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We feature interviews with best-selling authors and innovation experts from around the world. We focus on corporate innovation through the lenses of leadership, company culture, and emerging trends and technologies. Recorded & produced by 3Pillar Global, a product lifecycle management and software development company based in Fairfax, VA, with offices around the world.
209. Financial Services 2023 Year in Review + Preview of 2024
On this episode of The Innovation Engine, we dig into the recent past and upcoming future of innovation in the Financial Services industry. Rob Murray, 3Pillar’s Financial Services Industry Leader, moderates a conversation with Jennifer Mun and Albert Thibault, two integral members of our Financial Services industry team.   The trio discusses some of the key trends they saw shaping the FinServ space in 2023, including the evolution of consumer behavior toward a cashless (and sometimes even cardless) society, and examining how data and personalization are revolutionizing customer experiences.Looking ahead to 2024, we predict further enhancements in customer and employee experiences, driven by evolving AI applications and data analytics. We stress the importance of ethical AI deployment and data use in a globalized landscape and the strategic decisions between buying or building solutions.Tune in to this robust conversation as we navigate through these exciting developments and lay out a roadmap for the future of financial services.Episode Highlights:The transition to a cashless economy and its impact on financial services.Data-driven personalization as a key to enhancing customer experiences.The crucial role of talent in driving innovation in financial services.Prospects for AI and data analytics in shaping the future of the industry.The balance between innovation, security, and trust in financial services.Resources:Connect with Rob Murray on LinkedInConnect with Jennifer Mun on LinkedInConnect with Albert Thibault on LinkedInProduced by NOVA Media
Jan 9
30 min
208. Go To Market First Product Management
In this episode of The Innovation Engine, we're thrilled to welcome Arjun Pillai, the visionary co-founder and CEO of the emerging company, Docket. Arjun, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich history of successful ventures, delves into the critical concept of Go-To-Market First Product Management (GTM First Product Management). This episode is a deep dive into why it's essential to consider market strategy, distribution, and user acquisition right from the inception of a product.Arjun brings to light the importance of aligning product features with market needs and ensuring these are effectively communicated to customer-facing teams. He shares valuable insights from his experiences at ZoomInfo, emphasizing the evolution of product management and the pivotal role of product demos. Listeners will gain an understanding of how to empower teams for effective product demonstrations and the significance of setting clear goals for feature adoption.Join us as we explore Arjun's unique approach to product management at his new venture, Docket, where customer discovery and collaboration are key. His perspective on media consumption and engaging with industry experts offers a glimpse into the mind of a true innovator.Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Arjun's expertise and understand the nuances of bringing a product to market successfully. Tune in for a masterclass in product management strategy and execution.Episode Highlights:Exploring the concept of Go-To-Market First Product Management (GTM First Product Management) and its importance Arjun's experience at ZoomInfo and how it highlights the alignment of product features with market needsThe evolving role of product management, shifting from holistic approaches to more specific tasksImportance and strategies for effective product demos, including the use of synthetic data and maintaining separate demo environmentsSetting and managing goals for feature adoption, with different expectations for different company sizes and marketsResources:Sign up to learn more about docketai.comConnect with Arjun on LinkedInProduced by NOVA Media
Dec 5, 2023
31 min
207. Fuel vs. Friction: Navigating the Forces of Change and Innovation with David Schonthal
On this episode of The Innovation Engine Podcast, we dive deep into the realm of innovation, change, and the human resistance to new ideas with David Schonthal, an award-winning professor at the Kellogg School of Management. David, co-originator of the revolutionary "friction theory," sheds light on why promising innovations often stumble before reaching their full potential.David and host Scott Varho explore the profound influence of human psychology on the acceptance and adoption of change. Why do people love the idea of innovation but dread the concept of change? David presents insightful real-world examples, highlighting the necessity of understanding the human element for successful innovation.As the discussion unfolds, listeners will be intrigued by the power of subtle shifts in approach, like shifting change management or marketing strategies to foster self-persuasion. It's an enlightening conversation that delves into the intricacies of introducing change, managing resistance, and ensuring that innovations don't just shine but also find their rightful place in the market.Tune in to discover the hidden challenges that await new ideas and how to navigate them successfully.Episode Highlights:The challenges faced by promising innovations and the nuances of "friction theory," including the four types of frictionThe significance of empathy in product development and the limitations of traditional marketing personasReal-world examples of subtle marketing techniques that can influence consumer perceptionResources:Learn more at davidschonthal.comRead: The Human Element by Loran Nordgren and David SchonthalConnect with David on LinkedInProduced by NOVA Media
