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Indie Hackers
Courtland Allen
Courtland Allen interviews the ambitious indie hackers who are turning their ideas and side projects into profitable online businesses. Explore the latest strategies and tools founders are using to capitalize on new opportunities, escape the 9-to-5 grind, and create their own personal revenue-generating machines. The future is indie!
#253 – Mother’s Day, Unscrupulous Cofounders, and Why You Should Never Retire
Long-time listener, first-time guest Eva Allen — Courtland (@csallen) and Channing's (@ChanningAllen) mom — joins the pod! We talk raising twins, buying gifts, selling computer parts, co-founder theft, an Indie Hackers quiz for moms, and why you should never retire.
May 11
36 min
#252 – A New Co-Host and a New Direction for the Pod
I'm making some changes to the Indie Hackers Podcast. Check out this episode for a sneak peek into what's ahead.
May 4
26 min
#251 – The Best Ways to Make Money in Tech with Julian Shapiro of
Julian Shapiro (@julian) is back on the show today. He's been my co-host for our podcast Brains, he's an investor at and a writer at Lately, he's been super into investing. He's managed to take an overly complex thing like investing and reverse-engineer it, breaking it down into its simplest frameworks.
Apr 27
57 min
#250 – Italy, COVID, Indie Creators, and our A.I. Future with Channing Allen of Indie Hackers
My twin brother Channing (@ChanningAllen) joins the show for the first time, for a casual chat about our recent trip to Italy, the best and worst parts of getting COVID, the future of media companies and indie creators, and DALL-E 2 and the future of AI.
Apr 22
24 min
Throwback: Writing Code to Sell $200,000/Month of Cookies with Sam Eaton of Crave Cookie
I just got back home to Seattle after a small conference for founders in Bologna, Italy. I went with my brother Channing and there were a ton of Indie Hackers there. It was all great until the end when there was a slight outbreak of COVID and 10 founders (including myself) got COVID and ended up stranded in Italy. I'm finally back, but in the meantime, I'm publishing another throwback episode. Today's episode is one of my favorites. It's with Sam Eaton and in honor of me getting COVID, I picked this episode because we recorded way back at the beginning of the pandemic.
Apr 13
1 hr 2 min
Throwback: Building a Business Meant to Last with Peldi Guilizzoni of Balsamiq
Twenty pages into reading his first business book, Peldi Guilizzonni (@peldi) closed it for good and told himself, "This is not for me. I'm never going to start a business. It's insane." Not long after that, he rolled up his sleeves and got started building Balsamiq Mockups, which would go on to employee dozens of people, serve thousands of customers, and generate over $6M per year in revenue. Over ten years later, it's still going strong. Learn about the path Peldi took to get where he is today, why he's a legend among bootstrappers, and how he's building a business that's meant to last.Transcript, speaker information, and more:
Mar 30
46 min
#249 – The Keys to Making $1M/Year as a Solo Founder with Brett Williams of DesignJoy
Today I'm talking to Indie Hacker Brett Williams (@brettfromdj) who has built a $1M ARR "agency of one." In this episode we talk about how he manages 50 clients as a solo designer and has 10x'd his prices in the process.
Mar 16
55 min
#248 – Crypto Literacy, Daily Habits, and New Business Ideas with Dru Riley and Greg Isenberg
Today I'm talking to Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg) of Late Checkout and Dru Riley (@DruRly) of In this episode, we cover a bunch of topics around media and community. I'll ask them where they get their content ideas, how they create product stickiness, how they stay productive and what new business ideas are sitting in their notes app.
Mar 9
47 min
#247 – Scaling Up a 1-to-1 Service with Ravi Mehta and Victoria Young of Scale Higher
Today I'm talking to Victoria Young (@victoriahyoung) and Ravi Mehta (@ravi_mehta) about their coaching platform Scale Higher. In this episode we talk about the type of person who could benefit from a coach and how they've been inspired by platforms like Noom and TalkSpace to change the way people are able to level up their professional lives.
Mar 2
48 min
#246 – Doing Content Right with Steph Smith of
Today I'm talking to Steph Smith (@stephsmithio). She runs and recently got my attention when she posted on IH how she grew her podcast from 0 to 15k downloads/month. She took a really unique approach to launching her show, The Sh*t You Don't Learn in School, and I want to find out how she did it.
Feb 23
54 min
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