits down with Forbes Riley, the pitch queen who has sold over $2.5 billion worth of products. Discover Forbes' incredible journey from actress to infomercial sensation and learn the secrets of effective pitching. From childhood challenges to breaking through self-limiting beliefs, Forbes shares invaluable insights and unveils the art of persuasion. Get ready for a masterclass in communication and sales that goes beyond the pitch.
Dec 19, 2023
37 min
NYN E40: Discovering Your Purpose: The Key to Unlocking Fulfillment with Jeff Lerner
In this episode, Steven Pesavento interviews Jeff Lerner - a highly successful entrepreneur and educator who teaches people how to think like an entrepreneur. They discuss the importance of understanding your purpose as the foundation of creating a fulfilling life. Through personal stories and experiences, Jeff shares how you can break free from the societal constructs that hold you back and step into a life of purpose and abundance.
Dec 12, 2023
39 min
NYN E39: Money Mindset Mastery: Taking Control of Your Financial Destiny with Lisa Chastain
Join host Steven Pesavento in a deep dive with financial expert Lisa Chastain on mastering the mindset necessary to take control of your financial destiny. Lisa shares her personal journey from a struggling marriage to becoming a successful business owner. Discover key insights into building wealth, strategic financial planning, and transforming your relationship with money. Learn practical tips to navigate the emotional roller coaster of financial decisions and gain the confidence to shape your prosperous future.
Dec 5, 2023
31 min
NYN E38: The Power of the Mind Methodology for Holistic Value Creation with Lee Benson
In this episode, host Steven Pesavento and guest Lee Benson discuss the Mind methodology, a simple yet powerful system for measuring and improving the value created by a business. They cover topics such as the most important number, drivers, right work at the right time, and holistic value creation. The system empowers employees to take ownership of their roles and drive the organization towards creating value for all stakeholders.
Nov 21, 2023
42 min
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