The Instinctive Australian Shepherd
The Instinctive Australian Shepherd
Jacqueline Tinker
A show dedicated to the preservation of the Australian Shepherd and the education and entertainment of Aussie fanciers. This podcast celebrates the working Australian Shepherd. Learn about the heritage of the breed and enjoy the many things these dogs can do!
Around the Campfire with Larry & Glenda Teaff
Join me in a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Larry and Glenda Teaff. This episode reminds me of the post-trial campfires surrounded with friends and full of the dog stories where legends are made! Larry and Glenda are dear friends who were there when I first got started in the dog trialing many years ago. Larry is an ASCA stockdog judge and stockdog trainer. And Glenda is his partner in crime. The two of them carry tons of knowledge of the working dogs and lines in this breed. These stories are endearing and a special documentation of the working history of the Australian Shepherd.  This is a 2-part podcast!  Looking for a working Aussie? Check out the list of proven working breeders at   Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss an episode!    Edited by: Dorien Vogelaar
Nov 18
52 min
Lor A Australian Shepherds with Beth Crandall
Today's guest represents 3 generations of working Aussie breeding. Beth Crandall visits the show to talk about her family's line of working dogs. This episode is just jam packed with great working dog information, ranching talk and dog training. This is one of those easy listening conversations about dogs that allows me to appreciate a working Aussie even more. Looking for a working Aussie? Check out the list of proven working breeders at
Oct 22
1 hr 1 min
Rick Hardin and the Old Dogs!
Today I get to interview Rick Hardin. Rick has been influential in the working Aussie for many years. This is a great historical episode - especially those of you fellow pedigree nerds! We have lots of pedigrees to share of the dogs Rick mentioned. I will list the time and pedigree below. Enjoy! Looking for a working Aussie? Check out the list of proven working breeders at Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss an episode!
Sep 9
51 min
6 Chores Your Working Aussie can do on the Farm or Ranch
Ever wonder what a dog can do to help you out on your operation? No matter how large or how small your place is, your Aussie partner can help you get the job done!  Today’s episode is a very practical episode. It’s just me and my mic, surrounded by my best ranch hands, talking ranch and farm dogs! I am sharing the 6 chores my dogs do around the ranch on a regular basis, plus one thing they do naturally that makes the ranch life better!
Aug 24
55 min
Run, Aussie, Run!
This episode is all about the athlete Australian Shepherd. I get to interview ultra runner, Michelle Coleman. We discuss everything from training and conditioning to selecting the right dog for ultra running! Check out the website:
Jul 31
1 hr 4 min
The Nose Knows- Tracking, Search & Rescue and more!
This episode is packed full of nosey topics like tracking, search and rescue, skijoring and more....This is a very interesting episode if you are thinking about starting in the sport of tracking or in search and rescue!  Tantalize your inner zombie with our gross conversations about zombies, human remains and body farms!
Jul 23
1 hr 10 min
Interview with Tanya Wheeler
This episode is super fun. Tanya Wheeler is an ASCA, AKC, AHBA and CKC stockdog judge with many years of trialing, judging and training experience. We talk about everything from Tanya's moose rearing experience to the controversies in the trialing arena. I appreciate Tanya's intelligence and understanding of the breed and the issues the breed faces in trialing and working worlds. Join our conversation and give us feedback on Facebook and join The Instinctive Australian Shepherd private group.
Jun 9
1 hr
Endangered in the Ozarks
Today I get to interview author Sheila Pierson who incorporates an Australian Shepherd, Jax. She took a real event that happened in her hometown and following her inspiration and muse to create an exciting adventure with an Australian Shepherd. This is a bit of a different creatives will enjoy it!  I am sorry we don't have much Aussie stuff in this podcast. I indulged my creative side and the writer in me couldn't help it! I had to talk writing.  Download Endangered in the Ozarks today
Apr 24
37 min
Train Harder, an Interview with Billie Richardson
This episode is packed with stuff for you and your dog. I have the pleasure of interviewing Billie Richardson, who with her dog Dan, won the 2018 Calgary Stampede Stockdog Trial, making them the first Aussie team in history to be crowned the winners at the Stampede! We talk everything from trialing to dealing with pressure! It's all about dogs' minds and human minds!  Check us out at or in our Facebook private group called "The Instinctive Australian Shepherd"
Apr 3
57 min
Flying High with Frisbee Dogs
Today we are talking to Steve Gannon - frisbee competitor! Steve competes in disc events with his three Aussies, reaching World Competition Success.  Join us for an engaging chat. Learn about the sport and how to get started training your Aussie to be a frisbee champ!
Mar 18
53 min
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