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The India Hicks Podcast
India Hicks
A wonderfully intimate look into the life and work of India Hicks and her extraordinary family. In Season One we’re talking Movie Stars, Matadors and Maharajas as we have tea and cake with Lady Pamela, daughter of Lord and Lady Mountbatten and of course India’s much moved mum. Now in her 90s Lady Pamela’s stories will astound you; she’s first cousins with Prince Philip, travelled the world on the famous Commonwealth tour when Princess Elizabeth became Queen, befriended everyone from Grace Kelly to Gandhi and had a front row seat as her father, the last Viceroy of India, oversaw the complicated process of partition. Produced by Lisa Francesca Nand and edited by Alex George.
16. The Royal Wedding; The Future Queen Elizabeth Marries
When the future Queen Elizabeth was due to be married to Lady Pamela’s cousin, Philip, Lady Pamela was chosen as a bridesmaid. The wedding of the future Queen was of course a major international event and broadcast on radio to millions around the world. Inside Westminster Abbey were two thousand guests, including seven queens and six kings, and the 18 year old Lady Pamela, busy alongside her fellow bridesmaids dealing with broken tiaras, lost bouquets and much more…
Jul 29, 2020
26 min
9. Viceroy's House Part 2; The Build Towards Indian Partition
In the second Viceroy’s House episode Lady Pamela regales more incredible memories as a teenager in India when her father, Lord Mountbatten, was given what he knew was the ‘impossible job’ as the last Viceroy of India. In the now very tense build up to Indian partition 18 year old Lady Pamela and her mother Lady Louis Mountbatten are still working in the refugee camps, have become close friends with Gandhi and Prime Minister Nehru and witness some of the intense highs and lows of this challenging time
Apr 11, 2020
23 min
15. Princess Alice; The Queen's Extraordinary Mother in Law
We’re in the drawing room of Lady Pamela Hicks’ home, just India, Lady Pamela and Lisa the producer. No studio, no formalities just plenty of conversation, tea and cake. This episode is about Princess Alice, mother to Prince Philip and mother in law of Queen Elizabeth, who lived a remarkable life in some turbulent and challenging periods of history. As Lord Mountbatten’s older sister she was Lady Pamela’s aunt and Lady Pamela shares memories of this remarkable chain-smoking, canasta playing woman
Apr 11, 2020
45 min
14. Lady Mountbatten: Part Two, The Transformation
The conclusion of our episodes about Lady Louis Mountbatten, one of the most intriguing debutants of her day and mother to Lady Pamela and grandmother to India. Born Edwina Ashley she was the goddaughter of Edward VII and heiress to a vast fortune. She married Louis Mountbatten, great grandson of Queen Victoria, in 1922. On this episode Lady Pamela explores how the war and her role as the last Vicereine of India transformed her mother from party-loving socialite to a formidably powerful and intuitive
Mar 3, 2020
48 min
13. Lady Mountbatten; Episode 1, Party-Loving Heiress, Wife and Mother
Lady Louis Mountbatten, mother to Lady Pamela, grandmother to India, was one of the most intriguing debutants of her day. As goddaughter of Edward VII and heiress to a vast fortune, she married Louis Mountbatten, great grandson of Queen Victoria, in 1922, cementing this powerful couple’s place in British society. In the first of two episodes Lady Pamela explores her mother’s glamorous years of parties and travels, before the war years and Vicereineship in India changed the course of her life.
Feb 11, 2020
40 min
12. SPECIAL EPISODE; India Hicks in Conversation with Tina Brown
India is joined by special guest, Tina Brown, award-winning journalist, author, founder of the Women in the World summits and former editor-in-chief of Tatler, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Awarded a CBE in 2007, she founded Women in the World in 2009 as a live platform for female leaders, CEO’s, celebrities, and global activists. Tina has popped in for tea with Lady Pamela and for this inspirational chat with India. Like we always say…there's no studio, no formalities just good conversation.
Dec 30, 2019
17 min
11. Viceroy's House Part 4; A Bittersweet Goodbye
In the drawing room of Lady Pamela Hicks’ home in Oxfordshire Lady Pamela tells of living through some pretty extraordinary and now historic times. It’s just India, Lady Pamela and Lisa the producer; no studio, no formalities just conversation, tea and cake. In the last Viceroy’s House episode Lady Pamela recalls the sadness of saying goodbye to India, a country she had grown to love, leaving the many people who had become very dear to her and the family and their bittersweet arrival back home.
Dec 22, 2019
19 min
10. Viceroy’s House Part 3; The Chaos After Partition, Gandhi and Nehru
In the now very tense aftermath of partition Lady Pamela, along with her mother Lady Louis Mountbatten, are still supporting the refugees and Lord Mountbatten is working flat out. The political and social situation is very challenging and Gandhi starts his hunger strike. India, Lady Pamela and Lisa the producer have tea and cake in the drawing room in to another riveting account of Lady Pamela's memories. And yes we do talk about the friendship between Indian Prime Minister Nehru and Lady Edwina.
Dec 10, 2019
37 min
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