Oct 17, 2023
34 min
206. Unlocking Innovation in Financial Services with Rob Murray
3Pillar’s Financial Services Industry Lead, Rob Murray, joins us on the latest Innovation Engine to share some of the latest insights he’s gleaned from serving 3Pillar clients across the Financial Services space. Rob and Scott Varho dive deep into what it takes to successfully drive innovation in a tightly regulated industry like Financial Services, where many organizations feel handcuffed by the legacy software and systems that power their customer experiences. In this episode, we explore the myriad of opportunities and challenges that the rapidly evolving banking, insurance and broader Financial Services sector presents, and how institutions are navigating this ever-changing landscape.Throughout the conversation, Rob sheds light on the pivotal role of innovation in shaping the future of banking. From the adoption of groundbreaking technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to strategic partnerships between traditional banks and FinTech startups, Rob provides a comprehensive overview of the forces driving change in the industry. He emphasizes the significance of customer-centricity and how banks are leveraging data, analytics, and technology to enhance user experience and meet the rising expectations of consumers in the digital age.In addition to his work at 3Pillar, Rob has extensive experience in leading digital transformation for renowned banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and he recently co-hosted our episode on Innovation by Design, which featured a conversation with JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Design Officer, Sam Yen. Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into the state of innovation in Financial Services, where Rob offers valuable insights, discusses future trends, and shares his vision for a more connected and customer-focused banking experience.Episode Highlights:Rob delves into the significance of innovation in the financial sector, discussing how it shapes competitiveness and meets the ever-evolving expectations of customers in the digital age.The potential and challenges of blockchain technology, highlighting their impact on trust distribution and the financial industry’s future.The shift towards a customer-centric approach in banking.The hurdles of digital transformation, including regulatory compliance, cybersecurity threats, and the integration of emerging technologies into legacy systems.Future trends and developments in banking, focusing on the integration of new technologies and the emergence of customer-focused business models.Resources:Connect with Rob Murray on LinkedInRead: "The Product Mindset" by David H. DeWolf and Jessica S. HallRead: "Amp It Up" by Frank SlootmanProduced by NOVA Media
Oct 3, 2023
35 min
205. Unlocking Innovation for Technology Companies, with Matt Brandon
In today's transformative digital landscape, what truly defines a tech company? Matt Brandon, the Industry Leader for the 3Pillar Technology Vertical, joins us for a deep dive into the multifaceted world of technology. From the evolution of technology sectors to the omnipresence of data, Matt shares insights on navigating opportunities and threats in this high-paced arena.Matt's rich background showcases a blend of partnerships with leading tech entities, his impactful journeys at Colego and Gartner, and a pivotal role in Gartner's acquisition of CEB. At Three Pillars, the term "tech company" goes beyond the traditional. Whether it's cybersecurity or even a home relocation firm, if there's a significant digital or electronics-based product or service, you're in the tech space.This episode provides a holistic view of the opportunities driven by data and AI, the challenges of security, and the ever-present need to innovate. Dive into Matt's perspective on the importance of talent, the essence of agility, and the dual power of quantitative and qualitative data. Matt also highlights the intriguing world of water technology and shares book recommendations that have influenced his career.Tune in to understand the nuances of today's tech world, where the lines are blurred, the stakes are high, and innovation is at the heart of success.Resources:Connect with Matt on LinkedInProduced by NOVA Media
Sep 19, 2023
29 min
204. Redefining Business in the Digital Age with David Rogers
Digital transformation is a term often tossed around in boardrooms but rarely understood in its full depth and breadth. David Rogers joins us on this episode of The Innovation Engine podcast to discuss his latest book, The Digital Transformation Roadmap, and his vast experience advising a bevy of top-tier corporate clients including Google, Microsoft, Citigroup, and Toyota. A renowned faculty member at Columbia Business School, expert in digital transformation, and the brain behind several groundbreaking books on the subject, David is the perfect voice of reason to bring a logical understanding to this vital concept. David underscores the significant differences between a digital-first startup and a legacy enterprise attempting to make its products and services viable in the digital realm. He emphasizes that digital transformation is not a short-term project, but a continuous journey intertwined with both digital strategy and sweeping organizational change. In David's latest book, The Digital Transformation Roadmap, he outlines the Five Steps for Digital Transformation: Define a Shared Vision: This involves crafting a vision unique to the organization. It should be more specific than just wanting to "go digital" and should be commonly understood by everyone in the company. Pick the Problems that Matter Most: Prioritize key issues and be willing to say no to less important opportunities. Validating New Ventures: Shift from traditional planning-focused models to iterative processes that allow for continuous learning and adaptation. Managing Growth at Scale: Adopt different management or governance models that can work across multiple teams and cater to different strategic opportunities. Growing Technology, Talent, and Culture: Identify gaps in technology infrastructure, talent, and company culture, and address these. The process is cyclical, not linear, and the steps should be revisited regularly for continuous adaptation and improvement. Tune in for an insightful journey into the heart of digital transformation with one of the foremost thought leaders in the field. Don't miss David's deep insights, actionable strategies, and a fresh perspective on a topic that's reshaping the global business landscape. Resources: Learn more at Read "The Digital Transformation Roadmap" by David Rogers Connect with David Rogers on LinkedIn Read "Marketing Myopia" by Theodore Levitt Produced by NOVA Media
Sep 5, 2023
1 hr 3 min
203. Navigating the Data Revolution: Insights, AI, and the Art of User Experience with Bernie Doone
Bernie Doone joins us on this episode of The Innovation Engine to delve deep into the intricate world of Information Services. Bernie is no stranger to our listeners, having previously co-hosted episodes featuring insightful dialogues with experts like Marianne Johnson of Cox Automotive and Josh Eastright from Bloomberg Industry Group. At its core, Information Services revolves around B2B companies whose assets lie predominantly in insights and value-added services. These entities play the crucial role of transforming data into insights and content, combining proprietary, third-party, and publicly available data. Companies like Bloomberg Industry Group and Cox Automotive are stellar examples of Information Services companies that have evolved into digital powerhouses, now offering tools and insights right when their customers need them most. Throughout the conversation, we uncover key developments and trends in the Information Services sector. From building a common data platform to leveraging metadata for intuitive search, and from creating exceptional user experiences to the importance of research insights — we touch on a number of facets that are reshaping the industry. Bernie brings a fresh perspective to product development that is sure to broaden your own understanding of what it means to innovate. Join us for this in-depth exploration and garner insights into the ever-evolving world of Information Services, the fascinating intersections with technology and AI, and why this industry can serve as an inspiration for sectors far and wide.   Resources: Connect with Bernie on LinkedIn Read The Product Mindset by David H. DeWolf and Jessica S. Hall Read The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek Read Enduring Ideas: The three horizons of growth from McKinsey & Company   Produced by NOVA Media  
Aug 22, 2023
54 min
202. Transforming a Services Culture to Successfully Productize
Productizing a services business is no small feat, but the benefits of doing so are vast: improved margins, increased productivity, higher company valuations, and less reliance on increasingly in-demand tech talent. Eisha Armstrong joins us on this episode of The Innovation Engine to share more about how to turn a services company into a productized business. Eisha has established herself as an authoritative voice in this space, having authored two compelling books: Fearless: How to Transform a Services Culture and Successfully Productize and Productize: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Professional Services into Scalable Products. With her deep understanding of the challenges faced by B2B services companies competing against digital-first companies and scaling efficiently, Eisha offers some insightful strategies and tips. In this conversation, Eisha highlights the importance of setting clear goals to inform your productization approach, treating productization as a portfolio, and overcoming the fear of productization. Listen in as Eisha and host Scott Varho unpack the essentials of a product-friendly culture, highlighting five levers: vision, organizational structure, governance, talent, and people-related practices. Finally, Eisha introduces us to the 'four horsemen of productization': Knowing, Perfectionism, Scarcity thinking, and Individual heroics. She breaks down this daunting task into something surmountable that anyone in a services organization can’t afford to miss. Resources Learn more about Vecteris at Connect with Eisha on LinkedIn: Read Eisha's books: "Fearless: How to Transform a Services Culture and Successfully Productize" and  "Productize: The Ultimate Guide to Turning Professional Services into Scalable Products" Learn more and get the full show notes at: Produced by Nova Media  
Jul 11, 2023
36 min
201. Innovation By Design & Scaling Innovation
Sam Yen, the Chief Innovation Officer for Commercial Banking at JPMorgan Chase, joins us for this episode of The Innovation Engine to discuss Innovation by Design and Scaling Innovation. Sam is responsible for JPMorgan Chase’s digital products, platforms, innovation, and product strategy, so there is a massive amount of responsibility that falls under his purview. We kick off the episode by diving into Sam's guiding principles for leading teams and prioritizing work in a financial institution of JPMorgan Chase's scale. He stresses the importance of being customer or client-centered, maintaining effective communication, ensuring a deep understanding of end-to-end experiences in product delivery, and keeping the bigger picture in mind while fostering a culture of quick learning and iteration. Sam shares his insights on the power of design in crafting user experiences that are intuitive, delightful, and even "forgettable" in terms of ease of use. We discuss the challenges and constraints of fostering innovation in a large financial institution and how the constraints by which financial services companies are bound can, perhaps counterintuitively, lead to more focused solutions. We also cover Sam's previous work at SAP and the four phases of scaling innovation in large organizations he uncovered with Janaki Kumar and Baba Shiv. The four phases Sam details on the innovation journey run from the "lonely soldier phase" all the way through to a fully scaled culture of innovation. Episode Highlights Why the role of design includes but also extends well beyond delivering a delightful and intuitive user experience The concept of thinking of risk as a line of boxes that gets increasingly larger over time, and the process of de-risking ideas incrementally as they scale Why innovation requires excelling at both creativity AND execution; you don’t get to pick just one Sam shares why the emphasis that’s often placed on creative problem solving would be even more productive if it were instead placed on creative problem finding The value of diverse teams in delivering innovative solutions and the difference between constructive tension and destructive tension About Sam Yen Sam Yen is an acclaimed design leader who has had an exceptional career trajectory. Prior to his role as Chief Innovation Officer for Commercial Banking at JPMorgan Chase, he served as Managing Director for SAP Silicon Valley and was SAP's first Chief Design Officer. At SAP, Sam led their Design Thinking practice both internally and for customers. Sam offers a valuable perspective on integrating design principles at the highest levels of corporate decision-making and scaling innovation throughout large organizations. Resources Connect with Sam Yen on LinkedIn Read one of Sam’s recent interviews for more on the 4 phases of innovation Learn more about how JPMorgan Chase Commercial Bank is banking the innovation economy Read volume 1 of “Payments Unbound,” a partnership between JPMorgan and Wired on the future of digital cash and more Read volume 2 of “Payments Unbound,” which focuses on the future of commerce   Learn more and get the full show notes at: Produced by Nova Media  
Jun 20, 2023
35 min
200. How to Drive a Successful Business Transformation
Ready to be inspired by a transformation story that propelled a bank to new heights? In this discussion with Paul Cobban, we dig deep into the remarkable business transformation of DBS Bank under his leadership.  DBS' incredible journey saw the company go from having the reputation of being known as "D#mn Bloody Slow," as Paul tells it, to becoming a digital powerhouse that regularly earns accolades for its digital experience and transformation. DBS was named "World's Best Bank” by Global Finance 5 times, and it was hailed as one of Harvard Business Review's top 10 business transformations of the last decade, alongside innovation stalwarts Netflix, Amazon, and Adobe.  Paul also shares insights from the book he co-authored with Scott Anthony, Eat, Sleep, Innovate which serves as a roadmap for companies and leaders looking to excel with the right mindset, tools, and habits. Join us for this engaging conversation as we uncover the magic behind DBS' transformation journey and gain valuable insights from Paul Cobban's wealth of knowledge and experience. Resources: Learn more about Paul and his work at Connect with Paul on LinkedIn Read:  Eat, Sleep, Innovate by Scott Anthony, Paul Cobban, Natalie Painchaud, and Andy Parker View the full webinar here: Learn more and get the full show notes at: Produced by Nova Media  
Jun 6, 2023
53 min
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